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Would You Hit it: Mesha Seville

July 30, 2010 3 comments

One gallery of a curvy cutie called Mesha Seville, and yes.. I would hit it again and again.

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A Future Mamma Mia?

July 30, 2010 1 comment

The long running musical “mamma mia” has the following story line.


Sophia Sheridan is 20 years old and lives with her mother Donna on an idyllic Greek island. She is about to be married and wishes for only one thing: that her father walk her down the aisle and give her away. The only problem is that she doesn’t know who her father is and her mother won’t discuss it with her. After she finds her mom’s diary from the year she was born, she invites three men who could possibly be that man. Sophie is convinced that she will know her father as soon as she sees him but soon realizes that she hasn’t a clue. Mayhem ensues when her mother is displeased and confused that the three are there, the men all think they’re the father and her fiancé is getting fed up with the whole mess.

mean while in real life.

Levi Johnston Ex Lanesia Garcia Pregnant: Bristol Palin Wedding Off?

Bristol Palin’s friends have told that she is heartbroken after finding out that her fiance Levi Johnston may have impregnated his ex-girlfriend, Lanesia Garcia. In fact, Bristol may be having second thoughts about going through with the wedding, although a Palin family representative said, “no official decision has been made.”Earlier in the week, the National Enquirer reported that Garcia was pregnant and she and Johnston were together when he was single last year. A source says that Johnston claims the baby isn’t his, but that, “Levi is one of three possible fathers who were with Lanesia during the probable week of conception.”

Quite an interesting example of a real life version of that musical?


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A Parody of Meaningless Wars

July 30, 2010 7 comments

While I believe that some problems require a good old-fashioned bloodbath (aka war) to solve them, most do not. However, we live in a society and world with endless wars on verbs, adjectives and nouns. While a significant quantity of resources and manpower is spent fighting such wars, the results are often “unexpected” and not encouraging. However the powers-to-be often keep on fighting these wars with scant evidence of successes and much self-inflicted misery, failure and deprivation.

We have had or have wars on drugs, poverty, obesity, terrorism, homelessness, rudeness.. you get the point.

Here is my attempt to parody the process and mentalities behind such meaningless wars. As some of you know I STRONGLY prefer women who have completely bald pussies. So I thought of a parody based on that pubic hairstyle choice.

War on Bald Pussy

Step 1: A ego-maniacal guy or girl who detests bald pussies for some shameful reason.

It is necessary that the initiators of the war be very religious even if the religion is secular, as opposed to traditional. The reason why they hate bald pussies is not important. Maybe the guy hates it because it reminds him that he is a closet gay fucking a woman instead of mans hairy asshole. The woman might hate it because she believes the women are shaving or waxing their pussies because of patriarchal oppression. Really.. it does not matter.

Step 2: The bald pussy hater gets into a prominent government or socially respectable position.

This part is easy as many fucked up zealots have strong sociopathic tendencies, allowing them to climb up in an organisation- irrespective of their real competence. They then set up a personal moral crusade against bald pussy, and all the “degeneracy it brings”.

Step 3: Gain public support through CONjobs.

Use a small real problem (say teen promiscuity) or a fake moral panic (teen girls are sending shots of their bald pussies to guys) to generate public outcries.. mostly from fellow control freaks.

Use the media and fake reports to generate a false sense of urgency. Appear on ‘reputable’ national media to explain why bald pussies are a grave moral problem that threatens the nation.

Step 4: Get fake research supporting a crackdown from ivy-league cocksuckers.

This part is very easy. A bunch of vain, unimaginative, delusional and authority worshiping cocksuckers can me made to provide real sounding fake research that supports anything. As long as the money, patronage and fame is flowing,- they will make up studies, data and research to say.. encourage people to cook and eat their kids to slow down aging.

Link bald pussy to sexual promiscuity.. puritans and cuntrol freaks like that.

Step 5: Cloak your intentions in national and racial pride. Don’t forget to appeal to security and status quo.

For example- “Bald pussy is evil because it is a Brazilian idea, and you know that those mixed-race people are stupid sex maniacs”. Never mind that the practice of going bald down there has been around in the west since at least the greeks and romans. Or mention that keeping a bald pussy is common in latin american countries (never mind the facts) and that imitating this aspect of their culture (screw the facts) would make us a third world country.

