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The Dark Side: 3

May 20, 2010 3 comments

I have previously hinted about posts based on my recollections about gals from the first part of my move to the dark side (start 2000-end 2001). This post is devoted to a gal henceforth known as M1, and you will soon read about why she was so memorable.

M1 was a very pretty 19-year old brunette. If she did not have buck teeth, she would be an ‘8’ or maybe even a ‘9’. However her buck teeth made her a solid ‘7’. About 5′ 6″, slender, perfect B cup boobies, taunt butt, nice smooth skin, long and toned legs, green eyes, light brown hair, unshaved (in the beginning) and one of the more beautiful faces to suck my dick.

I had changed my field of research somewhat by the time I met her (sorry, no details). Things were not great, but at least I had found the beginnings of my current path. I worked 3 days a week, made 2 grand a month and was staying in a very nice shared house with only 2 other people. Did end up banging one of my roommates (girl) later though, but that is another story. I had finally found some stability after the worst year of my life, 23 going on to 24.

I met M1 at a small new pizza place, in an area of the city frequented by me. It advertised good and cheap calazones, and she was the cashier gal. I was struck by her looks and smile. Anyway, decided to sit and eat my calazone, and had a nice conversation with her. She was originally from a small city and had joined her sister in the bigger city after finishing high school. She was a bit naive and self-conscious about her buck teeth. We chatted about her background, dreams, ambitions etc. She had finished high-school, I had finished my M.Sc and we were just 5 years apart. Anyway, I visited that place a couple more times , chatted more and agreed to go for drinks.

Unfortunately she got a bit ill that weekend. She looked pretty sick and drained when I saw her on monday, and she did apologize to me. It was at this point I did something unusual and gave her a nice hug + kiss, and she reciprocated very well (this was at around closing time). It started off as a non-sexual hug, but I quickly got a strong erection. At this point, she just looked into my eyes and said “you still find me attractive?”. My answer -“Do I have to say it?”. We kissed and made out a bit. I walked her home and watched a little TV. I realized that she had indeed been very sick, and decided that fucking her that night would be inhumane.

Instead we just got almost naked and made out. She gave me a HJ for my efforts, we cuddled and watched some more TV. I left her place at about midnight. In retrospective, this is where we truly bonded. She was happy that she had some desirable intimate company even when she looked and felt like shit. We had a couple more sessions at her place that week.. mostly oral sex on me and lots of cuddling. I guess that she had not been with a guy for a few months, and at 19- that is a long time. I made it clear that I would not fuck her until she went bald ‘down there’. She did resist, but eventually agreed. We arranged a long weekend stay at my place.

I should mention at this time that I took SSRIs for depression in 1999, and they did cause some problems with arousal. I came off them at around the time I met her, but got a sildenafil prescription- just to be sure.

So we came back to my place on friday evening. I should mention that taking anything more than 25 mg sildenafil gives young guys, in otherwise good health, unusually hard erections. Positively unphysiological, but great for pornstar sex. Even today 25mg + 2-3 beers makes me function like a 15 year old who can now go on for a couple of hours without trying to. Plus it really helps with ejaculatory control.

I took 50 mg + 2-3 beers. It turned out to be an interesting experience.

So, I got into the bathtub with M1 to shave her bald. She complied, but the nudity, view and desire makes me very hard. M1 found it hilarious and started running her long head hair over my dick as I was shaving her down there. She probably thought I would come, but sildenafil also makes it hard to come. The result was one of most intense teases I have ever endured, and that is why I remember it so well. I could feel everything better than usual, was super hard- but could not come.

She later frequently did a modified version of that on me, combined with BJs and some bondage. She knew how to drive a man nuts..

Anyway, after I finished shaving her we literally ran to the bed. I just pounded her in every position that I could think of. I took me about 20 minutes the first time. Since I had no refractory period, we went on to condom number 2 and 3.. Essentially it was about 1.5 hours of non-stop fucking. At this point we were both exhausted, but the flesh was willing for more.

I decided to cool off and let it go down (took 15 minutes and a cold shower). So a couple of beers and a short nap later we opened the second three pack.. It took about 2 hours to go through it, and I had to be be finished orally on attempt number 5 and 6.. she was sore. A few beers and one pizza later, we cuddled up and I had one of the most relaxed sleeps of my life. The effect of sildenafil persisted and she blew me thrice in the morning before we went for lunch. She also got a UTI from all that enthusiastic sex and we had to go to a clinic to get her some Augmentin (Amoxicillin+ Clavulanate). That pretty much stopped the penetrative part of our weekend, but she did give a couple more BJs that weekend. All in all, it was a very relaxing weekend.

In case you are wondering, I did help her with rent a couple of times. We also went out a lot, rented movies, short trips- all paid by me. We saw each other non-exclusively for about 8 months (1-2 encounters per week). The sex was enthusiastic, very draining and I have no complaints.

I spent about 3,000-4,000 (total) on her, but she was worth it.

She could put her feet behind her head, and I took her anal virginity. 😀 Oh, and I dated ‘N’ at around the same time.. and had a few more flings. It was a very busy 2 years.. She and ‘N’ were my main cum drainers, but there were others.. Unlike ‘N’ she loved spanking and light bondage.

More next time..

BTW, Here is a model who looks very similar to M1. You decide.. and I am not exaggerating. Yes, I had someone who looked like that on the receiving end of my dick. M1 had buckteeth, slightly longer hair and poutier lips.