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Pussy is Fungible

May 21, 2010 17 comments

Fungibility is the property of a good or a commodity whose individual units are capable of mutual substitution. It refers to the ease of exchanging one unit of a commodity with another unit of the same commodity.

I am going to ask you one simple question:

Do you enjoy sex with a woman or sex with women.

Almost every straight man would prefer to have sex with women rather than with one particular woman. However most men behave as if sex with one particular woman is more valuable than another equivalent woman.

Sure.. some women are hotter, some have better technique, others are less bitchy and so on. But what if the choices have about the same overall value?

The reality is that most men HAVE that option. The question then is, why do they not exercise that option? Men strangle their own options by chasing and obsessing over a few women and ignoring others who would love a good hammering from them.

Here is my humble suggestion:

If you can imagine getting an erection with her, she is good enough.

Now this does not imply that she is good enough to marry, have kids with or even date. But what is the harm in fucking a willing woman who can get you hard.

Why must you behave as if pussy is not fungible, when it is fungible.

Here are a couple of examples..

When you are doing a girl doggystyle, are you paying minute attention to quality of skin on her butt or back? If you into it, you are probably pulling her hair, playing with her tits, lips or holding her hands behind her back.. and maybe spanking her.

When a girl is giving you a thorough blow job, are you really paying attention to her face or just looking at her eyes, holding her hair or playing with her butt?

In short, if the sex is average or better and the woman is not repulsive.. you are enjoying it.

How does that tie into pussy fungibility?

Simple.. Your first order of business is to get laid with a non-repulsive woman (paid or unpaid). Once she has cleaned your pipes, you can always decide whether you want to keep her around or find another.

As long as you do not move in, marry or have kids with a woman- she has no real leverage over you.

Getting laid a couple of times per week is not a bad deal. The gals you are fucking may not be supermodels or your dream gals, but their cunts, mouths, hands, tits and assholes will stimulate your dick and more to a good toe-curling orgasm. You can always find a better deal tomorrow.

The key to dealing with women today is not getting emotionally attached. Just look at ALL non-repulsive women as potential fuck-buddies. You have to realize that no woman is every going to be reliable and forgiving, so why should you care about her feelings?

Don’t treat ANY women better than a decent fuck-buddy.

Treating them better will not get you a better deal. If anything, removing the emotional BS makes for hotter, kinkier and nastier sex.

If any woman tries to guilt trip you, just remember all the times women have treated you poorly.

I am not suggesting that you to treat them any worser, but why treat them any better?

Here is a parting thought.. If a 5-6 willingly rimmed and teabagged you + gave you very nice BJs would you refuse? Would you rather have her mouth, hands and tits work on your stuff OR chase + convince a 7-8 that you are good enough for her pussy, and then endure her tests. No woman is worth caring about if you cannot kiss + grope her on the first outing and her panties don’t disappear on the second outing. Sexual compatibility overrules other considerations once you start seeing them as fuck-buddies.

If you wanted an 8-9.. just buy her by the hour or see if you can pick up a willing hottie. Don’t waste you time on excessively self-absorbed cunts.. because face it, that is all they really are- cunts.

Women have power over you only if you see them as more than the cunts they really are.

Feedback is appreciated..

Thought of the Day: May 21, 2010

May 21, 2010 3 comments

I have often seen a lot of PUA material on handling girls who tell you that they have a boyfriend after you ask them out.

Here is how I handle it..

Category 1: If the gal is flirty but not seriously interested, just say ” Would not have know if I had not asked you”, smile and move on.

Reasoning– It might be true or false. Either way the lack of serious interest makes it unworthy of chase by you. Remember that she is just one possible pussy, and no pussy is unique enough to be worth self-degradation.

I have often met such women a few months later when they were ‘single’. In those cases, we did it on MY terms not HERs.

Category 2: If she is seriously flirting with you, just call out the contradiction. It is important that you do so without putting her on the defensive.

Reasoning- Merely pointing out that her behavior does not match her words, often breaks down the defenses. If not done in a pushy manner, you can use it to bring all the negative feelings about her BF to the surface.

It is important that you do not appear needy, but still appear interested (not easy). If she agrees with you, try to get contact info. If she is not willing to give contact info, cut the conversation and walk off after she is willing to admit she has problems with her BF.

Since this is a number/probability based world, why waste time on those who do not care about your feelings? I can always buy good looking pussy, and find decent looking pussy if I try enough people.

Pussy is Fungible.

Fungibility is the property of a good or a commodity whose individual units are capable of mutual substitution. It refers only to the ease of exchanging one unit of a commodity with another unit of the same commodity.