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Another Doppelganger

This nude model is a doppelganger for ‘N’, right down to the hang of her tits and size of areolae.

‘N’ had a wider butt, no navel piercing, a nose stud and thicker thighs. She started out that pubic hair style, but I made her go bald.. I like it that way.

Would you eat coffee flavored haagen-dazs of a girl who looked like this? I have.. 😉

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Random Thoughts: May 22, 2010

May 22, 2010 6 comments

Those who question my stance on paying for sex should ask themselves one question:

Why do you want to be with a woman?

Spin it whichever way you want to, but it comes down to “good sex”.

The real question then is:

Why not have good sex with attractive women of your choice on your terms?

So.. what are you waiting for? getting good at ‘game’? finding the ‘right’ ones? becoming an expert PUA? Come on.. It is about good sex with attractive (or at least non-repulsive) women on YOUR terms.

Look, I am not saying that you should ignore getting better at getting “unpaid” hot women. But why deny yourself good sex?

Why suffer from lack of good sex? Fuck LTRs and Marriage.. they are traps. Who is rewarding you for playing by the “rules”? Don’t be a sucker, just enjoy life on YOUR terms.