Another linkage “People in the middle-east make the women remove all pubic hair, so supporting it is treasonous and un-american and exploitative of women” An alternative “Only people of that savage religion make women remove pubic hair, and they worship the devil instead of christians, who worship the one true god”.

Step 6: Get more academic support.

Deny grants to those who refuse your crusade against bald pussies. Make sure that people in every field from economics and philosophy to medicine and basic science provide some more material to support your crusade. Destroy the careers of those who oppose you.

Create studies that having a bald pussy is linked to lower IQ. Now you will have a new bunch of supporters, whose only achievement in life was getting a high score on a rigged test. They will ensure that the topic will be discussed and analysed ad nauseam on HBD forums and blogs.

Step 7: The law-and-order scam

Pass laws against having a bald pussy. Define how bald a pussy has to be to initiate prosecution. Create law enforcement jobs to enforce them, and thus start a self-sustaining cycle of idiocy.

Have people check for bald pussies. Tell them that their refusal to comply is evidence of the guilt and supports for the bad guys. Stop the legal production of hair removal products and create systems to dispense hair removal products for other purposes. This will inevitable create a black market- which is a gold mine for law enforcement (never mind how many innocent lives it ends up destroying).

Prosecute professional pubic hair removers, raid and kill innocent and often mistaken people.. and appear on the media as saviors of the country from the scourge of bald pussies.

Step 8: Create a legal double standard.

Since many richer women might still want to have bald pussies, create a series of legal work-around so that such violation is either ignored or lightly punished (maybe with a spanking instead of a jail term and criminal record). This should also stimulate the economy by creating a demand for pubic wigs.

Step 9: Crackdown on bald pussy paraphernalia.

Since having a bald pussy is an impetus to wearing thongs and g-strings, crack down on the production and sale of those scandalous panties. “If you have nothing to hide- you should not be afraid”. Link those undergarments to sexual promiscuity.

Popularize the notion that G-strings and thongs are gateways to having a bald pussy. Also make random panty and pussy checks a prerequisite for employment in many fields.

Step 10: Spread the righteousness of an unshorn pussy into neighboring countries.

Preferably those that are bases for smuggling material, people and paraphernalia for maintaining bald pussies. Don’t worry if your actions result in multiple civil wars, slaughters and military regimes- after all those people are non-white… right? Now you have a real endless war on bald pussies.

Don’t forget to create an agency and czar to keep the war on bald pussies alive. Also pass laws that give such agencies legal powers that would scandalized the NKVD in the Stalin era (at least they were honest about the true nature of their authority).

Step 11: Appear to do important things and spin abject failure as success.

Create reports, surround yourselves in flags during press conferences, show people pictures and video of your shock troops killing “criminals”. Always skirt questions about why the war on bald pussies has failed to have any significant effect of the incidence of bald pussies.

Keep on doing this till you run out of money and public faith in the system. Never mind that you have trashed many societies, killed/ imprisoned millions and ultimately destroyed popular faith in the system.


Freebies from Escorts: Possibilities and Pitfalls

July 30, 2010 5 comments

The following post deals with an issue that I prefer to not talk about, but should be understood by those who use escorts.

Almost every guy who has contemplated using or has used escorts must have wondered:

Do they give freebies?

The answer is complicated, and it is important that you read and understand ALL of the issues surrounding such possibilities. Having said that, the answer is-

Yes, BUT…

The first thing you have to keep in mind is-

An escort who does not take money from you occasionally or frequently is no longer “just an escort”.

Do you really want that? Think about it, very carefully, before you go down that route with any escort.

The next thing to consider is that such connections are infrequent and uncommon.

You can safely assume that over 90% of the escorts, you ‘see’, will not offer you freebies- EVER.

So what conditions favor you getting freebies?

Your Age (20-50)
Your Looks (better than average)
Attitude (No Clinging, Domineering but not Intimidating)
Her Age (Early 20s or Early 30s)
Her Occupation (The chances of freebies increase a lot if she is a part-timer/ weekender type)
Duration of Acquaintance (a few times)

One nugget of wisdom.

