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Committed LTRs Are Not Worth The Effort

June 30, 2010 44 comments

A large percentage of men interested in ‘game’ are trying to use it to ultimately have a committed LTR with a woman. But is it even possible, let alone feasible?

My thoughts:

1] Any technique of obtaining sex quickly, by design, selects for women who will drop their panties quickly. You are selecting for easy lays, as opposed to those with some self-control . If you can easily charm their clothes off, so can another guy.

2] The best sex almost always occurs in the first few months of a relationship. It then starts becoming routine and increasingly boring, eventually becoming little more than masturbating inside a woman.

3] LTR ‘game’ is a waste of time. Why expend all that effort on keeping familiar and aging pussy happy? You could always spend the same amount of time on getting new pussy.

4] All the ‘game’ in the world cannot save you from the effects of job loss, unexpected physical illness, accidents or other stuff beyond your control. What will you do if your ‘investment’ is undone by something beyond your control? Do you have any insurance or recourse?

5] What will you do if the LTR leaves you, for someone else, inspite of your best efforts and ‘investment’? What recourse do you have? What about child support payments, the legal wrangling, custody battles.. and all this because you were trying to be a decent human being?

6] How often do most couples in LTRs fuck? Will you be ever woken with a spontaneous BJ or get one in the shower a few times a week? Sure.. you could ‘rekindle’ the relationship, but at what cost? and why should you have to pay more to get the same thing?

7] Women give the best years of their life to guys who use them as free cum dumpsters. Only after starting to age badly, do they begin their search for ‘mr. right’. Would you pay the new car price for one with 200,000 miles on it?

8] Why should you care about the future of civilization or your legacy? What has civilization done for you? Will your kids even keep in touch with you, let one take care of you?

9] Even if you do everything right, your LTR stays with you and the kids grow up OK… Where is the appreciation for your efforts and sacrifices? You see.. it is your ‘duty’ to take shit so that a condescending hag can pop out a few kids and tell you how lucky you are to be with her.

10] What is your reward for doing the ‘right thing’.. or should I say is there a reward for doing the ‘right thing’?

You could do the ‘right thing’ or live life to its fullest on your terms. Do you know how much good sex can be bought with the amount you spend on your LTR and progeny? Think about the bigger homes, bigger cars, sexless vacations, the yard work, the investments, the saving and scrimping… what will all of that get you? Look around you at all the desperate and unhappy men who are upholding and slaving for a system that treats them as expendable cogs. Want to join their ranks?

You did not choose to be born, but why let others decide how you live or die? Why give them that power when you are getting nothing better in return?

It is your passivity that give them power over your life.. Stand up for yourself, because nobody else will.

You may die in the worst case scenario, but everyone dies in the end.

Do you have anything to lose.. really?


White Knighting is Irrational

June 30, 2010 15 comments

One aspect of white male behavior that has always stumped me is the concept of ‘white knighting’ which manifests itself as ‘chivalry’.

Think about it rationally-

What exactly do you owe a woman who is neither you mother/grandmother nor has previously had sex with you?

What nice thing has she done for you? Will your deferential behavior oblige her to reciprocate? If not, why should you care about her welfare or safety?

In almost every civilization and culture in human history, women are obliged to reciprocate in well-understood ways.

Example 1: In most cultures, married women will often have sex even if they are ‘not into it’ at that moment. It is understood as an obligation to the guy in return for supporting her and the children.

Example 2: Once again, in most cultures women who are dating a guy are expected to put out even if they are “feeling unsexy”, because that is cost of keeping an otherwise decent guy around.

Example 3: Even if the relationship is not sexual, helping a women in most cultures obliges her to gratefully acknowledge it and make it up some other way.

So why do most men in western countries ‘white knight’ even though such behavior will almost never land them any pussy or even a heartfelt ‘thank you’. Why continue doing a thankless job without ‘pay’? You do not seriously believe in an afterlife, do you?

So what is it? and why are most white men so dense? Can you not see the obvious and act in a rational manner?

Whose censure do you fear? What will you not get if you stand up for yourself? Are you getting enough or any? What obligation do you have to a system that treats you as a disposable cog? Who cares about the future of human civilization once you are dead? Does it matter?

Who are you living for anyway- Yourself or to please others? and will pleasing make them give what you want? How has that worked out.. so far?


Another Poll: 29 June, 2010

June 29, 2010 4 comments

The inspiration for this poll is a technique that an older woman introduced me to when I was 22. Since then, many paid and ‘unpaid’ girls have satisfied my requests for it.

