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Another Poll: 29 June, 2010

June 29, 2010 4 comments

The inspiration for this poll is a technique that an older woman introduced me to when I was 22. Since then, many paid and ‘unpaid’ girls have satisfied my requests for it.

While I am no fan of having a woman use a sex toy on me, there is one exception. The feeling of a normal vibrator on my balls, taint and asshole when getting a blowjob drives me nuts. It takes most women a little practice to get it right but both the feeling and effects are amazing. More than a few girls have gotten sprayed with an unexpectedly robust volume and intensity.


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Cleverness is not Intelligence: 3

June 29, 2010 15 comments

It is somewhat funny to watch white men worry about the rise of ‘non-whites’ and in the same breath give a host of reasons on why ‘they’ will never win. I have a question-

Do the vast majority of people with supposedly ‘high IQ’ do anything original or useful for their “civilization” or “species”.

For all those white, and increasingly yellow and brown men, who gloat about their education and ‘test scores’.. what have you done in your life that justifies your pride in the scores of a few gerrymandered ‘tests’. The sad and unpalatable reality is that the vast majority of people, even those who are supposedly ‘high IQ’, will never do anything beyond steal, scam and lie to get more money.

Whether you do so by selling drugs, running “illegal” rackets or working in corporate law, practicing medicine or “managing”. You are all just scam artists, who have very marginal utility to continued human existence and progress.

The majority of your position in society is based on your luck and the willingness to continue shitting on others. It does not matter if your lucky break was an acquaintance in a housing project, neighborhood gangster or parents who went to harvard, princeton, wharton or any other “famous” university. It was a series of lucky breaks, not innate ability.

If you had real innate ability, it would have manifested itself through creating something new and at least semi-useful. But those who claim to be special due to their ‘high IQ’ are just rent seeking parasites whose major occupation in life is maintaining status quo.

You celebrate men like Leonardo da vinci, Michealangelo, Jules Verne, Mozart, Beethoven, Einstein, Schroedinger, Oppenheimer, Turing, Gauss, Fritz Haber, Wernher von Braun, Henry Ford, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, Steve Jobs, Sergey Brin but how many of you ‘high IQ’ types have ever done something similar to what they did? OK, maybe not that big.. but something? anything?

Your creativity and innovation is manifested through the creation of cartels, monopolies and stealing/ defrauding others. Yet you dare compare yourself with people who did something, just because they look like you.

If you want others to believe that you deserve your position in society because of your ‘high IQ’, do something that demonstrates your contribution to the endeavor. Nobody is stopping you, except yourself.

But you won’t do it because, in reality, you are incompetent. You are basking in the light of a few who can do it, rather like a minor asteroid is illuminated by the star it orbits. You may be made from the same stuff as that star, but you are a minor asteroid.

Deep down, you know that your contribution to civilization is no more than a ‘low IQ’ guy living in squalor.

So stop inventing new, and stupid, rationalizations for why you deserve it and that ‘other guy’ does not. Because that is what HBD and all that BS about ‘IQ’ is really about.