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Pooning Budget : 1

July 7, 2010 6 comments

I was replying to a question for one of my posts, and thought it was long enough to be made into another post.

The issue at hand: How does an average joe partake in pooning.

I have used some rough estimates for north american scenarios.

1200$/month for 4 escorts is at the higher range of prices (think NY, LV, SF). It is typically closer to 220-260$/hr, and many independents charge less for repeat customers. Once you understand the local escort scene, it is closer to 800$/month for 4 escorts.

Important: Many upcoming or burnt-out models, university students, artists, dancers, designers are a rich source of attractive and accommodating semi-pros who could be had for less than the standard price. But you must look out for yourself and be assertive otherwise getting ripped off is a distinct possibility.

For the sake of this calculation, I am assuming that you are in otherwise good physical health.

Ok.. let’s say you make 15 $/hr (40 hours per week) = 2,400 $/month before taxes, share an apartment with a roommate (500$/month) and drive an older second-hand car (TCO= 300-400$/month).. Even after food (300$/month), booze (100$/month), clothes (50$/month), utility(50$/month), cable+ internet (100$/month), cellphone bills (100$/month), you could still get about 2 escorts (400-500$) a month. But you will have to choose between clubbing and pooning.

I would recommend a cheaper accommodation, maybe even live with your parents to extend your pooning dollars. Also consider occasionally helping “struggling” artists, students and other gals who need to pay rent etc- providing they understand that the favor will have to be returned. Trips to the the Caribbean, south america and even southern Europe are a good way to get cheap but hot escorts for cheap. But research and familiarize yourself with the local escort scene before go there.

If you make between 20-25$/hr, have your own one bedroom apartment (800$/month), and a newish but average car (TCO= 700$/month), after all necessities.. you could spare about 700$/month (3 escorts). Once again, you will have to choose between clubbing and pooning.

In my opinion, if you have a job that pays 20-25$/hr your best option is to find a cheap bachelor suite and drive a decent 5-10k car. This should free up an extra 300-500$/month. In any case, you don’t need a great apartment or car to buy pussy.

Once you make over 30$/hr, you can poon about 4 times/ month and do a fair bit of clubbing… unless you live in a super-expensive city.Consider the size of the average child support payment to a bitch who does not even fuck you.

This is the point where a single guy can rack up one new escort per week without breaking a sweat.

You won’t be able to save for retirement but who cares.. the current economic system and paradigms are not going to last that long.


The Sophistry behind not Paying for Sex: 1

July 7, 2010 28 comments

Let me start by defining sophistry.

Sophistry is a subtle, tricky, superficially plausible, but generally fallacious method of reasoning, primarily used to deceive someone.

Ok, so how does that relate to having sex with women? The answer lies in the concept of ‘not paying for it’. While I am all for the concept of ‘not paying for it’, depending on ‘unpaid’ sex is a bad idea for a number of reasons.

In a previous era, women had no choice but to put out to a provider guy. Sure.. there were pussy-whipped husbands but at least they got pussy, even if it was of the questionable type. Fast forward to our age and that is no longer true, as ‘independent’ women with largely useless jobs no longer need a man to support them.

The result is that most women are now free to chase a few men, leaving the rest on their own. The effects of such attitudes, and reactions to then, on the social contract will be profound.. to say the least. However the net result is that most men now get ‘unpaid’ pussy on very unfavorable terms.

Concepts like ‘game’, ‘mgtow’ and ‘mra’ are largely reactions to this unprecedented and one-sided change in the social contract. For the purpose of this post, I am going to attack the concept of ‘not paying for sex’.

Many blogs about ‘game’ and related stuff repeatedly stress that they ‘unpaid sex’ is always better, more fulfilling and more socially desirable than ‘paid sex’. However, even a partial analysis of this statement reveals the underlying flaws of the preposition.

I could take the easy route and say “you pay for it one way or the other”, which is true. However, I will take another, less common, line of attack.

There are many blogs, books and forums about ‘game’, and while the methods/programs are different there is one underlying similarity in their world view.

Blame the guy!

You see women, feminists and PUAs have one attitude in common- it is the guys fault that he is not getting what he wants, or any. It is always your fault that you are not ‘alpha’ enough, too bitter, too angry, not stylish, not cool, not (insert excuse).. But all of these reasons are subjective, and you can never make any significant percentage of people happy by doing anything.

These scumbags are trying to convince you that every failure (judged on subjective criteria) is your own fault. The funny thing is that most of YOU are stupid enough to accept that explanation.

What is the real difference between women who tells you that model level women are out of your league and a PUA who tells you the same, albeit worded to make it sound more reasonable. If you are willing to pay for sex, anyone of you could be hammering a model level woman (an HB8 or 9) at a place and time of your choice. Sure.. she will only hang around for a few minutes after the time is over, but does it matter? Does cumming inside her 2-3 times in that hour mean nothing?

What do you need women for, anyway?

Could it be housekeeping? You can employ someone to do that. Could it be for cooking? Between appliances, packaged food and inexpensive restaurants.. is that really an issue any more? Could it be to show others you are not gay? Nobody cares, nowadays. Maybe it is to present yourself as a family man to get a promotion in your company? Those days are long gone. Maybe it is for human company? Ever heard of IMing, facebook, laptops, smartphones? Maybe it is for physical company? Get a dog.

Maybe it is for kids? hahaha, best of luck! Maybe it is for ensuring your genetic immortality through kids? Will you be around to see it? Maybe your kids will support you when you are old? Sure.. look around you. Maybe you want a confidant, life-partner, human companion? Good luck finding that..

So what is the one thing you really require women for?

Great sex, and a bit of cuddling/human contact afterwards.

Once you realize this somewhat unpleasant truth, it will set you free. Now ask yourself, what is the easiest and most accessible path for obtaining reliable, good sex with an attractive woman of your choice on your terms.

If you can get 8 and 9s on good terms, with or without ‘game’.. more power to you. But I suspect that even most diligent and resourceful practitioners of ‘game’ cannot obtain what they want, when they want and on their terms.

But if your real objective is great sex with a hot woman on your terms, why take the more laborious route?

It is not as if women will stick to you, not break up and not cheat on you.. ‘game’ or no game. So why get an inferior and costlier package when you could get the better one? Sure.. you cannot impress other men and women with your ‘unpaid’ conquests, but does it matter? Which one of these people you wish to impress would give you a 20$ bill if you were starving? very few.. So why does their approval matter? Let them gloat over getting crappy ‘unpaid’ sex on shitty terms.

You live only once, so live for yourself.

Or you could always pander to the wishes, demands and requests of others. Who knows, you might actually find happiness in it.. I have heard about men who pay to have their balls tortured by dominas while simultaneously being spit upon. They seem to like it..


The Range of Chimpanzees and Bonobos

July 7, 2010 3 comments

A commentator in a previous thread suggested that the differences in chimpanzee and bonobo behavior may be due to their habitat “range”.

Look at the map below.

Pan troglodytes = Common chimpanzee, a species made of four subgroups with very similar behavior (yellow, green, blue, violet).

Pan paniscus = Bonobo (red)

Why are the four subgroup of chimpanzees spread over a larger area more similar to each other in terms of behavior, than bonobos, whose range almost overlaps two subgroups of chimpanzees?


and here is a bonobo MILF riding, cowgirl-style ,what appears to be a younger male bonobo.