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Self-Inflicted Problems: 1

June 22, 2010 25 comments

Most human problems are self-inflicted and this is true regardless of civilization, culture and race. This post concentrates on the self-inflicted problems of white men. Come on.. you knew that I was going to start there.

Self-inflicted problems are usually due to attitudes, beliefs and prejudices that have no basis in reality. It easy to identify such crap because it is often defended by sophism.

So lets start..

Eggs are more valuable than sperm. Some prominent white ‘thinker’ or ‘expert’ said so.

Ok.. First, stop believing people based on their qualifications because that is religion- not science.

Let us dissect this agreement, shall we. Eggs are more valuable than sperm only if fertile females of that species live in harems AND significant dual parental involvement is unnecessary. Applying that to humans is problematic because we fail both criteria. Even the most primitive or war-like tribes have a M-F ratio of about 1:1. Human children not only require two involved parents, but a host of surrogate part-time parents (grandparents, friends, etc).

We forget that sex has as much a role in reducing aggression and maintaining social cohesion as in reproduction. Do human beings have a defined mating season? If the main role of human sexuality was reproduction, we would have a defined rutting season with very little sex for the rest of the year. The lack of a defined mating season favors sex as a recreational activity, with babies as a byproduct and fits in with our understanding of substantial resources/ social stability needed to raise human children.

Pussy is more valuable than dick. Everyone says so..

People once burnt heretics for suggesting the possibility of intelligent ETs. People have been slaughtered for believing in the ‘wrong’ god. Educated white men believed that the devil possessed a formidable penis. All of this.. less than 400 years ago. Heck, few believed that the iPhone could get away with a touchscreen-only interface less than 4 years ago..

The assertion that pussy is more valuable than dick is not reflected in human history, and in most of human civilization today. How do you explain the fact that decent or better pussy is very cheap and easy to obtain in most countries (as long as you are discreet).

Growing up in a more socially conservative country, I never had any real problems getting ‘unpaid’ pussy (as long as it was done discreetly). I have some interesting stories of girls/ women seducing me 😉 AND in almost all cases it was about sex and intimacy (rather than committed relationships). Those memories just gave me an erection..

A girl who I did stuff with at 12 (she was 13) initiated the kissing and getting naked part. ‘R’ used to stalk me on her bike, finally seducing me in a particularly memorable way- for another time. Another one got me by asking my opinion first about her lingerie and then about her body.. Still another one made me join her in the shower- another story. Girls can be such perverts, if they want it. 😉 One of the gals I mentioned in a previous article (my pity booty call) was very matter of fact about her physical needs, and once I said yes.. things happened very quickly. 😀

The whole idea that women are born to very choosy about who they fuck is nonsense. As long as it is discreet and the risk of pregnancy/disease is low- most women are not particularly selective about who they fuck. White, and increasingly non-white women, in the west are the real outliers. Why?

Because for most non-pedestaled women, sex is also about pleasure, intimacy, human contact and physical release- in other words, what it should be. Sure.. they also use it to get money, richer men and power.. but most know that they cannot get far by being a cunt. However in a society that pedestals women, they know they can get away with anything they please.

In most non-western cultures women are openly appreciative of attention and more than willing to give sex to get attention, pleasure, some security and companionship. But their men do not pedestalize women, like white knights and manginas do in the west.

I am sorry to say this, but most white men are white knights and manginas.

More in the next post.