Never take freebies from an East-Asian escort (foreign-born or otherwise), no ifs or no buts. There is a reason behind this statement, but it fairly unpleasant and politically incorrect- something to do with being more greedy and manipulative than any other ethnic group.

How does the whole freebie “business” begins?

Irrespective of the escort, it always follows a familiar pattern. Initially, you will find that you ‘connect’ with some escorts much better than others. This is especially the case if they are part-timers and young.

The average clientèle of escorts is a chivalrous, middle-aged or older men who will treat them like a princess and is happy to have sex with them AND on their terms. Someone like me- much younger, better shape, looks and who treats them like naughty girls is rare. Don’t be a total asshole, as it will work against you.

But be a smartass and don’t play by all their rules. But for you own sake, always use condoms for penetrative sex. Remember they are escorts, and more fundamentally women, so trusting them is not in your best interest.

It is necessary that you be very blunt about the nature of the relationship- from day one.

You are fucking her for ‘free’ or reduced rates because she likes hanging out with you. You are not her BF, lover or potential husband and never will be.. ever.

Having said that, some of my nicest interactions with girls have been with escorts who grew to like me. I will post some stories about them in a future post. Ironically, because you are not afraid of pissing each other off- you grow to accept the person as they are AND you are not afraid to be what you are.

Moreover, there are far fewer taboos between her and you- sexual or otherwise.

Important: If they ever ask you for money after being in a unpaid situation, RUN away. It is always a con, no ifs and buts.

Do you want me to write more about this topic? Let me know..

But understand this well-

What you should be aiming for is a hot fuck-buddy type situation. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT look at this as a way of getting into relationships of ANY kind.

Having said that, it is very enjoyable if things work. I have many stories.. but then again, I have paid for over 400 women in my life. It is a numbers game.


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Modern Women are Crappy Sexbots

July 29, 2010 23 comments

Let me suggest a somewhat unusual idea:

Modern women are crappy sexbots.

Your first reaction might be- no way. But as I will show you in the rest of this post, that is precisely what they have become. The transformation of women from multi-utility objects to crappy sexbots is one of most poorly studied phenomena of our time.

Let us first define a sexbot: A hardware+software solution whose main, and usually only purpose, is to provide satisfactory sexual release- preferably on command. Note that this definition is meant to describe an ideal sexbot, not a crappy malfunctional piece of shit.

In earlier eras, women had utility beyond sex. They used to cook, clean, take care of kids, run the household and even work outside the house. In short, they were more than sexbots.

However mechanization, automation combined with price deflation of many of previously crucial services that women provided have considerably reduced their utility beyond sex and kids. Moreover, unlike previous eras kids can no longer be counted on to support you in your later years.

Do you really require a woman to cook, assuming she can? Look at the plethora of pre- and semi- prepared stuff on you supermarket shelves. Is a mexican maid not a cheaper and better substitute to a modern woman, as far as cleaning is concerned? You could outsource running your household to a properly vetted worker in India, or do so with websites/ apps on your computer or smartphone.

In previous eras, men could also count the majority of women supporting them and standing behind their endeavors. While that support was due to lack of options, than any real emotional link- it was certainly better than the random and unpredictable backstabbing so many modern men experience.

So, what is the only remaining utility of women?

Providing sex is now the ONLY remaining utility of women.

However, unpaid women are inferior providers of sex. Not only do they age of out their looks much faster than men, but their level of service leaves much to be desired. They are enthusiastic, though somewhat erratic, providers of the above mentioned service to only a small percentage of men. As far, as most men are concerned- they provide poor, irregular and infrequent sexual service often accompanied by a lot of attitude. The total cost (TCO) of their sexual services is also much higher than purchasing the same services from younger, enthusiastic, hotter and nicer paid company.

Therefore my conclusion is that modern women are crappy sexbots, whose near monopoly rests on FUD and support of some delusional and power-hungry men.

There is no need or reason to put up with crappy sexbots when cheaper, better and safer ones (escorts) are available.

