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The Dark Side: 2

May 19, 2010 4 comments

After reading the first part of this series, many of you might see me as an exploiter of desperate underage pussy. Fortunately that is not true, as you will soon see.

Most of the desperate young gals who repaid my kindness with intimacy were neither underage or, strictly speaking, homeless. They were young gals, mostly high school dropouts, working in the minimum wage retail sector. They often had cash flow problems and fucked up roommates/relationships. Since many had poor relationships with their parents and a non-existant credit history, they often needed a little help to stay afloat.

I provided such timely help, with a strong non-verbal signal that such help was contingent upon intimacy. I never paid them for sex, they just gave it to me as a sign of their gratitude.

My MO:

1] Go to shops/ business that employ such gals.
2] Go there often enough to identify newbie gals..
3] Let them know you find them attractive and be flirty (but not creepy) with them.
4] Make sure they understand that you will help them if necessary.
5] Wait! This is a number game.. and you might get 1 hit for every 15-20 relationships you build.
6] Something their GFs might require help.
7] If you do it right.. a base of 50 gals can yield 2-3 gals at any given time.
8] You can get inundated in pussy after holidays or during other financially stressful periods.
9] Remember that this is not a real relationship, and act accordingly.
10] Don’t help gals or enter situations that set off your spidey sense, as it is usually right.
11] Keep 2-3 pussies in rotation at any given time.

I did not consider this behavior as exploitation since my terms were much better than those offered by others They were never forced to do anything they did not like. Having said that- it is somewhat unsettling to see how easily a young gal who is desperate for money/help will have good, emotionally connected, sex with you. More than a few of them are very grateful that good sex was the price for not being homeless and hungry. I am not bad in bed, or so I am told. 😉

I tried to not make them feel dirty and unliked, since their life was already full of crappy people and relationships. Therefore I often got sex from them even after they no longer required my help..

A few gals I met this way did leave a lasting impression on me, and i will write about them in the next part of this series.

The Dark Side: 1

May 19, 2010 8 comments

I have briefly described one aspect of my life prior to 20, some stuff about ‘N’ and some general problems in my early to mid 20s. I could have taken a chronological approach and described my interactions with women from 20-23, but that is a topic best left for another day. In any case, if things were so great I would not have been getting long BJs from and fucking escorts.

OT: ‘Paid’ women have given me the most memorable BJs. There is actually a subcategory of escorts that are BJ experts. They know how to tease you silly and keep you on the edge for 30-40 minutes at a time. 1- 1.5 hours with them ensures that you will be very relaxed afterwards (like the last sunday and the one before it). Oops.. I got a boner even thinking about those experiences. It is funny to have to adjust your boner in starbucks with a hot chick looking at you.

Anyway, back to the subject at mouth.. hand :D. So at 23.. had finished my M.Sc, after choosing to not follow that particular field further. I was in a pretty bad situation, without a stable decent job and barely scraping by. Nobody including my close relatives were willing to help me. I did not have enough money to go out often or even socialize. I could not find a decent gal to get laid with.. It was awful.

I would have fared better with women if I was white.

That is when I started to find desperate young gals who wanted enough money for food, basics and some safety. I did avoid druggies and gals who had been on the street for more than a few weeks, and with a few exceptions never brought them where I lived (safety considerations).

So I started looking around and found gals who had either moved out of a bad situation or were just drifting along with larger groups. I found that a little kindness, money and decent restaurant dinners made them very eager to please. Initially I saw this as survival sex, until a decent gal wanted to sleep with me. However, I soon realized that a gal who was grateful for money, food and comfort was just as good in bed as one who “dated” you.

I dismissed the few initial good encounters as luck, but a disturbing pattern started to emerge. As long as the women were not druggies or chronically homeless, the sex was as good and often better than my flings and “dates”.

This realization was one of the most disturbing that I ever had. Until then I had believed that “paid” sex could never match “unpaid” sex, but it was not possible to ignore the obvious evidence. Therefore I changed my views on that subject.

The worst part was that such gals were cheaper per fuck than gals I had previously dated or picked up in bars. I felt betrayed and misled.. and this is in retrospect where I first experienced total loss of faith in women.

Natasha came into my life at about this point, but I could not give up my habit. After all the shit I had been subjected to by women till then, I just could not give up option B… and then something else happened that cemented my view on “paying” for sex- to be continued in the next part. I find that people lose interest once the post goes past 600-700 words, and this is a long and twisted story.

PS: I made all these gals shave it bald so that I would not get crabs. Shaved gals also cannot hide overt warts, discharges and rashes. I also always used condoms for penetrative sex.

I do not sleep with gals who are not shaved bald, front and back. I can tolerate a little mohawk or a very close trim in LTRs, but that is it.