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Precautions about Pooning on a Tight Budget: 1

July 9, 2010 15 comments

If you have read the previous article about pooning on a tight budget, it is necessary that you also understand the potential pitfalls of that approach. You might have read about the little blurb towards the end of that article about not thinking with your dick. Let me expand on that concept.

1] Always use protection, no ifs and no buts. Let me repeat, always use protection- no ifs and no buts. Once again.. always use protection- no ifs and no buts.

Having said that, uncovered BJs are fairly safe- but make sure that she does not have a sore throat, even a single blister like lesion around lips or anything that looks like a wart in her mouth. You can check this discreetly or just be upfront about it.

2] Always consider the possibility that the woman might entrap you by becoming pregnant. You can minimize your risk of entrapment by selecting women who are less likely to either entrap you or keep it, if you knock her up.

Always go for women with a decent social circle, as most social butterflies do want to get knocked up. Avoid loners or women who seem to lost. Girls with university/college ambitions are also unwilling to get knocked up.

3] If you are going for freshly homeless poon (category 1) or women who are desperate for money (category 2), always consider the possibility that their “boyfriends” might steal from you.

Therefore do not bring them to your place of residence, unless you have had a few sessions with them. I used my office, after hours, for such encounters until I had a good degree of confidence in them. Also make sure they understand that you make enough to live ok- but not enough to have lots to steal from.

Feel free to use clean washrooms for the handicapped, her place, or outdoors (weather permitting) or find a cheap motel room. In any case, make sure you have renters insurance.

4] If you have roommates, make no apologies about bringing these girls home- once you get to know them. It is your life, not theirs. Who knows, their stuff might get stolen- not yours.

If they express misgivings about your pussy carousel, ignore them or move. No roommate is worth more than willing pussy.

5] Do not force them to have sex, but make it very clear that no sex = no help, ever again. Do not get attached to any girl, however attractive and nice (especially category 1 and 2). If you are not acting desperate and do not force them, many will give in- after some resistance. But never help a woman who does not perform, as she has broken her side of the deal aka the one strike rule.

Once you start having sex with them, do treat them with some basic decency. Many girls in category 1 and 2 love stuff like bathing together or watching a movie cuddled up with you (naked of course). Since they have experienced a lot of adverse human contact, treat them to lots of skin-on-skin contact. Many will pay back that favor through sex.

6] Buy stuff for then, but do not go overboard. Buying them a few items of decent clothing, shoes, cosmetics or even taking them to a movie will go a long way in getting you more sex, as long as you are firm about the reciprocity part.

7] Understand that they may be fucking other guys. Never ask too many questions about their life beyond your interaction with them.

If confronted by BF, or “BFs”, be upfront about the nature of your relationship. Most men see their women having to poon as their failure to provide, not cheating. If such a confrontation happens look out for your safety, and make sure she knows about it. Women in this situation will often convince their “man” to let them poon for money, food and stuff.

8] Don’t stalk them, let them come to you for more ‘help’. They will.. ūüĎŅ Also many will come over if they are lonely or feeling sad, in which case- a nice sex session + physical affection will go a long way.

Remember that many will cry a lot, both because of genuine reasons and to elicit sympathy. Do not try to solve all their problems, but do not be heartless either and do comfort them. There is no need to ask questions, just hold them and let them cry. You might have to do it more often than in ‘normal relationships’.

More in a future post on this topic.