While it will be necessary to increase the number of such sexbots to truly replace the need for inferior ones, it is a problem of logistics not feasibility. Some of you might wonder about the fate of inferior sexbots with no other purpose or use other than sex. Once again, it is a problem of logistics that could easily be solved by building more incinerators to handle biological waste. I might add that there is precedence and existing literature on such methods.

The morality of certain methods of bio-waste disposal might trouble some, but what if the positions were reversed. Indeed, many feminists and other “sensible” women routinely mention that they would not mind if 90% of the men died. In their eyes, most men are only sperm donors or sucker slaves whose sole purpose for existence is to keep women happy.

So why should you care?


PS- I am tempted to include an appropriate picture of incinerators processing bio-waste in this post, but have decided otherwise. It is desirable to not attract too much attention- at this stage of the idea.

The Dark Side: 5

July 28, 2010 43 comments

I have chronicled my move towards the dark side in previous parts of this series, and some other posts. This one is devoted to the tastes, or lack thereof, of women who rejected me.

Some of you might still be under the impression that women who rejected me over the years had better options or higher standards. So read on..

Note- All the women I talk about below were 4s, 5s and low 6s. Not a single one of those described below was a high 6, let alone a 7. In every single case the women, by their own admission, did not stop having sex with that guy. In most cases, they had either recently dated the guy in question or were still occasionally seeing him.

1] Guy pissed in girls mouth while she was blowing him, and then proceeded to piss on her face.

2] Guy pissed in closet of her parent’s house- in front of her parents.

3] Guy had extensive scarring from third degree burns + lived on welfare.

4] Guy who knocked her up later, was homeless.

5] Guy broke into her house after an argument and destroyed her furniture, TV etc (a few).

6] Guy had a kid with another woman, cheated on her and forgot to pick her parents at the airport.

7] Guy had cerebral palsy but normal intelligence.

8] Guy could not get it up more than once every two days.

9] Guy cheated on her, or was cheating on her (very common).

10] Guy had told her that there was no future in their relationship (a few).

11] Guy had a serious criminal record (a few).

12] Guy had ODed and almost died on more than one occasion + had shitty job (a few).

13] Guy had serious gambling addiction (more than a few).

14] Guy was in jail.

15] Guy had deserted her after a brief affair and impregnation (a few).

16] Guy ‘liked’ young children- if you get the drift (two).

17] Guy was a bland 30-something guy, especially if the girl was non-white (many).

18] Husband was no longer sexually interested in her (a few).

19] Guy had borderline mental retardation but good-looking.

20] Guy never had a real job in his life- above minimum wage (a few).

Yes, my patient readers, these are the men who plain women chose to have sex with- over me. To say that this pissed me off during my dry spells, from 20-24, is a gross understatement.

Comments? and feel free to add your own stories.

PS: As you can probably infer from the above, my ability to open a conversation and chat up women was always pretty good. Plus, I was never shy, or apologetic, about my intentions.

There are No “Good” Girls

July 28, 2010 8 comments

Belief in the existence of a “good” girl is one of the worst delusions that a man can suffer from. Yes, you heard that right.

There are no “good” girls.

If you have ever seen the first matrix movie, there is a scene where a young boy in the waiting room of the “oracle” tells a pre-actualization Neo that there is no spoon.

Do not try to bend the spoon — that’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth: there is no spoon.

Here is the relevant clip.

I will write more about the reasons “good” girls cannot exist, nor are desirable, in a future post. But remember this- once you acknowledge that reality, you are less susceptible to manipulation by women.


Price Discovery and Sex

July 28, 2010 11 comments

I often use concepts such as dollars/cum or dollars/minute of penetration (or stimulation). While many readers find them funny and somewhat unique, it is a travesty that these concepts are not considered more frequently.

Because, face it, in the world we live in- the only positive contact in a personal relationship between a man and woman is sex. Just as women no longer require men as providers and defenders, men no longer require them for purposes other than sex.

The time you spend with a woman beyond that required for sex is actually quite unpleasant, as many men in LTRs will attest.

Some men talk about game in LTRs.

But realistically, why should a rational human being put so much effort and suffer so much for the non-sexual part of a womans company? and an aging average woman at that. Many of you want to find a “good woman” to have good sex with and enjoy the non-sexual part of her company.

