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Scorched Earth: May 29, 2010

May 29, 2010 3 comments

A recent text exchange:

Background: Woman is in her mid 20s. Used to be chubby, but has now lost some weight. A new-agey head case with some issues in her life.

First knew her from a couple of casual meetings (about a year ago) . Recently met her again and obtained her phone number.


Do you want to go for a few drinks tonight?

Her 1st reply

No, I am not really into drinking and I am not interested in dating.

Counterstrike 1

I guessed so, and that is why I prefer to BUY better looking company. It’s just more fun for me that way.

Counterstrike 2

I was never interested in ‘dating’ you. I am not that desperate. Enjoy..

Her 2nd reply

Fuck off, you asshole. Stay away from me.

Mission accomplished.

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Perception often Determines Human Reality: 1

May 29, 2010 8 comments

Most people think that reality is one homogeneous construct, that determines whether something is possible or not.

I think otherwise.

Reality can be broken down into two major components, physical reality and perceived reality. I have dealt with this concept in one of my earlier posts.

Physical reality is that part of the universe whose properties are independent of human perception. It can also be measured in an objective and subjective manner with instruments. The number of photons hitting the CCD of a camera, the strength of a magnetic field as measured by a magnetometer or the elemental composition of a given sample are not influenced by your belief. Nor is the electromagnetic/ particle output of the sun or the strength/direction of the earth’s magnetic field.

In contrast, most of what we perceive and believe to be true is based on interpretation of data, often based on previous experiences and social mores. Can you see the massive implications of what I just said?

Everything from you reaction to rejection by a woman to a bad outcome in your job or life is totally subjective. Even worse, the total subjectivity of perception implies that there are multiple possible responses to such events.

Let me explain with a couple of examples:

A woman who flirted with you and gave her contact info reveals that she has a BF, when you ask her out.

Feeling dejected and sad is the most likely response. However this outcome is based on a belief that you cannot get another equally good pussy or that she was special.

So.. are any of these assumptions true?

You can maintain an unofficial harem of women or just pay for sex. Speaking from personal experience, pussy is fungible. Why should you feel dejected by the refusal of one woman to sleep with you that day if you can get alternate pussy?

The key to not getting dejected by this situation- alternate pussy.

The ready availability of ‘unpaid’ or ‘paid’ alternate pussy changes the picture such that her rejection (at least for the time being) does not affect your mood to any significant extent. Most women will reject you or flake, but you do not have to suffer the consequences.

Another example..

You feel sad that you are not in a LTR, have no kids or just feel lonely without a SO.

What do you really want from a woman? Anything other than sex from a woman is a social expectation masquerading as your need.

It is ALL about reliable access to willing pussy.

Do you truly desire nagging, emasculation, mediocre sex, whiny kids or a mortgage on a house you can barely afford. Do you like having your balls in a crusher or be the ‘mark’ of a contract in which you lose either way?

What you really want- a somewhat familiar and enjoyable pussy to have fuck.

Once again, there are various means of getting what you really want. Don’t let social pressures control your choice of options. It is not as if society rewards you for the socially acceptable choices.

Yet another example..

You feel pressured to follow a particular career trajectory just because it is the norm for others like you.

Ask yourself, what is the best case scenario if you play by the rules of others? Will it make you happy? Will it make you feel secure, satisfied and alive? Will it fulfill your dreams? and whose dreams are those anyway?

What is in it for YOU?

Evaluate ALL other trajectories and options for your career. Do something you like and are good at, even if it is not the conventional path. It is not as if playing by the rules will prevent you from getting fired or culled in a headcount reduction. Base your analysis of the situation on what you can see and measure, not what others say.

Why would you care about the approval of people who would not lend you 20$ in a pinch? Why bother impressing them?

Do it because YOU choose to, and YOU believe that it will give YOU the outcome YOU desire. You may be wrong, but it is better to be wrong doing what you think is correct than living to satisfy someone else.

More in another post..