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Obvious Questions for Lisa D Defenders

June 8, 2010 24 comments

A few obvious questions

Given her physical characteristics and lack of status, how many guys must she have blown or fucked for lesser gain?

How many guys did she blow and never heard back from? How many just used for easy BJs or sex on the side? How many guys did she have sex with, only to become their booty call?

Of all the guys she blew or slept with, how many had even a half-decent job or real prospects in life?

But she still did it, didn’t she? Why?

Because all those guys had to be was white and non-retarded.

I have seen this too many times in my past, and by 2000 had just stopped giving women any pass.

Why should I give a pass, when none was given to me?

Actions and beliefs have consequences, and the previously lucky can lose it forever.

My World, My Rules.