On Bad Faith: 4

One of the most poorly publicized features of the USA is:

It is the only developed country where average income of many non-majority ethnic groups often exceeds the major ethnic group.

Being white in the USA does not give you the advantage seen in other western countries. Even when you compare equally educated people, non-whites in other western countries earn anywhere from 0.5x to 0.7x of an equivalent white. This difference is likely to have an important consequence in the near future.

The US is unique amongst developed countries in having a majority of first and second generation immigrants invested in perpetuating the system. They do so because they feel and see that they are part of it.

In contrast countries, immigrants and their kids in countries ranging from Australia, Canada, Germany, France etc do not see themselves as part of the system. They have no attachment or willingness to perpetuate the system. Such behavior is however very rational. Why invest effort or goodwill in a system that compensates you less than an equivalent white person? Would you play along if the tables were reversed?

Ironically, the white populations of most countries seem to prefer it that way, without regard for the consequences. Let me spell them out for the naive.

The demographic profile of all developed western countries is such that the older populations are mostly white, while the younger ones are increasingly non-white. However these countries also made promises to take care of their retiring (mostly white) people. Past anything other than a few years of denial, it is tax receipts from the younger (increasingly non-white) generations that will support the older (mostly white) generation.

Do you see the problem?

Do you expect people with lower paying jobs and a huge chip on their shoulders to pay for the upkeep of people who discriminated against them? It would be easier if such non-whites constituted 10-15% of the working age population. However that is no longer the case in many western countries. Even countries with a low percentage of non-whites in working age population will have no option but to open their doors, unless they prefer a fatal deflationary spiral.

Most of the western economic miracle is based on the belief of continued growth, or at least a manageable equilibrium. Negative growth will result in an inability to fulfill commitments and quickly kill faith in the system. Leverage is a bitch..

So how are most western countries going to achieve enough growth and increase in incomes to support consumption. Accounting scams can buy you 2-4 years, but beyond that- real growth or some equilibrium is necessary for the system to not come apart.

So how do you get these “others” to play along?

Do you think non-whites will suddenly forget wage/job discrimination and play nice? Do you think that their kids are stupid? More importantly, will whites in other non-western countries willingly accept their downgraded status? While accepting that downgrade is the most logical course of action, most will try very hard to retain their old “status” with tragic results (more antagonism).

It is possible to get away with a lot as long as you do not require others to play the game. However your options shrink considerably once you require their cooperation. Most older whites and many younger whites have still not accepted this new reality, and continue to behave as if the world never changed. But the world has changed, and we will see whether their world view can prevail over reality.

Any bets on who prevails? and don’t blame me- I am just the messenger.

  1. Niko
    May 27, 2010 at 3:37 pm

    The elites couldn’t care less if your white or not.
    Some groups are just predisposed to entrepreneurialship by dint of culture and has nothing to do with color. The Copts in Egypt, the Lebanese in central Africa, the Somalis in Kenya, the Georgians and Armenians in Russia, the Chinese in Malaysia etc.

    Knock off the top and you get what happened to Hungary or Zimbabwe. A right shitstrom for everyone.

  2. rightsaidfred
    May 29, 2010 at 8:24 am

    “Do you think non-whites will suddenly forget wage/job discrimination and play nice?”

    Probably yes. We are wired to service the Alpha despite the past treatment.

    You may reply that Whites are no longer Alpha. You may be right, but the story is not over.

    Non-whites below 45 years are not deferential to whites, whether they were born in western countries or not.

    While some may pretend to get your business, apperances can be deceptive.

  3. rightsaidfred
    May 29, 2010 at 6:13 pm

    ““Do you think non-whites will…play nice?”

    It’s not even a racial thing. The elites have realized that centrally planned schemes such as pensions and social security are a great way to transfer wealth and power.

    Like oil, once discovered and developed, it will be ridden until Armageddon.

  4. rightsaidfred
    May 29, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    “Non-whites below 45 years are not deferential to whites”

    Indeed, respect is something earned, but the attractive destinations and creations of the modern world are largely a White thing. Just because patricide is in vogue doesn’t mean it is a good policy.

    • P Ray
      February 5, 2015 at 11:54 am

      The kind of “deference” whites are looking for from non-whites,
      is the chance to get something for free or at below cost price.

      That makes the person delivering the service, an idiot or a slave.
      I don’t think people capable of delivering a service, and intending to see the business last over their lifetime, will act like an idiot or a slave.

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