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Hotties on a Chair: July 4, 2010

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Why Average Women Behave Like Entitled Princesses: 2

July 4, 2010 7 comments

I am going to start demolishing a few ideas that form part of the mental map of white men, about themselves and other men.

1] Men are more expendable than women, for ‘biological’ reasons.

Have tacked this one before, but here is another angle. Why do most asian, indian and middle-eastern culture prefer male children over female children. Surely, they want to produce more cannon fodder for wars of expansion and pay taxes/child support to keep ‘modern independent’ women in comfort? Or do they?

2] Men are bigger, grosser and uglier than women and therefore it takes a lot to convince them to take a penis.

It is called sexual dimorphism.. and most women like to have the shit fucked out of them by bigger, masculine and dominant guys. It some part of her body does not feel a bit sore after sex, you are not doing her right.

3] It has always been so..

Really, you mean the dynamics of male-female relations in all previous eras were similar to today? Safe and effective contraceptives, drugs for STDS, safe abortion, feminism enabling laws had no significant effect on it? Seriously?

4] Life is unfair..

‘Unfair’ as in ‘not perfect’ or ‘grotesquely distorted’? Ever considered that an average guy in pretty much any other society, except muslim countries and urban areas of china, can get decent ass without much effort, money or demonstration of high value. It is you who are naive enough to believe that giving half-decent women frequent fuckings requires any degree of specialness.

5] White men are chivalrous christians.

You want to fuck yourself.. go ahead.

6] Because we are just smarter apes.

So why are gorillas- harem builders, chimps- sneaky fuckers, orangutans- solitary shut-ins and gibbons- monogamous family types. They are all apes.. right?

7] Because (renowned expert, scientist or thinker/s) said so..

So you don’t like the old ones with the funny hats, robes and haircuts anymore? Why would the word or professed belief of a secular priest carry any more weight than the traditional ones? and more importantly- why should you care? especially if the end result of following that belief is not profitable to you?

8] Because of traditional deference to women.

Why stop the pursuit of tradition at that.. What about slavery, lynching the “guilty”, witch-burning, killing non-believers.. all of which are also almost as old as human civilization.

9] Because not everybody deserves sex

Any you deserve it because you are ‘special’? Hey.. if you are ‘special’, I have a fat 10 inch dick that can magically give any woman an earth-shattering orgasm, within a minute.

10] Because some guys are perpetual losers

Funny thing, all exes will also characterize you as a sexually inept loser after getting hammered by their ‘new’ guy.

Every woman who said that you were not a loser unlike the previous guy she briefly dated, has told that to others before and will likely tell the same to the guy after you. Why are you stealing from a womans playbook? Can’t you come up with anything better?

More scorn in my next post..

Why Average Women Behave Like Entitled Princesses: 1

July 4, 2010 13 comments

Ever wondered why average (and below average) western women behaves like an entitled princesses?

The short answer is: Because most men enable such behavior.

However, this answer does not explain the host of reasons behind most men enabling such behavior. In previous posts, I have hinted that the reasons are partially based on white men wanting to have marry white women to have white kids. However there is another related reason that perpetuates this behavior.


Many white men believe that fatalism is an eastern thing, and immediately start visualizing a poor indian, arab or chinese man blaming his misfortune on fate rather than improving his lot. However the reality is different, as will be explained shortly.

True fatalism cannot exist without a deterministic understanding of the world. You might think that a probability based view of the world (aka- my luck) is most conducive to fatalism. The converse is true. While a probability based view of the world can mitigate the impact of adverse life events, it does not stop the person from trying to reduce the probability of a repeating that adverse event. However a deterministic view of the world does stop you from trying to improve.

White men are uniquely susceptible to this most severe form of fatalism, which is caused by a deterministic view of the world. The belief that they know more than others, combined with hubris and the inability to accept that they have not tried all possible paths make them ideologically more sclerotic than others.

White ideological sclerosis predominantly manifests itself in non-quantifiable knowledge, beliefs and speculation.

You see, if you are wrong about something that can be physically measured (light intensity, forces, pressure etc), it is easy to correct your original mistake. However when we are dealing with concepts and ideas that cannot me objectively quantified, a high level of hubris results in fatalism.

Such people might try to rename shit as a different type of chocolate sauce, regardless of the odor and flies. They might even create elaborate theories to explain why standing in this “special chocolate sauce” is natural, desirable and a mark of progress and higher culture. Heck, there might even be a few traditional and secular religions based on standing in shit. But all that mental gymnastics and contortion does not convert shit into edible chocolate sauce.

Do you believe that men deserve to be treated a certain way, because they are “biologically more expendable”, “grosser”, “hairier”, “it has been always so”, ” life is unfair”, “white men are chivalrous christians”, “because we are..”, “because of what xyz said”, “because of tradition”, “because not everybody deserves sex”, “because that guy is a loser”.. etc.

So how does that special chocolate sauce smell? Is it really chocolate sauce? Looking around for someone to eat it before you? Think that you won’t have to eat it?

You do realize that it is not necessary to pretend it is chocolate sauce.. right? Sure, you might look like a gullible idiot because of your previous beliefs about its true nature.. but you will no longer have to stand in it and eat it.

While a fatalistic non-white man accepts standing in shit as bad luck, it takes a “non-fatalistic” white man to build a world view based on how shit is chocolate sauce (and he is lucky to be standing in it).

More in the next part- Why Average Women Behave Like Entitled Princesses: 2