But is that possible?

Ever seen that in real life? Yes, there are exceptions.. but is it the rule? and more pertinently- can it become the rule?

In the average LTR your non-sexual time together is spent on fun activities such as-

1] Nagging (more money, bigger house, newer furniture, new dresses, more fancy vacations, ‘bad’ friends.. did I mention MONEY)

2] Playing stupid mind games (you may see them as ‘shit’ tests, I simply do not care)

3] Spending your money (on stuff that has no utility for you)

4] Finding creative ways to deny/ ration sex (and many of you play along)

5] Attempts to shame you (not man enough)

6] Attempts to CON you (oops pregnancy, cuckolding)

So where is that mythical pleasant “us time” you so desperately seek? where is it? seriously, where is it?

The alternative is a free market solution, albeit one that CONservatives abhor- Price Discovery for Sex.

Wikipedia defines the price discovery process thus:

The price discovery process is the process of determining the price of an asset (or service) in the marketplace through the interactions of buyers and sellers. Price discovery is different from valuation. Price discovery process involves buyers and sellers arriving at a transaction price for a specific item at a given time.

It involves the following:

Buyers and seller (number, size, location, and valuation perceptions)
Market mechanism (bidding and settlement process, liquidity)
Available information (amount, timeliness, significance and reliability) including
futures and other related markets
Risk management choices.

In a dynamic market, the price discovery takes place continuously. The price will sometimes fall below the duration average and sometimes exceed the average as a result of the noise due to uncertainties.

In the world we live in, only legal and safe prostitution can help us arrive at an appropriate dynamic price for sex. Best of all, it is a ‘free market’ mechanism and therefore theoretically acceptable to conservatives.

Having said that, the ‘invisible hand of the marketplace’ might be more obvious than usual. It could be busy rubbing your balls and taint, while your dick is in the skilled mouth of an enthusiastic HB7 hottie. I have felt the invisible hand of price discovery many times, including three times on Monday (not the Sunday girl).


Intra-Group Fratricide and the 80-40 ratio

July 27, 2010 13 comments

One the most infamous piece of pop-research quoted on a number of blogs and books involves the ’80-40′ issue, such as here.

The contention is that:

While 80% of women left offspring, only 40% of men did so.

This scrap of “research” is supposed to justify the “way the world is”- aka white man fatalism. We are supposed to believe this “research” because it based on “DNA studies” and statistics by clever “ivy league educated” shysters. While I will dissect the scientific aspects of that “seminal” turd in another post, this one is dedicated one of the issues ignored by ’80-40’ers.

The nature and effects of fratricide on any 80-40 scenario.

For the uninitiated, wikipedia defines fratricide as-

Fratricide (from the Latin word frater, meaning: “brother” and cide meaning to kill) is the act of a person killing his or her brother. According to the Bible and the Qur’an, fratricide was the first type of murder committed in human history.

I would add that fratricide, and killing close blood-relatives, is also a driving force in Indian Epics such as the Mahabharat. So why would fratricide- either blood brother, half-brother or cousins be so widespread and common, even in ancient times?

What were they fighting over?

Could they be fighting over women, and what does this have to do with the 80-40 ratio? The answer is a bit complicated, but is linked to a combination of two peculiar and unique aspect of human beings.

1] Human beings are almost unique amongst animals in actively and deliberately killing siblings past infancy. Lions, wolves and your favorite pack animal examples for ‘alpha, beta and omega’ do not do that- either at all or at the level seen in human beings.

2] Humans use tools and other extensions of the mind, including stealth and treachery to kill other humans. Strength is material in only face-to-face military style conflicts, not murders.

Combine that with human horniness, the necessity to maintain a functional group and the lack of external law-and-order. Is it just me or do you also see the problem with achieving a 80-40 ratio?

Simply put, if only 40% of men got laid- they would have big targets on their heads + the tribe/group would become non-functional. Nobody can look out for every act of treachery and murderous intention, every single minute of every day. It makes the whole enterprise of surviving unworkable.

Now this does not imply that women lack hypergamous tendencies.

