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Why Men are Afraid of the Loser Label

July 5, 2010 4 comments

Many of you might say.. “Oh god, not another post making fun of white guys. Does this loser have nothing better to do?”.

Here is a question- Why is being seen or labelled a ‘loser’ far more effective at manipulating white guys than say black guys?

Some of you might even believe that black or some other non-white guys have no mental concept of what a loser is. I have another explanation.

Many non-white guys do not either care enough to play along or know that playing along is less profitable than not caring.

Being seen or labelled as ‘loser’ can work if you believe that acting in a socially acceptable manner improves your chances. Note my use of the word ‘believe‘ not ‘will‘. The reason why most white, asian and indian men are concerned with trying to not appear a loser is that they are under a collective delusion. They believe that they will (all) simultaneously reach the top and lord over others if they play in a socially acceptable manner. A few do succeed, but most fail.

Due to ‘historical reasons’ non-white men of other groups lack belief in the ability of the system to treat them fairly, and therefore do not care. They know that trying to appeal to the sense of fairplay in those who try to shame them is futile. Therefore they have a stronger tendency to do what they like, and think they can get away with. It is not as if most of you would treat them any better if they cared about your shaming language.

For a long time, there was enough social mobility and opportunity for white men to believe in the delusion of playing by ‘socially acceptable’ rules. But in the last 20 odd years, they are getting kicked off the gravy train in increasing numbers with no chance to hop back on.

So how is playing by socially acceptable rules working out for you? Do you really think that caring about a ‘loser’ label is worth it?

You could always plagiarize the black man’s playbook.. I mean ‘invent’ game.