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Sadistic Behavior: 1

June 11, 2010 29 comments

Some of you might think that my behavior towards that cunt was sadistic. However, I disagree..

One of my recent POF dates was being an entitled, cold bitch who spent more time looking around the bar than at me. When she went to the washroom, I paid for my drinks and waited till she came back. When she came back I made one last try which she rebuffed At that point I told her that my bill was paid and left her to pay for her drinks + food (about 30-35$).

She was floored, but that bitch deserved it. I have previously done this to other gals who acted all high and mighty.

Another anecdote.

Another gal who went out with me a few years ago refused my physical advances, and told me that she just wanted to be friends. I then took her by public transit + walking to a part of the town far away from her place, but near mine. Called a cab, which she thought was meant to take us to a restaurant.

Once the cab came, told her that I was going home. Got into the cab and left her stranded far way from home. The cab ride home must have cost her almost 50 $. The bitch deserved it..

Another good one..

I went out to drinks with a slut (self-confessed) who refused my advances. I then bought her as many drinks as she wanted. After she was really drunk at around 1.30 am, I introduced her to a group of guys who were trying to score with chicks. Told her that I had to go to the restroom, and took a cab back home.

The next day, she was very upset about the five guys having their way with her. I was not there.. so who knows 👿

Update: I should mention that another girl ‘A’ comforted me that night in a manner only a woman can.. 5 times by the the time we finally got out of her room at around noon on Sunday. Plain looking ‘A’ hated the other girl because she was an attention-grabbing slut, and was very “sympathetic” to my disappointment.

Moral of the story- Playing stupid games has its consequences.

Note that nothing described above is illegal. I paid for my drinks, paid for my cabs and did not force anyone to do anything they did not want. I respected their wishes to be left alone.

The outcomes were however less than desirable for them. Hey, at least the five guys got lucky.. and one taxi driver made 50$ more that day.

On Bad Faith: 7

June 11, 2010 30 comments

Making an old post sticky- for a day or two.

My response to insults, slights and potential abuse often comes across as harsh, vindictive and inhumane. However there is a method behind this strategy.

After coming here at 20, I did initially try to socialize and make friends/acquaintances in a fairly systematic manner. However it was quickly obvious to me that conventional routes of socialization were not useful for me, as I was non-white. Even though I repeatedly tried numerous activities such as amateur team sports, group activities, going to bars/pubs with acquaintances etc- it was never the same. I simply could not get into any core group.

I was tolerated at the peripheries of groups, occasionally invited to a few house parties, but never part of the real ‘fun’ stuff.

It was also very obvious that visiting whites from other countries faced none of my problems, even if English was not their first language. The red carpets always rolled out for them, everyone wanted to talk to them, invite them to more parties/events, date them etc.

I have seem multiple 20-something women throw themselves at a 30-something balding dutch guy (tall but average), and give me dirty looks if I even tried to chat them up. I have seem a borderline-mental french guy (average looks) get unsolicited phone numbers, once girls knew he was french. I have seen girls offer city tours to a spanish guy (semi-handsome) they had seen a couple of times before.

Could go on.. but you get the point. Paradoxically, this behavior is almost never seen when the guy is Asian, Indian, Middle-Eastern even if he is equally rich/educated/OK looking. Any guesses about the reasons behind this differential behavior?

The most spectacular examples of such discriminatory behavior is seen when North-American women interact with highly educated white and brown British men. The white British guy is seen as a catch, while the brown British guy (born and raised in UK) though often more educated and richer, is seen as a second-/ third- rate choice.

Now, one can conjure up any number of reasons or justifications for this behavior, but it does not change the outcome. You have just given these non-white men a very good reason to return the favor by dehumanizing you. You can bet that these men are not going to play nice with you. As long as they were not part of the working age group in significant numbers/percentages- this shit could go on. But white demographic trends are what they are..

So what will happen when such men, and more like them, become part of your working age population. Remember that the average Asian, Indian and Middle-Easterner is usually more educated/smarter than the average White. They also do not have a ‘jim crow’ type legacy. Do you think that most will just forget it and play in good faith? Kinda like the Iraqis greeting americans as liberators – how did that work out?

An even more important question is whether the even larger cohort of younger members of these groups have experienced similar behavior and attitudes. Moreover, younger first-generation non-white immigrants (born after 1970) also do not see such attitudes as acceptable, unlike older generations of non-white immigrants.

What will happen when a significant portion of the younger and highly educated/skilled population has no strong connection or liking for a rapidly aging white population?

It unlikely that they will join together to overthrow whites and ‘process’ them in incinerators.


Every single functional society requires a social contract that almost everyone (over 90%) will adhere to without force- most of the time. Legal contracts are a poor substitute for unwritten social contracts, and at best complement them. Social contracts are, by definition, unwritten and reasonably flexible. However social contracts of all types require both parties (society and individual) to gain something, and those individuals who gain nothing or significantly less than others have no reason to keep playing in good faith. A less complex society can handle a bad social contract much better than a more complex and interconnected one. But no social system can function without a widely accepted social contract.

In case you have not figured it out- such men, are by definition, outside your social contract… and they know it.