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An Old POF Story: 2007 Oct

June 17, 2010 6 comments

Many people rightly criticize POF as a haven of entitled bitches, MILFs, golddiggers and attention-whores. However I have found that if you treat women on POF with a healthy amount of disrespect, they often bend over backwards. šŸ˜ˆ


1. Do not follow up on a woman who does not meet you in person within 3 days of first contact.

2. Flaking is not acceptable for online dates, unless she apologizes and makes up for it.

3. If you feel there is no physical chemistry or a lot of attitude within the first 20 minutes, just walk away.

The following is an example of an STR obtained with a true profile. I had put up a profile with mostly true info, and after e-mailing a few girls ended up on a coffee date with one girl (within two days of first contact).

She was of italian descent, thick but curvy, grade 12 education and worked as a driver for a courier company. We met on a Wednesday evening at Starbucks, and she seemed friendly and flirty. Made her move from the seat opposite me to the one next to me, and light touching followed.

She was a smoker, so we went outside and this is where things started to get more serious. The eye contact was very strong and led to a lot of kissing and makeout. I then suggested going to a bar , but she refused because she had to get up early the next day. Then asked her if she wanted to go to a mall (near my place). She agreed and we went there (her car). We did reach the mall, but did not get out of the car.. Within a few minutes I was playing with her tits and rubbing through her panties.

She appeared to be a bit deprived.. and the response was quite good. I suggested a move to my place.. and , initially, she did resist. I told her to call her roommate and let her know that she was with me (safety issue)… she almost did but then relented “what the heck, let’s go.. but no real sex”. I guessed a BJ or two was not a bad deal, so we went to my place. By this time, her panties were quite moist..

So we went to my place.. sat on the couch and continued. Things progressed till I was completely naked and she was down to her frilly blue thong panties. She started resisting at this point, and refused to take them off. After a few more minutes of kitty play, she pushed me back on the couch and got down on her knees. The BJ was very enthusiastic, if somewhat unskilled. She swallowed every drop, cleaned me up and we cuddled. After a few minutes, suggested that we get in the shower and wash up.. my excuse to get her panties off. After some coaxing, the panties came off and she joined me in the shower. More kissing, touching and fingering followed. I then gave her a light massage. After about 20 minutes of kneading, teasing and fingering, she did orgasm (or at least pretended to).

At this stage, she was face down on the bed with a pillow under her hips. I took my chance, put on a condom and entered her. This time she offered no resistance… and moderately chunky girls can take quite a pounding. After it was over, we cuddled for about half an hour.. and went for another round- more conventional positions. She left at about 11.30 pm that night, however we did get together many times for the next 3-4 months.

We ultimately parted ways because she wanted something more permanent and I could not handle smokers. While she was not clever or intelligent, she was a decent human being and I enjoyed her company. She was also one of the least expensive ‘unpaid’ girls I have ever been with.

Moral of the story: Never miss a good opportunity because a girl is not LTR material. A good STR beats a mediocre LTR- always.

Any similar experiences?

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