While I am no fan of having a woman use a sex toy on me, there is one exception. The feeling of a normal vibrator on my balls, taint and asshole when getting a blowjob drives me nuts. It takes most women a little practice to get it right but both the feeling and effects are amazing. More than a few girls have gotten sprayed with an unexpectedly robust volume and intensity.


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Cleverness is not Intelligence: 3

June 29, 2010 15 comments

It is somewhat funny to watch white men worry about the rise of ‘non-whites’ and in the same breath give a host of reasons on why ‘they’ will never win. I have a question-

Do the vast majority of people with supposedly ‘high IQ’ do anything original or useful for their “civilization” or “species”.

For all those white, and increasingly yellow and brown men, who gloat about their education and ‘test scores’.. what have you done in your life that justifies your pride in the scores of a few gerrymandered ‘tests’. The sad and unpalatable reality is that the vast majority of people, even those who are supposedly ‘high IQ’, will never do anything beyond steal, scam and lie to get more money.

Whether you do so by selling drugs, running “illegal” rackets or working in corporate law, practicing medicine or “managing”. You are all just scam artists, who have very marginal utility to continued human existence and progress.

The majority of your position in society is based on your luck and the willingness to continue shitting on others. It does not matter if your lucky break was an acquaintance in a housing project, neighborhood gangster or parents who went to harvard, princeton, wharton or any other “famous” university. It was a series of lucky breaks, not innate ability.

If you had real innate ability, it would have manifested itself through creating something new and at least semi-useful. But those who claim to be special due to their ‘high IQ’ are just rent seeking parasites whose major occupation in life is maintaining status quo.

You celebrate men like Leonardo da vinci, Michealangelo, Jules Verne, Mozart, Beethoven, Einstein, Schroedinger, Oppenheimer, Turing, Gauss, Fritz Haber, Wernher von Braun, Henry Ford, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, Steve Jobs, Sergey Brin but how many of you ‘high IQ’ types have ever done something similar to what they did? OK, maybe not that big.. but something? anything?

Your creativity and innovation is manifested through the creation of cartels, monopolies and stealing/ defrauding others. Yet you dare compare yourself with people who did something, just because they look like you.

If you want others to believe that you deserve your position in society because of your ‘high IQ’, do something that demonstrates your contribution to the endeavor. Nobody is stopping you, except yourself.

But you won’t do it because, in reality, you are incompetent. You are basking in the light of a few who can do it, rather like a minor asteroid is illuminated by the star it orbits. You may be made from the same stuff as that star, but you are a minor asteroid.

Deep down, you know that your contribution to civilization is no more than a ‘low IQ’ guy living in squalor.

So stop inventing new, and stupid, rationalizations for why you deserve it and that ‘other guy’ does not. Because that is what HBD and all that BS about ‘IQ’ is really about.

Random Thoughts: June 28, 2010

June 28, 2010 2 comments

I cannot help but notice that the majority of those who answered my poll have not given even one moderately painful spanking to any woman they have been intimate with.

Seriously guys, what is wrong with you?

Look, I am not suggesting that every single woman is into this stuff. Nor am I suggesting that the spanking should be hard enough to cause bruises, indeed it should not be that hard.

However if you create the right mood and have the right attitude, a sizable minority of women want it again and again. When I first started doing this, the relatively high percentage of women who wanted it was surprising to me. The most bizarre part was many would request it or suggest it once they had gotten it a couple of times.

Just so that we are clear on this- the idea is to make her bare bottom sting badly, and feel sore and pink afterwards. No bruises, no welts, no blue-black discoloration and no blood. She should feel a little soreness for upto 12 hours after the spanking, and that is it. If you are reaching that level in 30 smacks, you are using too much force.

Remember to ramp up the intensity and force to a level where she is feeling it, but not scared of you. It is truly amazing to see an adult woman, across your lap and restrained by only one hand- kick, squirm and plead to stop rather than run away. The very fact that it takes so little persuasion to keep a woman across your lap even though she is feeling some pain, discomfort and embarrassment says volumes about its consensual nature.

It is important that you alternate smacking with serious finger action + rubbing her vulva. So 50-60 smacks, a few minutes of finger play (same position) and repeat till she can no longer take it. It is about pain AND pleasure.

Do this confidently and with command of the situation. Pay attention to her level of lubrication, swelling, warmth etc but do not let her dictate the proceedings. You are in control, not her.

Do not pay too much attention to her protests, because she can always push you away, pull up her panties and walk out of your place if she does not like it. But make sure that the stinging is not unbearable, especially at the beginning + finger/rub her if her bottom gets too sore too quickly.

Remember that you are playing her body like an instrument, and improvisation/ adjustment/ calibration is always necessary.

