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Most Guys Still Don’t Understand Escort Use: 1

July 15, 2010 34 comments

I cannot help but notice that many ‘game’ blogs from the commercial ones, non-commercial ones like Roissy (now ‘Citizen Renegade’), fellow bloggers like Vincent Ignatius to commentators like ‘Gorbachev’ do not understand, or want to understand, the single biggest reason behind habitual escort use.

The reason is- YOU have the power, not her.

It does not matter if you are the guy who wrote a best-selling book on game, the one who has banged scores of DC chicks or have casual flings..

They are all dependent on one basic, and often overlooked, factor.

Her willingness to have ‘unpaid’ sex with you is dependent on her state of mind.

Let me explain that concept in some detail. Regardless of ‘game’ – she has to be willing to have sex with you, and therefore your choice of women, acts and experience is fundamentally constrained by what a woman who wants to have sex, lets you get away with, at that time.

These constraints no longer apply if you live in a city, or frequently travel to, with a good size escort population. You can enjoy the lips of a younger Brittany Spears-lookalike on your cock and balls, facefuck a doppelgänger for your second favorite ‘victoria Secrets’ Model, have a doppelgänger for a men’s magazine hottie ride you reverse cowgirl (and sometimes you will see them in magazines or on websites later).

You can buttfuck a younger portia rossi-lookalike. Maybe you want to doggstyle any hot multiracial girls (with the mix of features that you want). Maybe you want to make to make sweet-sweet love to a Adrianna Lima lookalike?

You can do all of that and more, as long as you can get (and keep) it up + have the money.

Maybe you want to give a girl with a promising modern dance/ ballet career a solid fucking and then go to watch her stage performance. Who knows, a woman who you fucked might end with a career based on her looks (and men drooling over her).

Is any of this reliably possible through routes other than paying them?

Can you really tell, without consequence, the girl you will have sex with tomorrow that you are getting blown by another hottie when she calls to confirm the appointment? Can you really get with telling a girl that you are doggystyling that she has a much firmer and rounder butt than another girl at the same agency, but her tits could use some work? Which bootycall is ever going to greet you at the door in lingerie of your choice, as opposed to the few pieces she has? Can you really schedule a 11 am sunday appointment from a roster of BJ queens?

Can you?

This is not to say that an attitude based in ‘game’ cannot help increase your mileage with escorts. Most escort patrons are pathetic, insecure pedestalizers who cannot get over how lucky they are have a hottie suck their cock with such passion.

I remember recently spanking a girl who had a somewhat tender butt from excess tanning. She was squirming like crazy and protesting, but never resisting because she knew the drill and apparently enjoyed it- “I am going to remember this spanking every time I sit on a hard chair tomorrow”. You could always get her to stand naked after you session, hands on head, and feed her a little ice-cream from her fridge (if you sorta know her). Or get her to give you a nice unhurried bath after your 2-3 cums inside her (they will- if they dig you).

Who knows, a few may hang out with you later. Sometimes you pay them, sometimes they refuse to take money (only happens with a small percentage of escorts for any given guy). If she does, make sure she shops without underwear, as it is fun to keep her on the edge about when and how you will expose her. I have memories of a dress designer, who moonlighted as an escort, who always protested the indignity of having her dress pulled up when I hugged her in public places (malls). We must have scarred more than a few kids, and scandalized their parents- “mommy, why is that lady not wearing any panties?”

I have more fun stories, if you are interested.