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No Guilt: 1

June 20, 2010 11 comments

I have read posts by men, including PUAs, professing guilt for their actions. I have no guilt about my actions, and am aware that it is a marker of sociopathy. While I was not born this way, my behavior over the last 10 years lacks remorse or guilt.

The real question is : How can a person go from normal levels of remorse or guilt to a complete absence of either.

My answer revolves around lack of empathy being a central component of sociopathy. While some can be born without empathy, others can lose it as they grow up.

Looking back at my life, it is almost impossible to ignore that many on whom I depended or trusted let me down. While the feeling was initially restricted to those who did it or participated in it, it does tend to spread and color your perception of humanity.

There have been times in my life when I had almost no money or no physical companionship, and while many who knew about it and could have helped me- nobody did. In many cases, especially in regards to sex, it would not have cost them anything to do something nice for me.

But guess what.. nobody even tried to help or do something about it.

In many cases, these watchers were not in relationships or otherwise fending off hordes of suitors.

Now you might say- “not everyone is like that”. I have two words- “who cares?” It is your own experience that defines reality, and once others have broken their part of the social contract.. you have no obligation to either keep playing or respond in a proportional manner. While most people try to respond in a proportional manner, I see no reason to restrict myself to proportionality.

What you chose to do is limited by what you can get away with, not what you think is proportional.

It certainly does not help that the society we live in rewards sociopathy over cooperation and proportionality. While such a society cannot be stable or long-lasting, is that really my problem?

Good faith and cooperation beget themselves and more, but so does bad faith.

While bad faith is initially reciprocated with proportional bad faith, the response will often steadily go beyond proportionality. As I previously said, the ultimate bad faith response is only limited by what one can get away with.

All feelings of guilt are based on the belief that the person did not deserve it, but what if you believe that everyone deserves it. Under normal circumstances, feedback from “good” people blocks this thought pattern. But what if you never met such “good” people for prolonged periods of time?

The next part is now up- No Guilt: 2