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The 20-40 Dollars Test

July 12, 2010 13 comments

I have previously talked about bad experiences in many areas of my life between the ages of 20-24. Until now, you heard mostly about my bad experiences with women, but they were only a facet of the ‘total package’ of shitty experiences.

My preference for online interactions with people, rather than personal face-to-face interactions also arose in that period. The reasons behind this choice are complex, but can be briefly summed as:

Since personal acquaintances and friends are not helpful or trustworthy, it makes no sense to build such relationships in real life.

Finding people who are similar to you + fun to interact with is far easier online. Moreover, laptops and smartphones have improved the quality of such interactions to the point that they effectively substitute “real” interactions.

So what does the detailed reasoning behind this decision have to with a ’20-40 dollar test’?

Let me explain- As some of you might know, my life from 20-24 was marked by my first brush with grad school (M.Sc) plus a year of semi-unemployment and very poorly paid jobs. During this time I was often short of money, especially towards month end. For a variety of reasons, credit was not an option at that time.

To make a long story short, I often had to find somebody who would lend me 20-40$ in the last few days of some months. Now, many of these people who I asked knew about my peculiar situation, and that I would get paid at the end of the month.

However almost everyone of them refused.

In every single case, those who refused had the wherewithal to lend me 20-40$ for a few days. The range of people who refused to help me range from older acquaintances to people of my age who were ‘friendly’ with me.

I cannot help but note that these people had no such problem helping a white person, even if that person never paid them back.

So how does that affect my ability to help ‘people’.

Let me use a famous photo to illustrate my preferred method of “helping” people, who either treated me poorly or who fit their demographic profile. Don’t be shocked, this is a very compassionate and quick method. In reality, my methods are, and will be, far less direct but much more fucked up.

People who do not behave humanely should not expect to be treated in a humane manner.

And here is the video.