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The Problem with PUA Advice: 5

July 2, 2010 6 comments

One of the unspoken fundamental assumptions of PUA advice is that a mans life is “meaningless” or “unsuccessful” if women don’t want to have ‘unpaid’ sex with him.

So here is a question:

What aspect of a womans willingness to have ‘unpaid’ sex makes it so meaningful?

It is the “having sex” part that makes everything else attached to it meaningful. So why keep on trying for ‘unpaid’ sex while denying yourself good sex.

Let me put it in another way.

How many of you will have sex with over 1,000 different women, all of whom are above average in looks?

Unless you are a famous guy or a very lucky PUA, it is unlikely you will ever reach 4 digits.

But if you are willing to buy sex… almost any guy with a decent job can suddenly bang over 1,000 different women in his life.

Think about it..

50 * 20 = 1,000

There are 52 weeks in a year..

Let’s say each woman costs you about 200$/hr.. Heck make that 300$/hr.. who cares?

Note- It is cheaper outside anglo-saxon countries.

Now even at 300$/hr, 1,000 women = 300 k, the price of a decent house in the suburbs in many parts of north america (principal + interest)

300k/ 20 = 15k/yr. So you could bang a different woman every week for the next 20 years with the same amount that will buy you a decent house. Think about it.. a different, and better than average, woman to suck your dick properly + ride you like a crazed cowgirl + taking a nice pounding for every week of your life.. for the next 20 years. The median income of a guy with a useful undergrad degree from a state university (or better) is around 50k, if you have a job.

Or you could buy a nice house to keep your ‘new’ wife happy.. the same one who banged tons of bad boys and would not give you the time of day in her 20s. Maybe you will get a year or two of decent sex till she pops out some kids (hopefully yours).. and then you will be lucky to get it once a week, if she does not divorce and make you pay for the kids (hopefully yours) while she is getting hammered by a parade of bad boy. But who knows.. she might even stay around and nag you to death..

You want to slave for an ungrateful and rapidly aging woman? want to slave for social approval? want to slave for ungrateful kids? want to slave for an ungrateful employer?

For what?

You cannot take anything with you after you die. In the end, the only thing that matters is whether you enjoyed your existence, the way you saw fit.

Your choice.. I made my years ago, and still have ‘unpaid’ pussy on the side.