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Thought of the Day: May 24, 2010

May 24, 2010 7 comments

I saw a link to a site about cheating confessions ( on my Facebook feed. While there is a bit of self-selection about people who write about their cheating experiences, more than a few reminded me of situations I had been in.

Therefore, I will reiterate something I have said for a long time..

The easiest way to get “unpaid” pussy is to hang around and flirt with three groups:

1] Married women.
2] Women in LTRs.
3] Women with BFs under 25.

As long as you are not desperate, ugly and show an appreciation for their assets… the chances are pretty good. You can get about 2-3 gals for every 40-50 gals who flirt back at ANY level. Serious flirtation increases the odds to 1 in 5-6.

Women in STRs and those who “date around” are actually harder to sleep with than these three groups. Yep, you heard that right.

Female cheaters do the hard work for you. As long as you are interested, willing, capable and present.. you can find someone to spread her legs and suck your cock.

A majority of the gals I slept with from age 20-23 were cheaters. These experiences put me off the LTR and marriage path. Once you have seen how easily attached women drop their panties for a little attention, it is hard to imagine yourself as the BF or hubby.

Just Enjoy It: 1

May 24, 2010 3 comments

A lot of men seem to evaluate a girl based on her potential to impress other men. This is especially true for men who want to seduce ‘hot’ women. It is as if social proof or validation that supposedly comes from fucking multiple ‘hot’ chicks is more important than the quality of sex itself. This is also the reason behind the burnout of many who study and try ‘game’.. the sex is often not good enough after the initial thrill of banging a few dozen hotties.

Think about it.. if most of the sex you get is no better than that obtained through masturbation, what is the point of getting a sex partner?

However this very simple and obvious fact is ignored by most men. Indeed, the word “ignore” does not even begin to describe the self-destructive wanton disregard by men to the obvious. Such self-destructive stupidity is reinforced by society in the name of social good, whatever that is..

While I had many sexual partners after ‘R’, it was only with ‘M1’ (and since) that I really started enjoying sex again. Think about that statement for a moment.. can you see the problem?

Let me explain. Though I had been with over about 20 different “unpaid” gals between ‘R’ and ‘M1’, I was going through the motions. Sure.. I came often, had about three 3-6 month long flings, some short term flings etc. But.. it was not great sex. It lacked the wild passion and abandon that is characteristic of great sex.

Having a decent looking gal get on her knees to blow you as a matter of relationship courtesy might feel good and make you cum. It might even be memorable if she has good technique, but it lacks the animalistic passion of sex with somebody where you are so far into each other that the rest of the world ceases to exist. With all gals between ‘R’ and ‘M1’, it was as if the sex was scripted. Don’t lie.. you know what I am talking about.

You see.. sex in most relationships (STRs, LTRs and marriage) follows a few routine script, which go stale pretty quickly.

In most STRs.. you kiss, make out, she tries to offer faux resistance, then gives in, blows you, cuddle.. then maybe sex. usually missionary, cowgirl.. then you try to do it at a few more places and in more positions.. try something new etc. In LTRs and marriage, it is even worser. Providing you actually have sex more than once a week, it is very routine, tired and stale. She may know how to get you to cum hard, but it is mechanical and almost disinterested.

In contrast truly passionate sex feels great, even if you are both somewhat inexperienced. When I fucked ‘R’ and looked into her eyes or felt her body move + writhe, I knew that that it was not scripted. She felt it, and so did I. The look in her eyes (and body language) after going at in 2-3 times was more meaningful than many I have had since. It was a true connection. With her.. nothing else mattered. The time of the day, month, year, school, career, social status, neighbors, parents, the future.. all were utterly insignificant. It was just about the two of us, naked and going at each other- feeling on the top of the world. It was about trying to find ways of making each other moan, groan, scream.. curl, writhe in pure agony/ecstasy. This is why I often say that ‘R’ spoiled me for other gals.

We were not trying to impress anybody or even each other, just have fun.

However a true connection requires both parties to be into each other. There are two ways to achieve that- 1] be vulnerable 2] be hedonistic.

Most of us, including me, can be vulnerable only for the first few gals. After that, it is just too painful to have your heart broken. Luckily, there is another way.. hedonism.

Being hedonistic implies being true to yourself. You can either be concerned about social mores, conventions, expectations or just ignore them.

With ‘M1’ there was little vulnerability but complete abandon. We did not care about what was on TV, who emailed/ texted who, who did what for a living and whether we had a future. We just screwed the living crap out of each other, though she often preferred sucking the life out of me. 😉 Since both of us has a tacit understanding about the nature of our relationship, we did not care about impressing each other.

I remember her farting the first time she got an especially hard spanking. However, she was so into it that the embarrassment, or even the nature of what happened, did not register. I remember getting BJs from her in semi-public places, not as an act of naughtiness but, because we were both feeling horny. I did not slam her head into the wall during doggstyle because It was expected , but because it just happened.

With ‘M1’ just like ‘R’, I remember much more about what we did and how hard I came, rather than the circumstances and other worthless trivia surrounding the events. It was about trying to get each other off, without caring about anyone else. There was no courtesy, pleasantry, decorum or caring in our lewdness. Once she knew what I liked, I got it without asking and often in an unexpected manner.. and vice versa.

In retrospective, the realization that I could have such sex with essentially a “paid” woman changed my mind about paying for it. It also changed by beliefs on the need for intellectual compatibility, necessity of LTRs and many other things that most of you still accept as gospel.

More in another part.