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200 Dollars per Hour

June 21, 2010 4 comments

I had a good late-afternoon tryst today.. This is a picture from her website.

There is something to be said about a tight but slightly chubby behind working it- reverse cowgirl .

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2007 Oct Doppelganger

June 21, 2010 2 comments

I could not help but notice that a doppelganger of the girl mentioned in this article got the most views. 🙂

Ya, she has a very strong resemblance to POF Oct07. OK she had a bigger behind and chunkier calves, but otherwise a dead ringer. My selection of pictures is not random..

How many of you would do her?

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No Guilt: 3

June 21, 2010 5 comments

In a previous post, I mentioned that only social IOUs can stop people from acting in bad faith. This post will explain that concept in more detail.

Many people believe that “entitlements” are a bad idea, except when they receive them. I believe that no society can exist without entitlements, as nothing short of an absolute or functional guarantee of the basics can get people to play nice.

Violating this concept will always result in a dysfunctional, unstable or stagnant society under the best of conditions.

We forget that through almost all of human history, there were enough desperate/needy women who would trade sex for very small amounts of money/food/protection or just plain human contact. Even the poorest and most downtrodden men could get sex as long as they were willing to sleep with whores/older women or destitute women. Even ugly slaves did not lack for sex, as they could find women even more desperate than them. Sure.. STDs and pregnancy were an everpresent threat, but it took effort or living in a very screwed up culture to achieve any degree of celibacy.

Can you say the same thing about contemporary western culture?

Some of you might scoff at the idea of having sex with somebody who is lonely just to make them feel more human. Without being too specific, three women I slept with before 20 would fall into that category. In one case she felt bad for me, in another case we were both lonely and in the third I felt bad for her. While these were not relationships as commonly understood, it felt good and both parties knew what was expected.

The girl I took pity on had a pretty high libido but very mediocre looks, and you could tell from the look in her eyes after each time that she was very thankful for that human contact. I know what my actions did make her life a little more palatable. Was that an undesirable outcome? Similarly, the girl who took pity on me made many of my afternoons memorable and pleasant. The mutually horny girl knew that it would be never more than a physical release and cuddle, but she preferred to get it doggystyle than keep on waiting for mr. right to penetrate her.

OK there was another mutually horny girl (before 20) but in every case, the ‘rules of engagement’ were understood by the participants. In all cases, I knew the girls for years before I had sex with them.

So who lost and who won in these interactions? All I know is that every one of the participants enjoyed it.. and felt better afterwards.

It is not always about wining and losing. Sometimes it is just about cuming, touching, kissing, sucking, smacking, hair pulling and cuddling afterwards. Nobody talked about it afterwards..

Humans have needs, and it is fair to say that contemporary societies (especially western and japanese) are creating many deeply unhappy and unconnected people. If you do not believe me,you have never seen a non-clingy fat girls face light up after getting a good pounding (on her back, legs pushed up to her shoulders *S*).

But it can never happen in a society that pedestals women and discriminates against men.

No Guilt: 2

June 21, 2010 5 comments

Let me start the next part of this series with a question:

Why do stories about abused dogs elicit stronger emotional reactions than stories about abused cats, goats or sheep?

Your response is not related to the length of domestication of that species or their purpose.

It is related to their attitude towards you.

Guilt, remorse, regret, empathy are a form of social IOU notes. It is only possible to have certain feelings towards others if they have willingly done anything good for you.

You cannot cash an IOU that does not exist.

No amount of fear, terror, cleverness, scams, conditioning can maintain non-reciprocity over prolonged periods of time.

It is also the reason behind the collapse of every major empire in human history.

Think about it, all empires/states/societies/civilizations start to unravel when they try to cash IOU notes that were never issued. People will rally behind a fairly bad system IF they have benefited from to an extent that they want it to continue. A system loses legitimacy once, for whatever reasons, it cannot keep promises to its core majority but wants to cash its fictional IOUs.

In my previous articles, I had made a point.. often obliquely.

There were periods in my life where women acquaintances, who were single and not particularly in demand, could have slept with me.

Such an interaction could have been mutually beneficial, cost nothing to either party and would have made my life far more pleasant. But they chose not to, even though they knew that I was very lonely.

Many stupid charlatans (evo-pyschs) might point this as an example of evolution weeding out the unfit. My response is:

What makes you think that your future is secure?

Sure.. you can regurgitate the usual crap about social customs, evolution, conventions etc but does it not depend on me caring about your explanation.

How can you make me care about your explanation?

For those who still believe that they will win because of race, color or ‘IQ’- two words “try it”. See how far you can go.. it will end like this.

You cannot run on “air” without consequences, but “solid ground” requires a reasonably cohesive society.

Molecules in air has much less cohesion than those that make up the ground, and hence cannot hold an object that could be supported by ground.

The west was once on solid ground, but now it chooses to run across air and not look down. It has run out of solid ground.

Can you achieve social cohesion with real IOUs?

More in the next post of this series.