The whole thing should take 25-30 minutes (the spanking part takes about 10 minutes). The rest is fingering, rubbing, teasing her body.. Insert a well lubed and rubber covered finger or two in her asshole, especially towards the end of the session. It has to feel uncomfortable or unusual but basically safe.. There is something about painting her vulva, asshole, crack and inner thigh with a lubed medium-bristle toothbrush (remember she cannot see what is happening in that position and you are still holding one of her hands behind her back). The spanked area around them makes sensations more intense, or so I am told.

You are successful when she will say something along the lines of “this is so weird and fucked up.. but its feels so good”.

But be confident about what you are doing.. I cannot stress this enough!

Any comments?

Have You Ever: 27 June, 2010?

June 27, 2010 3 comments

Spanking = at least 100 medium-hard swats on at least one occasion with the palm of your hand on her bare bottom.

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Why Spanking as Foreplay Works

June 27, 2010 45 comments

I have mentioned, on many previous occasions, that women willing to take bare-bottom spankings will almost always end up sleeping with you. The following is my hypothesis on why it works, and how I have used it to counter LMR. Note- I am talking about moderately painful spankings, not 10-20 odd smacks.

Important: Do not trick her, tie her up or otherwise coerce her into taking a bare-bottom spanking.

Almost every adult sees a bare-bottom spanking as something done to naughty children, even though they may enjoy it as adults. So how does this affect the dynamics of a new relationship?

The simple answer is that the spanker becomes the authority figure, the spankee becomes the naughty, and helpless, girl who has no option but to take the spanking. It is precisely for this reason that the spanking has to be moderately painful. A light spanking does not quite make the point about who is in charge.

If you concerned about whether she can take it, let her know that it will sting and she will feel sore afterwards. As long as you are using your hand, her slipper or hairbrush, most will consent.

The spanking has to be hard enough to-

1. Make her squirm in a uncoordinated manner.
2. Make her kicking irregular and uncoordinated.
3. Should have to use her hand to cover her bottom.
4. She should beg (not demand) you to stop it.


5. She should be significantly wetter than when you started (monitor it as the spanking progresses).

My modus operandi is:

Step 1: Somewhere between kissing and her/your place.. she should already have received a few smacks on her clothed bottom. How you initiate it is upto you, but never be apologetic.

Step 2: If she does not like it, leave her.. it is not worth it. If she is a semi-willing participant, give her more. If she is anxious, let her know that it will be just your palm and her bottom (nothing more).

Step 3: Once you are in a private place, and more stuff happens.. push it further. You can either playfully exacerbate the spanking to get her over your lap/knees or just tell her that you want to spank her. Again, no apologies about your desires.

Step 4: Tell her that the panties won’t be completely removed till she wants to, but her pants/shorts must go. Hike skirt as necessary.

Step 5: Spank her on the bare-bottom (panties etc around her knees), but build up the intensity rather than starting at full power. Feel free to use a little moisturizer/lotion on her bottom (it makes the sting worser). Approximately 1 smack per second, alternate cheeks and aim for their fleshiest parts

Step 6: Somewhere around the 100-200 hard smack mark, most will start moving around and squirming. If you have positioned her properly, only one of her hands can reach her butt. If she tries to do that, grab and hold it against her back.

Step 7: If you are using your hand (palms) it will take about 400-500 hand smacks to get her to the point where she feels like a naughty helpless girl under your control. That is less than 10 minutes, and unless she bruises easily.. she will be pink and sore, but nothing else.

Using the hand allows you to make it sting without overdoing it. Remember that even 200 moderately hard smacks with a hairbrush or slipper will often make her cry (for real).

Step 8: By the 500 hand-smack mark, her panties will be either around her ankles or she may have already kicked them off. Use the hairbrush sparingly after that.. do not make it too painful the first time around.

Step 9: Keep on checking if she is becoming wetter, as you spank her. Feel free to play with her vulva and finger her a bit between spanks.

Step 10: After she had enough, according to you, give her a nice hug, lots of passionate kisses, rub her ass and play with her cunt.

Step 11: Let her recover for a few minutes. Some women will cry..don’t say a lot. Just comfort her like you would do if you knew her for years.

Step 12: After she has recovered, start escalating the sex play again.. but remember to maintain the dominant frame. Getting off the tiger is more dangerous than riding it.

It works because you have just made her feel like a helpless girl who is being dominated by a guy she likes.

She is getting her “forced by brute who loves me fantasy” without anything worser than a sore bottom. The best part is that semi-consensual spanking without physical restraint and forced penile penetration would be hard to interpret as anything other than BDSM, if you get my drift.

Any comments?