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My Pre-20 History

May 18, 2010 6 comments

Frequent readers of my blog might be aware of some of my less-than-pleasant outlook on whites. My post on ‘N’ also hinted that I ‘took out my anger and contempt’ on her. This post talks about the root of that ‘anger and contempt’ towards you-guessed-who. Based on the very nature of this topic, I am anticipating that this will be the prequel of a series.

I moved out west at 20. In case you are wondering, I had spent extended periods of time here before my move, so culture shock was not an issue and I was no virgin.. heck my first naked ‘experience’ with a gal was at 12, she was 13. My parents must have sorta known, but they did not say much (or they did not know?).This went on for almost two years. It helped that she lived with her grand parents.. I cannot post a doppelganger picture of her for obvious reasons (age). She is now “happily” married with no kids.

There was another gal between her and ‘R’. She was very smart, but lacked raw animal passion. Nice kisser and gave me many HJs. I was allowed to finger her, but nothing more. It went on for about a year and half. Once again, I cannot post a doppelganger picture of her for obvious reasons (age). She is “happily” married with kids now.

Neither her nor the previous gal were regulars, in that we did things based on opportunity rather than schedule. After her I had an (almost) dry spell for a full year, and it was agony.

I finally lost it at 15 years and 9 months to another girl (R) about a year younger than me. Ya, she was young, but so was I.. so just shut up. She chased me, not the other way around.

I have fond memories of both me and R going from street clothes to buck naked in under 60 seconds (yes, I timed it). R was both the gal I lost ‘it’ with and my favorite nympho. I could not last more than 10 minutes inside her at that time.. but then again how many of you could last more than 15 minutes at 16-18? Each 5-7 pm time slot involved 2-3 fucks. No sleepovers allowed.

R is also the only gal to have spanked me more than I spanked her. She was a crazy, emotional, horny, jealous, exhibitionist freak. She once tied me up to my bed and smeared something similar to ‘icy hot’ on my genitals, then put some ‘back there’ and interrogated me- just because she suspected that I was cheating on her. I never cheated on her (partly because of fear). But she was also very kind, affectionate and giving, especially BJs and rides. I also took her anal virginity.

A physical description of ‘R’.. shoulder length hair (black), almost no tits, cute pert butt and long legs. She was a very slim 5′ 8″ (same height as me).

I wish we had met at 22.

I am not sure if the sex with ‘R’ was good because of the passion or technique.. but it was good. She may well have spoiled me for other gals, as I have not experienced that level of pure animal passion with someone else. I still feel somewhat lucky that ‘R’ was my first serious girl. However it was downhill from there, at least as far as emotional attachment was concerned. I have never felt that way with any other gal, not even ‘N’.

‘R’ did shape me sexually, and I am not ashamed to admit that.

Most of my pre-20 ‘penetrative’ experiences were with 2-3 gals (R accounted for the bulk, numerically).. They were not BF-GF relationship as you would understand it, but there is a lot that can be done when you are with a willing gal for a couple of hours. Their parents also pretended that nothing happened between us.. oh well.

I was a horny, but very discreet, bastard. My parents knew about them, but we just never talked openly about what went on between me and girls once I closed my bedroom door. My mother always conveniently went for shopping when ‘R’ (or others) were at our place.

Anyway, to make a long story short.. I was “normal” by the standards of what most of you consider “normal”. OK, maybe except the part of showering together and making out with a hot gal at 12, whose name coincidently also started with an ‘R’, or having a jealous nympho drain me almost daily during my late teens.

Come to think about it, I had more sex with ‘R’ in 2.5 years (16-18.5) than I had between 20 and 26. Natasha did finally help make up the gap.. Natasha was not the nympho ‘R’ was, but she was passionate.

I could put a picture of a R-doppelganger, but she also was underage (as was I).

More in another post..