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Female Reaction to Confessions of Escort Use: 1

June 3, 2010 21 comments

Many men believe that women will react adversely if they confess to escort use or buying sex. That is not true.. with one exception.

Women who are madly in love will react badly to such confessions. But most women will never really love you, so it doesn’t matter.

The real obstacle with acknowledging escort use is your own belief that buying sex is for ‘losers’. Most women seem to have a rather different view, as long as you hold your ground.

Paradoxically it is possible to use an acknowledgement of escort use to convert a hesitant girl into a naked gal. I have remarked on this phenomenon before, but I think it is easier to explain it with real examples.

So here is one..

One gal I met during the beginning of my hardcore escort use is a memorable example, and probably my first exposure to this phenomena. She was a cook in a restaurant near my apartment. In her early 30s, brunette, about 5′ 5″, nice tits/ass, not slim but very fuckable and with a good attitude.

First talked to her when she was on a smoke break. I had walked by that restaurant before and she recognized me. We started talking about the quality of restaurants in that area, night life and moved on to films. Exchanged phone numbers and decided to go for a drink later that week.

On that day, I asked her to come over and watch a movie with me instead. Curiously, she complied.. and arrived in a nice casual dress. We started watching the movie on my couch and within a short time the touching and kissing began. I started to undress her, and she resisted. Told me that she had a boyfriend.

I fired back with “If you really had a BF, whom you loved, why hang out with a guy you barely know on a Thursday night”. She protested and told me that she indeed had a BF.. My reply was something along the lines of “but you are here with me, aren’t you?” She then told me that she was not really into me and played along so as to not hurt my feelings. I then turned on my laptop and showed her the websites/ pictures of a few escorts I had fucked in the last 2 months. My next words were something along the lines of “I can get that type of girl to please me as I want, when I want” and told her to leave my apartment.

She hesitated and kept talking to me.. asking me about whether the sex with escorts was good etc.. I just told her the truth. Her body language changed and became flirty once again. I walked to the main door of my apartment, unlocked the bolt and told her that she was free to leave if and when she wanted. However staying in that apartment with me would be interpreted as willingness to have sex. I gave about half a minute for that to sink in, and resumed undressing her. She protested but this time her tone was very different. It was a token protest.. and she was almost smiling at the end. I stripped after undressing her completely. Took her hand and led her into the shower. Her facade cracked and I received an unprompted and very passionate make out in the shower. She then blew me in the bath for a few minutes, but I stopped her from finishing me there and took her to the bedroom. Got her on all fours and started fucking her to completion. After the first fuck, her attitude changed even further and she became an antithesis of the cold, manipulative tease from just half an hour ago.

Since she had a nice solid butt, thought a good spanking would not hurt her. Despite her protests about the pain and stinging, she never told me to stop. When I told her that the spanking was for being a pricktease in the beginning, she smiled and almost giggled. I fucked her a couple more times that night.. her butt, legs and torso were made for doggystyle. It helped that she a good BJ technique (something I see in older gals more often than younger ones).

As it turned out, she had a long-term BF.

But the curvy cook managed to find time for my cock at least twice a week for almost a year and even went on a few day trips with me. She was fully aware of my escort use and my activities with other ‘unpaid’ younger gals.

As you will read about in later parts of this series, such behavior is not unique. While this particular example is a bit extreme.. many gals seem to have no qualms about sex with men even if they know about their escort use and other girls.

Women interpret men fucking escorts and other women as a desirable sign of virility. As long as you are not defensive about it or repeatedly rub it in their faces, they don’t care. If anything, they tend to find it attractive and put out more easily. But you must back it with the right behavior and attitude.

Any questions?