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Committed LTRs Are Not Worth The Effort

June 30, 2010 44 comments

A large percentage of men interested in ‘game’ are trying to use it to ultimately have a committed LTR with a woman. But is it even possible, let alone feasible?

My thoughts:

1] Any technique of obtaining sex quickly, by design, selects for women who will drop their panties quickly. You are selecting for easy lays, as opposed to those with some self-control . If you can easily charm their clothes off, so can another guy.

2] The best sex almost always occurs in the first few months of a relationship. It then starts becoming routine and increasingly boring, eventually becoming little more than masturbating inside a woman.

3] LTR ‘game’ is a waste of time. Why expend all that effort on keeping familiar and aging pussy happy? You could always spend the same amount of time on getting new pussy.

4] All the ‘game’ in the world cannot save you from the effects of job loss, unexpected physical illness, accidents or other stuff beyond your control. What will you do if your ‘investment’ is undone by something beyond your control? Do you have any insurance or recourse?

5] What will you do if the LTR leaves you, for someone else, inspite of your best efforts and ‘investment’? What recourse do you have? What about child support payments, the legal wrangling, custody battles.. and all this because you were trying to be a decent human being?

6] How often do most couples in LTRs fuck? Will you be ever woken with a spontaneous BJ or get one in the shower a few times a week? Sure.. you could ‘rekindle’ the relationship, but at what cost? and why should you have to pay more to get the same thing?

7] Women give the best years of their life to guys who use them as free cum dumpsters. Only after starting to age badly, do they begin their search for ‘mr. right’. Would you pay the new car price for one with 200,000 miles on it?

8] Why should you care about the future of civilization or your legacy? What has civilization done for you? Will your kids even keep in touch with you, let one take care of you?

9] Even if you do everything right, your LTR stays with you and the kids grow up OK… Where is the appreciation for your efforts and sacrifices? You see.. it is your ‘duty’ to take shit so that a condescending hag can pop out a few kids and tell you how lucky you are to be with her.

10] What is your reward for doing the ‘right thing’.. or should I say is there a reward for doing the ‘right thing’?

You could do the ‘right thing’ or live life to its fullest on your terms. Do you know how much good sex can be bought with the amount you spend on your LTR and progeny? Think about the bigger homes, bigger cars, sexless vacations, the yard work, the investments, the saving and scrimping… what will all of that get you? Look around you at all the desperate and unhappy men who are upholding and slaving for a system that treats them as expendable cogs. Want to join their ranks?

You did not choose to be born, but why let others decide how you live or die? Why give them that power when you are getting nothing better in return?

It is your passivity that give them power over your life.. Stand up for yourself, because nobody else will.

You may die in the worst case scenario, but everyone dies in the end.

Do you have anything to lose.. really?


White Knighting is Irrational

June 30, 2010 15 comments

One aspect of white male behavior that has always stumped me is the concept of ‘white knighting’ which manifests itself as ‘chivalry’.

Think about it rationally-

What exactly do you owe a woman who is neither you mother/grandmother nor has previously had sex with you?

What nice thing has she done for you? Will your deferential behavior oblige her to reciprocate? If not, why should you care about her welfare or safety?

In almost every civilization and culture in human history, women are obliged to reciprocate in well-understood ways.

Example 1: In most cultures, married women will often have sex even if they are ‘not into it’ at that moment. It is understood as an obligation to the guy in return for supporting her and the children.

Example 2: Once again, in most cultures women who are dating a guy are expected to put out even if they are “feeling unsexy”, because that is cost of keeping an otherwise decent guy around.

Example 3: Even if the relationship is not sexual, helping a women in most cultures obliges her to gratefully acknowledge it and make it up some other way.

So why do most men in western countries ‘white knight’ even though such behavior will almost never land them any pussy or even a heartfelt ‘thank you’. Why continue doing a thankless job without ‘pay’? You do not seriously believe in an afterlife, do you?

So what is it? and why are most white men so dense? Can you not see the obvious and act in a rational manner?

Whose censure do you fear? What will you not get if you stand up for yourself? Are you getting enough or any? What obligation do you have to a system that treats you as a disposable cog? Who cares about the future of human civilization once you are dead? Does it matter?

Who are you living for anyway- Yourself or to please others? and will pleasing make them give what you want? How has that worked out.. so far?