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Why I Still Prefer Escorts

May 31, 2010 43 comments

My experiences in the last two weeks were a good reminder about the flaky nature of ‘unpaid’ women. While I had a great six weeks from late March to Early May (3 ‘unpaid’ gals + an interesting experience), women flake.

While I was with 2 of the three ‘unpaid’ gals for only a couple of times, the ‘third’ (thick gal) was developing into a good booty call situation. But ‘unpaid’ women flake and often demand what they do not deserve. I did not see the point of continuing with ‘thick’ gal about 2-3 weeks ago. Since then, I have obtained many e-mails & phone numbers but no hits.

Luckily, I have escorts to fall back on. They are less complicated, extremely reliable and great to fuck. It certainly helps that they are better looking and often very skilled. Ya, I had a couple more in the last two weeks (one new and one repeat). It was not cheap, and I could have purchased a good netbook with that money, but I already have one.

I am happy and reasonably satisfied, and that is all that matters.

It is nice to get laid with willing and skilled hot chicks whether you’re on a winning streak or not. It is almost like a possessing a minor superpower that makes living a bit less unpleasant.

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