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Why Escorts are Better: 23 June, 2010

June 23, 2010 10 comments

My interactions with ‘normal’ women frequently remind me of why I use escorts.

Here are a couple of recent examples.

Example 1: A 28-year old assistant manager of a restaurant, which I visit infrequently. She is 5′ 6″, size 12, OK face, single.. and somewhat flirty with me. She did hint to the fact that she was lonely a couple of times, so I asked her out for a drink. Her reply- too many customers bother her and that is why she does not go out with them. Now remember that this place has a much older clientèle than many restaurants.

So here is the deal.. She is single, lonely and yet does not want to go out with a guy she is flirting with, inspite of her very average looks. What is she waiting for? magic? miracle? divine intervention?

I obliquely suggested that we could be discreet about things worked or failed. But she would rather be lonely and wait for the ‘right’ guy then get frequent poundings and a warm body to sleep next to.

Since asking her for a drink, I have fucked + been sucked by 2 escorts and got sucked multiple times by a third (BJ queen). Even the plainest of them would beat her in the looks category by a big margin.

So who lost?

Example 2: Had a nice chat and asked out a girl in her very late 20s who works in one the buildings around me. She is single, but is supposedly very busy and not sure if she has time for a relationship.

Obviously she believes in a ‘Deus ex Machina’ delivering the ‘perfect’ guy to her at the ‘right’ time. As I have said before, people should follow their chosen path as long as they are prepared to accept the logical consequences.

This was a few months ago, and I must have had over 20 unique escorts since then. I guess her rejection was not my loss.

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June 23, 2010 1 comment

A few of my memorable conversations, over the years, with women..

Context- I had met this girl a week or so ago at a pub + one visit to where she worked.(retail)

Me: So, you want to go for coffee/ drinks tomorrow?

Her: No, I am not interested in dating. I have a busy life right now… blah blah.

Me: Good to know, in any case the semi-homeless girl who blew me after I bought her a nice dinner on Tuesday was better looking than you.

Her: Shocked expression.

Me: Come on.. a 27 year old like you can never compete in the looks department with a 19 year old like her, inspite of what you would like to believe.

Her: That is so gross!

Me: Nonsense, she was shaved bald. Plus she gave really good head..

Her: I don’t know what to say..

Me: and I don’t care.. bye.

The next one gave in..

Context- She was an ex-fatty, who did flirt with me a few times before. I told her that her shirt made her look fatter than she was. She was upset and wanted me to apologize.

Me: No way, look I am trying to help you (and walked away)

I ignored her the next time she met. She comes up to me..

Her: Hey, I am sorry that I overreacted. You were right..

Me: You have a pretty face, but that style of shirts was making you look.. well uglier than necessary.

Her: Hey, you want to chat sometime.

Me: Sure, here is my phone number.. give me a call.

She did that evening, and after a few minutes of normal chat..

Me: Come over to my place and have a few drinks.

Her: I don’t know..

Me: You have seen me around town for almost 6 months.. nothing you do not want is going to happen to you.

Her: What do you want?

Me: Do you really want to know..

Her: Ok..

Me: Have a few drinks in the jacuzzi tub with you.

Her: I don’t have a bikini swimsuit..

Me: What you wear or don’t wear is your choice.

Her: OK.. I will come over but I cannot promise you about the jacuzzi tub part.

Me: Fine.. see you in an hour then.

Her: Ok sweety..

She did come to my apartment, things happened and she slept over that night. All that drinking, tub and sex was exhausting. It did lead to a good STR.

I have a lot more material, and will write it in upcoming posts.