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Crises of Capitalism

A surprisingly well done animated talk. You may not agree with the guy’s background, but he is far less dishonest than the shysters you see on Bloomberg and CNBC.

Why Not? July 1, 2010

July 1, 2010 2 comments

I recently put up a poll on my blog about girls using a vibrator on you balls, taint and asshole while giving you a BJ. Not surprisingly, most men had either never had it, or never had it and thought it was too faggy.

My question is: Why did you never ask a woman to do that to you?

Almost every woman has a functional vibrator of some type. So why did you, or her, never consider using it to make the BJs more toe-curling and explosive? and believe me.. with a little practice and calibration, the results are both explosive and messy.

Hint- Get her to start with minimum power on the balls and ramp up till you get a very peculiar but pleasant sensation in the balls. Putting the vibe tip just behind and under the ballsack works well. Once in place it will fit in a fold between the ballsack and taint. Using it on the asshole requires cycles of low and high power. But remember that even an average BJ with simultaneous continuous stimulation of the ballsack + asshole will make you lose it in less than 10 minutes, even if you have experienced it before. So stop-and-start is preferable to nonstop stimulation, especially if you want to last over 15 minutes.

I distinctly remembered the first time I got it.. from a woman 20 years older than me (22, 42). While she was not too shabby, the vibe converted a skilled BJ into a very intense and draining experience.

When she initially started working on me, I expected a good BJ but was not sure about her looks and face (she was 42). Within of a few minutes of her beginning the vibe treatment on me, I was in a different dimension. Towards the end of that session, the vibe was next to my balls with the tip barely inside the asshole. I came with an intensity and force that was unprecedented.

OK, she was orally skilled, but I would have never believed that a woman who looked ‘mature’ could make me cum like that.. till I experienced it.

As I have previously mentioned, many ‘unpaid’ and ‘paid’ girls have given me that treatment on request. However they all say the same thing, most men never ask for it… So guys.. why not? It is not as if she is putting a finger or two up there (which can give you an unusually strong orgasm if she is skilled).

Once a gal figures out the right setting and amount of teasing for each part, you can get reproducible ball-draining orgasms even if her BJ skills are only average. If she is better than average, the intensity is such that you will worry about shooting out your insides along with the cum.

I have yet to meet a guy for whom the sensation was worse than a plain BJ.

What do you have to lose? The most penetration you will get is her holding the vibe tip against your pucker. That is all…

Types of Libertarians

July 1, 2010 4 comments

A series of funny, if somewhat exaggerated, caricatures of libertarians. Enjoy!

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