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Digital Prostate Stimulation with BJ: July 11, 2010

July 11, 2010 6 comments

Let me see if I can get some interesting responses out of this one. Ok, just to clarify.. I have received such stimulation with a (well lubed) finger, but nothing bigger than that.

The deal here is- if the woman is skilled and combines it with a kickass BJ, the feeling is beyond amazing.

But not all women who will do it are skilled or patient. It is necessary to receive a BJ (or have a strong erection) for a few minutes before receiving such the stimulation, and you have to be relaxed about getting a finger up there. The pros lube you up first, start the BJ and slip in the finger after 5-10 minutes. If she has lubed it properly, gotten you nice and hard + you are otherwise relaxed, it will go in without much resistance… and then the fun begins.

Note- If she tries to finger fuck you, she is incompetent. It is about inserting the finger, finding the erection engorged prostrate and rubbing it with her finger tip without finger fucking you.

Make sure her nails are trimmed and she is using gloves, or even a plain condom with Astroglide (no prelubed or spermicide containing condoms

The right rhythm and right pressure at various stages of the BJ cumulating in a continuous constant pressure wiggle across the prostrate, will cause you to blow with an intensity that is hard to describe.

The skilled ones can make you see god.. or that is what it feels like. One of my current favorite semipros does this to me about once a week, 3 times in 1.5 hours, and by the end of the session.. 😀 😀 😀

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More Trolls and Haters?

July 11, 2010 16 comments

I have noticed that my blog has almost no trolls or haters when compared to other blogs with a similar number of readers and unique views.

Why not? Should I try harder?

Why do so many agree with my viewpoint, though I often pour scorn on the major group that reads my blog- white guys. It is not as if I spare white women either…

So why don’t I get the amount of trolls and haters that other blogs get?