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Random Thoughts: June 28, 2010

June 28, 2010 2 comments

I cannot help but notice that the majority of those who answered my poll have not given even one moderately painful spanking to any woman they have been intimate with.

Seriously guys, what is wrong with you?

Look, I am not suggesting that every single woman is into this stuff. Nor am I suggesting that the spanking should be hard enough to cause bruises, indeed it should not be that hard.

However if you create the right mood and have the right attitude, a sizable minority of women want it again and again. When I first started doing this, the relatively high percentage of women who wanted it was surprising to me. The most bizarre part was many would request it or suggest it once they had gotten it a couple of times.

Just so that we are clear on this- the idea is to make her bare bottom sting badly, and feel sore and pink afterwards. No bruises, no welts, no blue-black discoloration and no blood. She should feel a little soreness for upto 12 hours after the spanking, and that is it. If you are reaching that level in 30 smacks, you are using too much force.

Remember to ramp up the intensity and force to a level where she is feeling it, but not scared of you. It is truly amazing to see an adult woman, across your lap and restrained by only one hand- kick, squirm and plead to stop rather than run away. The very fact that it takes so little persuasion to keep a woman across your lap even though she is feeling some pain, discomfort and embarrassment says volumes about its consensual nature.

It is important that you alternate smacking with serious finger action + rubbing her vulva. So 50-60 smacks, a few minutes of finger play (same position) and repeat till she can no longer take it. It is about pain AND pleasure.

Do this confidently and with command of the situation. Pay attention to her level of lubrication, swelling, warmth etc but do not let her dictate the proceedings. You are in control, not her.

Do not pay too much attention to her protests, because she can always push you away, pull up her panties and walk out of your place if she does not like it. But make sure that the stinging is not unbearable, especially at the beginning + finger/rub her if her bottom gets too sore too quickly.

Remember that you are playing her body like an instrument, and improvisation/ adjustment/ calibration is always necessary.

The whole thing should take 25-30 minutes (the spanking part takes about 10 minutes). The rest is fingering, rubbing, teasing her body.. Insert a well lubed and rubber covered finger or two in her asshole, especially towards the end of the session. It has to feel uncomfortable or unusual but basically safe.. There is something about painting her vulva, asshole, crack and inner thigh with a lubed medium-bristle toothbrush (remember she cannot see what is happening in that position and you are still holding one of her hands behind her back). The spanked area around them makes sensations more intense, or so I am told.

You are successful when she will say something along the lines of “this is so weird and fucked up.. but its feels so good”.

But be confident about what you are doing.. I cannot stress this enough!

Any comments?