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Two Dates, Panties Only

June 18, 2010 5 comments

I made a peculiar observation by the time I was 24. Every ‘unpaid’ girl who ever slept with me was down to her panties by the end of date number two.

To rephrase it, women who end up sleeping with you will lose their clothes very quickly. A corollary to this observation is your chances of having sex with a woman who is not down to her panties by the end of date two are rather low.

So you might ask, why down to her panties and not naked?

My theory: Since the 1980s, BJs and serious fingering are no longer considered real sex. Therefore most women go to that level very quickly but procrastinate penetration.

This change in social attitude has some important implications:

1] If she is interested, you will end up in her mouth far quicker than her pussy.

2] A woman who is not blowing you by the end of the second date is probably not hot for you.

3] You are unlikely to lose a chance at sex, if you ditch her after a BJ-less second date.

My ‘dating’ experiences from 20-23 can be categorized into three categories.

a] Girls with whom I had sex on first or second date. b] Girls who blew me by the end of the second date c] All other girls who flaked, toyed, screwed around and wasted my time.

While category c] accounted for the majority of my experiences, and hence bitterness, they never materialized into sex. In many cases, there was significant flirtation and teasing, but no sex.

Once I realized this, my attitude towards girls who did not get down to their panties and blow me by the end of date two changed. While it might have cost me a few opportunities, the new opportunities that arose from ditching teasers more than made up for the theoretical loss.

I can think of only two girls, since 24, who did not blow me by the second date but still slept with me.

One was a reclusive female roommate with a very busy career. Our “relationship” began as a deal to masturbate each other when we were horny and lonely. It took a few weeks to progress to full-blown sex, but that might have been due to whole “roommate” situation.

The other involved a casual acquaintance who became my casual booty call for almost three years. Once again, our previous acquaintance retarded the speed of full-blown sex.

So in conclusion, if she does not get down to her panties and blow you by the end of the second date, dump her.

Moreover, 1-3 BJ (you) + heavy fingering (her) sessions make the transition to full blown sex far more easier.

Any comments?

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