I am simply suggesting that even with their hypergamous tendencies, not sleeping with 60% of men would also have made them and their kids targets for retribution. While it is certainly possible that some men left more kids than others, it is unlikely that access to sex was a big issue through most of human history.

A more realistic model of human hunter-gatherer societies, and even most agricultural societies, would therefore have almost all men getting laid with some men having (and leaving behind) more kids than others. While cheating, cuckoldry and affairs have likely always been a part of the human condition, not getting laid is a fairly modern development.

This development has been facilitated by feminism, ‘white knights’, the law-and-order industry and a lot of spineless married men. It is a foregone conclusion that this recent development will have severe and lasting repercussions.


Update: July 25, 2010

July 25, 2010 9 comments

As I mentioned in a previous post, I did see that escort in the late morning and had a good session.

The session was quite satisfying, and was able to get my two shots in the hour. I went for her because, well, I had an urge to give a solid fucking to a toned but curvy girl with a solid booty- either black or hispanic with a significant black ancestry. Her BJ technique was very good and enthusiastic, which was an added bonus. The main act did not disappoint either, and at the risk of stereotyping- black or hispanic girls do outperform other groups when it comes to fucking, riding and grinding . Of course, we are talking about non-obese gals who are in great shape.

So in the last 5 odd weeks, I had 3 gals (2 repeats and one new). While one of the repeats (toned italian filly) was a one session deal, my favorite semi-pro gave me a total of 5 sessions (2 free, 2 full price and one sorta half price). Between these 2 repeat gals and the new black girl, it adds to three gals. While this is less variety than Jan to mid-March, when I went through 16 different paid gals in about 10 weeks, the amount of fucking is roughly constant.

So I paid 200 + 150 + 150 + free+ 80 + free + 200= 780 for 2+ 3+ 4+ 3+ 4 + 4 + 2= 22 cums (the 3 and 4 per sessions were extra long sessions). That works out to 36 dollars per cum, which considering that each BJ and or fuck was a minimum of 20 minutes, was an OK deal. Every single girl was a minimum 7 in looks, and the sex occurred at a time and place of my convenience.

Without being too callous, how easy would it be for most guys to get that amount of sex with 7s under those terms with that amount of money without BS or flaking?

There are a couple of outdoor festivals in the city I live in. Looking at the females in the audience, the degree of ugliness amazes me. Don’t get me wrong, you can still see some young hotties in really skimpy clothing (1 in 15-20 girls). But how realistic is it for me, to be able to get them to suck/fuck me on my terms?

There is game and then there is my redhead semi-pro who drains me 3-4 times per 1.5/2 hr session and refuses to take money for almost every other session. Sure, she is no 8 (think a low 7) with a little tummy. That girl knows how to blow guys and, yes, finger them. She is competent cowgirl herself and can take a very decent pounding. Maybe I should see her again in the next couple of days.

The funny thing is that many semi-pros you develop a working relationship with are less expensive than ‘unpaid gals’. The current redhead semi-pro gave me 18 toe curling cums for 380.. Do the math yourself.


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Monotheism Leads to Misandry

July 25, 2010 15 comments

So here is my claim:

Monotheism leads to misandry, and the degree of monotheism is directly proportional to the amount of misandry.

Many CONservative and aging white men decry the waning of religion in the west, and credit Christianity with allowing western civilization to develop. However their rationalizations are so convoluted and full of delusions, that I do not have any intention of answering them in this post- maybe another one in the future.

So why would monotheism lead to misandry? The reasons are obvious, but I bet most of you never even considered what I will say next.

All monotheistic religions from christianity to environmentalism and even capitalism require a few structures and modes of organization that almost guarantee misanadry or shoddy treatment of men vis-a-vis women.

1] They require a church of some kind, some writings who nobody can question and methods to prosecute the ‘unbeliever’ in the ‘true word’.

Most of you might realize that any system which spends a lot of time justifying its existence and operations requires uncritical and easily led followers, as opposed to free thinkers. Any guesses on which gender is more predisposed to being uncritical followers and which one is more predisposed to free thinking?

2] Monotheistic religions, both traditional and secular, have to spend a lot of their efforts on waging war against the unbelievers.

