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Pooning on a Tight Budget

July 8, 2010 55 comments

Many people wonder if it is possible to poon (buy pussy) on a tight budget?

The short answer is – Yes, but you have to be careful.

Pooning exclusively with pros requires a ‘real’ income of at least $3000/month ($36k/yr) after taxes- assuming you have no other debts, loans, mortgages etc. Now that sort of income is not too hard to achieve, as pretty much any job that requires a useful undergrad degree pays about 25$/hour- at least where I live. Heck if, you want to work 60 hours/week between two jobs, even 15-20$/hr jobs can give you that income.

But what if you do not have that sort of income? What if your ‘real’ (after tax, after monthly loan repayment, after car payment) income is between 2000-3000$/month?

My experience in the 2000-2002 (my early-to-mid 20′s) timespan might be of some use to you. At that time, I was in the process of switching my area of work, and had a job that paid about $3,000/month after taxes. It was a good stable job and I was expected to work only 5 hours a day and it allowed to me enter a new field. At that time I had NO debt or similar obligations. While I did buy some sex from pros, most of my action in that timespan came from semipros.

My budget was: rent (shared house = $350/month), cell phone ($50/month), cable + internet + utilities (included in rent), and public transit ($60/month). I chose to forego a car because paying for insurance, gas, parking, tickets, repairs and the like was just not worth it at that time and I could always rent a car. The house I lived in was near a number of major bus routes allowing me to take public transit to work and major entertainment districts in that city. Moreover, a cab ride from those areas to my home was less than $20.

My food + booze budget was just under $600, giving me almost $1900 to spend as I pleased. By that time, I had realized that bar pickups were not my strength as it took me about 4-5 nights out to get one mediocre girl (over $300 per mediocre girl). However, my hit rate with the women I had gone drinking out with had been reasonably good. So I started thinking about ways to recruit more women to go out drinking with. It was then that my thoughts turned to a path which I had previously considered but not yet implemented:

Getting poor, but good-looking, young girls (18-23) to have sex with me in return for some timely financial help.

I should be upfront that getting amateur women to have sex for money can be tricky as most of them believe that they are not whores. Moreover, poor young women often have “boyfriends” and white knight orbiters. So I created a set of filters and rules to screen out the most problematic types.

Filter 1: Avoid all girls who have obvious and serious drug and mental health issues or have lived on the street for over 6 weeks at a stretch.

The following categories of girls are acceptable, however.

1. Freshly homeless young girls, especially those who hangout in mixed groups.

The safest ones are those who are into pot, drumming, dreadlocks et cetera. You can find them in many larger cities in the spring and summer. While I would never trust them with any significant amount of money, many are reasonably decent human beings.

Strike up a conversation with them, engage them and see where it leads. But you must make it plainly obvious that you are interested in them sexually, but that all favors require reciprocation. Once you get to know them, a decent round of drinks, snacks, money for pot, a small necessary item of clothing, decent dinner with booze will almost guarantee you a good lay (or at least a couple of BJs).

Your initial financial hit for hanging out with them is very small, and once they are sleeping with you.. it will often work to about $30-60 (cash equivalent or cash) per session. You may also get freebies..

2. Girls who are not homeless, but are just hanging on.

Once again, a group who could use some help. Typically found in smaller retail stores or businesses that pay minimum wage with no tips. Build a rapport and be fairly upfront about your interest, but do not come across as desperate. Go to her workplace and talk to her when you are in that area, but do not stalk her.

Such women often have “boyfriends,” however, they are often just as poor or poorer than her. You can get pussy as long as you are firm about the need for reciprocation. This category of girls might be more willing to give BJs than having ‘real sex.’ But do you really care?

Restrict your help to less than $200 at any one time AND only after she has put out a couple of times.

3. Girls who are poor, but not homeless and have no “boyfriends” + have moved to the city within the last eight weeks.

You have hit the jackpot! A girl who I have previously mentioned as ‘M1′ (on my blog) gave me many amazing memories over a 8-9 month period, as did a couple more.

Remember these girls can become de facto GFs, but do not restrict yourself to one. While you do not have to rub it in their faces, they should know that you are always looking around for a better deal. But treat them a bit better than type 1 and 2, they do give more per dollar spent on them.

Whether you are with a girl from any, or all, of the three types, there are a few rules:

Never think with your dick.
No oneitis.
You control the relationship, not them.
Never let them get away with more than one freebie, ever!

They will play by your rules as long as they are not too dehumanizing, and they are often cheaper than professional whores.

What do you think? Comments?