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The Greatest Ponzi Scheme: 1

July 17, 2010 27 comments

I am going to put forth an uncommon idea.

Civilization, as you know it, is a ponzi scheme.

However, this does not imply that civilizations cannot be run otherwise.

It is first necessary to understand why civilizations have always been ponzi schemes. A ponzi scheme is often defined as:

An investment opportunity built upon fraud, where interest or returns paid to initial investors are actually given from the investments made by later investors.

If you stop restricting the definition of ponzi schemes to financial investments, any investment (time, money, effort, compliance) that promises to pay off in the future without an explicitly enforceable penalty for default is a ponzi scheme. Therefore a system that promises you a stable job, decent life etc in the future without explicit guarantee is a ponzi scheme.

Consider the ‘american dream’ or any similar ‘dream’ from the past.. they all encourage people to ‘do the right thing’ so that they can ultimately receive the benefits of their compliance. But can they? The answer is:

Ponzi schemes can deliver upgrades for even its lower ranking members as long as it can find new suckers or steal from others, preferably both.

The progress of post-renaissance western civilization is based on luck and opportunity. It helped to have the right amount of technology (ocean-going ships, guns), at the right time (eastern civilizations were stagnant or dysfunctional) to murder people who could not resist (non-metal civilizations in the Americas, Australia etc) or kill them indirectly (New Diseases, Forced labor). Enslaving non-white populations also helped sustain the ponzi scheme for even poorer whites.

I am not suggesting that one side was innocent, humane or more deserving. I am merely pointing out the number of coincidences required to make the ponzi scheme keep delivering to its original supporters (whites).

So why do civilizations fail?

Conventional and respected “intellectuals” (autofellators and coprophages) have long put forth theories about civilizational collapse based on various concepts and ideas, which sound good but are based on utter BS. The ideas include diverse concepts such as “natural cycles”, “excessive complexity” to the “perils of democracy”.. but in reality are mere projections of themselves. Unfortunately the putrid excretions of such ‘famous intellectuals’, mostly white, continue to influence and contaminate the mental processes of most people.

Larger civilizations and ponzi schemes collapse for the same reason.

The ponzi scheme can continue to operate until payments due exceed the remaining funds from new investments being made.

Once a civilization, or ponzi scheme, runs out of greater fools or more people to rob/steal/murder it can no longer deliver the promised returns to its lower level members. The ‘betrayal’ causes them to lose faith in the system and stop caring about it with the same intensity as before, triggering the next phase of the collapse.

To ensure a continuous level of productivity, those near the top of the pyramid start using more deception, fraud and threats to extract rent from an unwilling populace. The result of such actions, after initial signs of success, is a further acceleration of collapse, through loss of credibility and decrease in productivity caused by an expanding, arbitrary and overzealous legal and enforcement system.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Comments?

More in the upcoming part of this series.