Once again.. wars require disposable foot-soldiers and baby-making machines, and baby-making machines are always more important to the priests and leaders of such religions than foot-soldiers.

Even secular monotheistic faiths such as capitalism and environmentalism require compliant foot soldiers who will piss on people below them and fight the unbelievers so that they can obtain a few scraps as reward for their compliance.

3] Monotheistic religions blame misfortune on personal failings to induce guilt and compliance in their followers

From christianity, capitalism to environmentalism- monotheistic faiths always blame the victim. According your them your failures were due to personal shortcomings, ‘personality defects’ and ‘sins’. They actively deny the role of chance and probability, and try to portray events as designed rather than occurring through chance.

Consider this.. if your wife is screwing around, it is “because you were not man enough”,” did not make enough money”, “were not a good provider” etc. But most married women who screw around do so with men who make less and are often less conventionally successful than their husbands.

4] They all deliberately create an underclass, as a warning to those who would defy them.

Religions such as christianity, capitalism and environmentalism have to create an underclass of people to merely exist. Unless they can convince most people that noncompliance has bad consequences in this life, they might get an increasing numbers of unbelievers with each year.

They do so via various laws, procedures and organizations. Think about it- isn’t your FICO score a lot like an inquisitors file on your misdeeds and compliance. Isn’t being shunned as environmentally unfriendly not dissimilar to being labelled as ‘sinful’. I can give you many more examples, if you want them.

5] They all promise true believers rewards, which can only be redeemed in the distant future or after death.

Think about it- What does a good religious man get in this life? Can they guarantee the quality of your afterlife and legacy- never mind whether they exist or matter? What does a good drone who cheers for capitalism get? The promise of wealth and money when you can no longer enjoy it- if the ponzi scheme does not collapse by then. What does a good environmentally minded guy get? Peace and harmony on earth- and how exactly will you will be enjoying that?

Now go back to believing in the monotheistic faith of your choice. You know you like it, don’t you? Many of you will never realize that christianity, capitalism, conservatism and libertarianism are just as misandric as communism, socialism and feminism.

Remember that the reason they are misandric is structural, not ideological.


Ever Wondered? July 25, 2010

July 24, 2010 8 comments

Most people go through life acting in a standard and socially acceptable manner. But doing so is not only unprofitable, but a net loss.

As I have said in many previous posts, you should do what is in your best interests and show no mercy or compassion to those who intentionally try to hurt or obstruct your path. Lets face it- as long as your path does not include enslavement and genocide of people who have not previously hurt you, you are fully justified in taking any and every action to further your desires.

As I sit here typing this, it is hard to not wonder if sleeping with me would have hurt any of the girls I bumped into/ interacted with today. Of course, I have already booked my session for late-morning tomorrow- so fucking a hot woman this week is assured. But it does raise an important question..

What thought processes allowed the girls, I interacted with today, to decide against sleeping with me?

If you think about it- most were below average, average or just above average. Infact, the one girl who was flirting back at me was a slim and toned cutie.

Where does the desire to not sleep with a guy who is better than you come from?

Sure, you can trot out all the ‘alpha’, ‘beta’ crap, talk about evo-pysch or female hypergamy. But at the end of the day we are still left with a peculiar dilemma.

How did human civilization ever develop?

You might think that this question has very little to do with access to sex, but think about it.. civilization arose from male cooperation. But male cooperation can never arise in any situation where the inter-group competition for sex is such that it creates clear winners or losers.

Even a hunter-gatherer tribe in any environment other than a proverbial eden would have to contend with the same problem. How do you stop male inter-group rivalry from destabilizing the group. This is not a trivial problem.

Wolves, lions and chimpanzees do not kill each other with tools, unlike even the most primitive of humans.

Do you seriously believe that the sexual dynamics seen in western societies would have allowed the development of even the simplest civilization? The world we live in, paradoxically, allows conditions that would have stopped it from being created in the first place.

Of course, it won’t end nicely- will it? In any case, should take a nice rest to ensure that I am in a optimal mood to fuck the crap out of my appointment tomorrow. In case you were wondering, she is a young, curvy but toned black girl. I have a serious urge to do a firmly built but non-fat girl with a nice booty. She is somewhat new to the business and her reviews look promising.


