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Bondage Barbie

June 26, 2010 3 comments

The right toy to start your daughters down the BDSM path..

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Cleverness is not Intelligence: 2

June 26, 2010 18 comments

Let me start with a provocative question.

Would the sudden death of every person (and their descendants) who attended an ivy league university, or their equivalent in other countries, affect the pace of innovation negatively.

Many idiots believe that these institutions are bastions of free thought, innovation and progress. However in reality they represent and propagate the opposite, and are bastions of the status quo.

These institutions are the famous seminaries of our age, indoctrinating clever and connected people in their version of theology.

The performance of their students on any test of “IQ” or any other measure of cleverness is inconsequential precisely because they are defending the status quo. Their purported support for innovation, free thought and occasional sponsorship of rising radicals is simply window-dressing to convince gullible people that they are not seminaries.

Consider this.. is the quality or content on instruction in these universities different from other universities? So what makes their students special?

Paradoxically, what makes the students of “famous” universities different from other is not intelligence or even cleverness, but CONFORMITY. The willingness to suppress your beliefs, please others, jump through hoops created by others and sucking up are crucial to admission and success in these universities.

These institutions are selecting and training complaint and zealous “defenders of the faith and status quo”. Many innovators who started at ivy league institutions dropped out or had started their own gigs and went away from the ivy league mainstream before they finished. Why?

Why would those who support (and defend) the status quo want innovation, progress or improvement. These cocksuckers have a certainty about their worldview that is religious in nature. They look at challenges or efforts to question the status quo in the same light as inquisitors and witch-burners looked upon heretics and “witches”. Their authority derives from maintaining the status quo.

And many idiots still believe that these people are the “best and brightest”. By that definition, the priests and monks in the dark ages were also the “best and brightest” but they did not innovate a lot.. did they?

The “success”, status and wealth of such people is based on connections, cartels and fraud. But many idiots conflate that with ability, and then blame those without such networks for being undeserving.

These people are neither innovators nor wealth producers, they are rentiers.

But do you know the difference, or should I say- Do you want to know the difference?