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Eminem: Superman

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Sean Connery Interview

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I will let the interview speak for itself.

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The Problem with PUA Advice: 4

May 16, 2010 7 comments

One of the more frequent themes heard on PUA blogs, newsgroups and in ‘game’ literature concerns classifying men into “alpha”, “beta”, “omega” etc. Many also think that women want only “alpha” cock.. which just happens to be what they see themselves as.. very convenient.

However this view of the world contradicts reality in some very fundamental ways.

Consider that for most of human prehistory we lived in groups of 100-2,000. Let’s say that each group was adjacent to a few more groups. Given what we know about hunter gatherers and their range, the population density was about 10,000-50,000 people per say.. 1000 square km. Given the rates of birth, equal sex ratio at birth and the length of human gestation/maturity, we can extrapolate an often missed fact.

Most women who came of age had to choose from less than 50 guys.

Now some of you might talk about harems and so on.. but here is the problem. Harems were very hard to build and maintain before civilization began. Indeed only the top few richest men in any given area had harems, even in the age of harems.

Large harems in hunter-gatherers are not possible because of lack of surplus and need to maintain group cohesion.

Even chimpanzees do not intentionally murder senior members of their group, but humans can and do it often.

Simply put, having a harem was just too much trouble for too little gain. That is not to say that tribal chiefs did not get more pussy than others.

Here is something to think about:

Why did every guy, who could get it up, in hunter-gatherer communities get laid?

Sure some may get more.. but it is unmistakable that every guy got ass, in many cases much more than most of us get nowadays.

So why did the supposedly evolutionary-psychology based female search for “alpha” cock and semen not stop “non-alpha” guys from getting laid in the past?

My theory is that:

1] Without a centralized law enforcement system to protect ‘pussy’, women who did not like it learnt to like it. Remember that throughout most of human history, corporal punishment of adult women was not a crime, as long as the goal was moderate pain and humiliation (as opposed to real injury).

Women who refused to play nice, were subject to a bit of rough handling and humiliation. I personally feel that the ease at which most women accept moderately painful spankings and moderate BDSM is a remnant of such times.

But here is the catch.. what was accepted practice throughout most of human prehistory and history is now felony.

2] Most pre-1800 cultures were not modest, nor was there much privacy. If you grew up in such a culture you likely saw your older relatives having sex. Prostitution was also very widespread and accepted. Nor did most cultures have hangups about teen sex. If anything, many cultures actively facilitated teen sex through early marriages.

Therefore pretty much everyone who wanted to get laid, got laid. Contrast this to our present dystopia.

3] Women could not go cock-hopping with the freedom they have now, as STDs were untreatable, effective contraception was non-existent and women REQUIRED a man to support them.

I have no doubts that women screwed around, but they could not GET AWAY with the ease they have now.

In case, you do not believe me- have a look at pictures and writings about how female adultery and general BS was dealt with.. and compare such punishments with BDSM today.

Did I mention that almost no pre-1800 culture pedestaled women?

More next time..

Weekend Art: May 16, 2010

even more from that french blog..

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