Miguela at MetArt: July 24, 2010

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Looks good on a rattan chair, doesn’t she?

Update- I can see that she is becoming quite popular- based on your views.

and here is another..

Oxana aka Miguela from Errotica Archives

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Why I Don’t Date Women of My Race

July 24, 2010 24 comments

One of the most frequent rhetorical questions I get in real life, and online, is:

Why don’t you stick to dating women of your race?

My answer always is:

Why should I? Do you restrict yourself to fucking women of your own race?

PS- Dating is for suckers, I prefer to fuck and chuck.

The implication that a non-white guy should not fuck “our” precious white princesses, exposes an interesting double standard. Why is the white boyfriend of almost every asian girl- obese, nerdy or old?

Having said that, I do actively avoid women of my race- whatever that is.

The reasons are listed below. Note that these reasons are far less of an issue in that country. Indeed, many girls I grew up with had much nicer attitudes than the crap I see here.

Parental Interference

This is an interesting one. In the country I grew up in, parental interference in the urban upper middle-class was not a biggie. Sure there were anal-retentive and traditional parents, but lots of shit happened behind their backs and many just looked the other way. As long as your kid did not knock up a girl, or did not get knocked up- nobody talked a lot about it. Furthermore, the ready availability, acceptability and access to abortion made that eventuality a minor issue. Plus the ease of getting condoms and birth-control pills without prescription allowed parents to pretend their kids were innocent.

It allowed them to ignore the possibility that their precious princess was riding a guy at his home when she was supposed to be meeting her GFs for shopping. Or that their shy daughter was gobbling her BFs cock and playing with his balls when they were supposed to be working on a school project. 🙂

However once they are in western countries, people from certain countries develop a fondness for their mythical culture and make up crap to justify their fucked up behavior. These delusions often pass on to their kids, who start believing that people in that culture are asexual. They mistake a lack of public display of affection for lack of action in private. It certainly does not help that they end up meeting a lot of shy nerds from that country who come to study in the west- and based their opinions about the rest on them.

Parental attitudes, pressures, previous psychological damage and other assorted BS is the single biggest reason I avoid them. I prefer to fuck and sleep with women- not their parents, relatives and family friends.

White Woman Attitudes

Many girls who grow up in the west imitate the attitudes of white women towards guys. Even those who come here will often become like them after a few years.

This factor creates two subtypes of problems:

1] They start disliking who they are as human beings. They become so hung up on being seen as white, that they forget that men want a nice looking and pleasant girl, not a bitch spouting the latest feminist crap. Their ratings for men are also colored by that attitude and while they do not reach the pathetic depths of east-asian women, they want a guy who looks like them to have much more stuff before putting out than an equivalent white guy.

The worse part is even if they end up with you, they never fail to remind you that you are either “trying to be white” or “being too traditional”. So why should a guy take that shit? What has he done to deserve such miserable cunts?

2] They also imitate the bitchiness and attitudes that come with western white women, so far as to exceed them. In addition they nag about money to an extent only east-asian women are supposedly capable of. And all this BS for a piece of ass that will age and fall apart just like any other?

Poor Value for Money

All of these ‘well-educated’ cunts want guys with lots of money, but if you are not white- they suddenly act conservative. They try to ration crappy, unenthusiastic sex and try to shame/guilt-trip you into accepting it.

Paradoxically, girls who live in that country are grateful for attention from any non-dorky guy. While they may pretend to be naive and circumspect, once the action starts they are as perverted as any other. While the older generation of carbohydrate addicted, fat and surly women often just lay there.. many of the newer generation are very active participants- I know that for a fact.

For all their purported shyness, women in that country are quite aggressive once you have slept with them. I will write about that in a future post 😉 Of course, once they are married.. it is downhill from there. Having said that, I am personally aware of couples married for a long time, where the wife took an active part in initiating things (won’t say who for obvious reasons.. LOL).

Why go for such a bad deal? Would you?


Irena from Femjoy: July 24, 2010

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‘Irena’ from Femjoy aka ‘Laetitia A’ from MetArt.

Enjoy the bike ride.

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