No Guilt: 2

Let me start the next part of this series with a question:

Why do stories about abused dogs elicit stronger emotional reactions than stories about abused cats, goats or sheep?

Your response is not related to the length of domestication of that species or their purpose.

It is related to their attitude towards you.

Guilt, remorse, regret, empathy are a form of social IOU notes. It is only possible to have certain feelings towards others if they have willingly done anything good for you.

You cannot cash an IOU that does not exist.

No amount of fear, terror, cleverness, scams, conditioning can maintain non-reciprocity over prolonged periods of time.

It is also the reason behind the collapse of every major empire in human history.

Think about it, all empires/states/societies/civilizations start to unravel when they try to cash IOU notes that were never issued. People will rally behind a fairly bad system IF they have benefited from to an extent that they want it to continue. A system loses legitimacy once, for whatever reasons, it cannot keep promises to its core majority but wants to cash its fictional IOUs.

In my previous articles, I had made a point.. often obliquely.

There were periods in my life where women acquaintances, who were single and not particularly in demand, could have slept with me.

Such an interaction could have been mutually beneficial, cost nothing to either party and would have made my life far more pleasant. But they chose not to, even though they knew that I was very lonely.

Many stupid charlatans (evo-pyschs) might point this as an example of evolution weeding out the unfit. My response is:

What makes you think that your future is secure?

Sure.. you can regurgitate the usual crap about social customs, evolution, conventions etc but does it not depend on me caring about your explanation.

How can you make me care about your explanation?

For those who still believe that they will win because of race, color or ‘IQ’- two words “try it”. See how far you can go.. it will end like this.

You cannot run on “air” without consequences, but “solid ground” requires a reasonably cohesive society.

Molecules in air has much less cohesion than those that make up the ground, and hence cannot hold an object that could be supported by ground.

The west was once on solid ground, but now it chooses to run across air and not look down. It has run out of solid ground.

Can you achieve social cohesion with real IOUs?

More in the next post of this series.

  1. Matt
    June 22, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    Why do stories about abused dogs elicit stronger emotional reactions?

    Dogs are pack animals, not herd animals. With humans, we are their pack leaders. We are responsible for them. Humans are also pack animals, we have our leaders and our followers. We have our responsibilities to others and they to us. Sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker, but the links are there. With humans, the responsibilities are often codified in laws & customs, but never doubt that they have much deeper roots in our beings.

    Someone who abuses dogs has denied their responsibilities to the animals and may very well deny the responsibilities to those around them.

  2. Albi
    June 28, 2010 at 7:04 am

    I find your posts intriguing and can relate to some of the things you say. With regards to the times in your past that you refer to, where these girls acquantences, just friends or close friends? And to what extent did you pursue them? I suppose what I’m really asking is, does it matter that they didn’t see things the way you did/do?

    Yes, it does matter. We rate people on how they treat us when we need them.

    It’s a numbers game after all. If they don’t want to play ball, f#ck ’em! Isn’t that right, or am I missing something here?

    I had money issues too.. so could not play the field to my desire.

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