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FemJoy Nudes: July 10, 2010

July 10, 2010 1 comment

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The Evolution of Pooning

July 10, 2010 4 comments

After reading some of the comments to my posts on pooning (buying sex) and other blogs, I have come to a conclusion.

Most men have no idea about what pooning today is like, and why it is an effective replacement for relationships with women- as far as sex is concerned.

It appears that most mens idea of pooning is derived from two eras, namely the pre-1950 era and the pre-1995 era. Those two dates are important because they represent two watershed moments in the history of pooning.

Pre-1950s, treatment of sexually transmitted diseases was either hard or impossible. Indeed, until the last 100 years, it was impossible to accurately diagnose most STDs. The risk of getting diseases from pooning was very high, even though it was cheap and easily accessible.

The widespread use of antibiotics changed that picture, and along with better diagnosis, tracking and treating of contacts- STDs are no longer a major concern for pooning in affluent countries. You are more likely to get a STD from a bar pickup, casual fling or STR. Another important factor in pooning becoming safer is the availability of better diagnostic techniques to detect infection even if there are no symptoms (in escorts).

The second watershed date in the history of pooning is 1995, as it is the beginning of a perfect storm of events. Two major changes that had started in the late 80s combined with a third to make pooning a truly viable alternative to sex in relationships.

The first one was the destigmatization of commercial sex, a movement that really started with the VCR. By the late 80s, porn movies and acting in them had become far less stigmatized than even a decade ago. The second change was the beginning of an influx of non-west European whites and non-whites into the profession.

Many younger pooners, including me, did not initially realize that the high quality and good attitudes of escorts were largely due to competition from non-western women in that business. Old-timers talk about an era when western white women would let you only go once and not french kiss you, but still charge 300$/hr.

Thankfully competition from East-European, Hispanic, bi-racial and Asian escorts has almost eliminated such shitty behavior from the escort business in most western countries. However, you should understand that unless a white western-born escort has very good reviews, she is often inferior to a non-western born escort (white or non-white). Bi-racial escorts or whites of non-west-european descent (Italian/Spanish/Greek/Portuguese) born in western countries are a partial exception, and are often just as nice as those born abroad..

The third and probably the most important event that magnified the impact of the two was the widespread availability of the internet. In the pre-internet era, escorts and escort agencies could get away with poor service, bad attitudes and scams. However as early as 1996, bulletin boards that allowed pooners to review escorts made it much harder to getaway with that sort of crap.

By the very early 2000s, escort boards had changed the very nature of the business in many large cities. The result was a further improvement in the quality of service, which combined with a much larger number of friendlier and hotter escorts made it into a very different beast than it has ever been in human history.

I should also mention that PDE5 inhibitors are very useful if you are a premature ejaculator, anxious or just want to get 50 minutes of fucking from an hour. The first one which was coincidently approved in 1998, had a major influence on the willingness of men to use escorts. A marginally suboptimal experience no longer affects your appreciation of the session + a hottie who makes you shoot in the first 10 minutes can now reliably get a couple more good fuckings before the hour is over.

Nowadays, you average escort (agency or indie) is usually a gorgeous, friendly and giving flexi-timer who often has a career on the side. Many either service only a few clients on a few days of the week or stay in the profession for a couple of years to make some money. I have fucked nursing students, graduate students (arts), aspiring models, aspiring dancers, waitresses/bartenders and wannabe porn stars. While some indies do stay in the business for longer than a couple of years, the ones that last often have a very good attitude and relaxed schedule.

It is important to understand that most escort customers are repeats, not one-timers.

Your average 1 hour session today includes MSOG (multiple shot on goals), LFK (light frenck kissing, DFK (deep french kissing), GFE (girl friend experience) which usually means BBBJ (bare back blow job) and almost any number of positions. You can also get a PSE (porn star experience) that includes a visit to the ‘greek islands’ or ‘greek’ (anal sex) and often rimming. There are many other acronyms for standard and not so standard services such as BLS (licking/teabagging your balls, Russian or ‘TF’ (titfucking), CIM (cum in mouth), COF (cum on face) etc.

All escorts will usually list what they offer on their profiles (agencies) or websites (indies). YMMV (your mileage may vary) is an acknowledgement that some customers with say halitosis may not get DFK, but does not affect other services.

If she is truly uncomfortable with you, she will ask you to leave (incall) or leave (outcall) AND give your money back- all of it.

Almost every escort will entertain requests such as digital prostate stimulation (usually with a BJ), using a vibe on your balls/taint/asshole. Many will have no issues with a little spanking (like with your GF) or tying you up and blowing/riding you silly. Once you get to know them (after a couple of times), your interaction with them is almost like an awesome bootycall.

But do not fall in love with them.

A few may hang out and have sex with you off the clock, but never forget that they are escorts. Having said that, more than a few of them (especially those with careers outside pooning) are fun to hang out with.

But let them make the move and choose to have sex with you off the clock. Never ask for it, ever.

Any questions/comments?

Weekend Babe: Even More Chesney

July 10, 2010 1 comment

An old gallery of Chesney from FemJoy and another older one of her as Sasha D from Met-Art.

More Chesney at Femjoy

Sasha D from MetArt: Bikes


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Weekend Babe: Chesney from FemJoy

July 10, 2010 1 comment

A gallery of Chesney from FemJoy- The “Reflecting Beauty” series.

She is quite a babe, isn’t she?

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