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An Interesting Ethical Question: July 19, 2010

July 19, 2010 14 comments

Here is an interesting hypothetical situation that I have been aware of for many years.

The story:

You are a guy who has a prescription of adderall (or ritalin) for a legitimate medical reason.

You go out with a girl for drinking and it turns into a long night. Somewhere along the excessive drinking, you mention that a low dose (1/4th to 1/2 the total daily dosage) could help combat the effects of alcohol and allow her to party longer.

She assures you that she has no contra-indications for acute use of such drugs- such as seizures, heart arrhythmias, excessive nervous twitching and ingests it fully knowing that she is taking that drug.

Now the combination of more alcohol + flirting + this drug causes her to get incredibly horny and impulsive. But she is not impaired in any manner, and indeed may have motor skills, memory and executive mental function equal to her non-drunken state, inspite of her drinking. She starts reacting to touch, caresses and kissing like a cat in heat. Within an hour or two she literally drags you to have sex, or reacts very positively to your moves. Remember that she is not impaired, just very horny, tingly and has an itch that has to be scratched repeatedly.

Should you have mentioned in the beginning mixing low doses of that drug with alcohol often causes significantly increased horniness, without mental impairment. This is an interesting question, because the woman in question is not impaired enough to make her consent void. If anything, she is much less impaired than otherwise considering the amount of booze she has ingested.

She may just push you on her couch/ bed/ chair/ futon/ car back-east, pull your pants down and give you a BJ without you requesting it. She is fully conscious for the rest of your sucking/ fucking session and is a very enthusiastic and active participant in the proceedings, enjoying every moment of it. Moreover occasional use of such low dose stimulant + alcohol have not been shown to have deleterious physical effects in a woman of her age range and health.

These effects could occur in almost any healthy woman who has some degree of attraction to you.

An interesting hypothetical situation, isn’t it?


Victoria Taylor aka Vickie6: July 19,2010

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Unanswered Questions About The Nature of Debt: 1

July 19, 2010 7 comments

It seems to be fashionable in the blogosphere, and on the “american street”, to complain about excessive debt taking, irresponsibility of borrowers, loose lending standards etc

Here is my question-

What, exactly, are you lending or borrowing?

Think about that question carefully.. what is the bank lending you? and what is the cost of lending to the financial system?

Since money is notional, unlike say your car or lawn mover, its value depends on all parties believing in it. What makes one piece of linen-cotton paper with the picture of one dead white man more valuable than another piece with the picture of a different dead white man? In our electronic age, why is one arrangement of electrons in the memory of a computer worth so much more than another arrangement of electrons?

Even in a gold based system, the average transaction involved a proxy currency whose value depended on public perceptions about the stability of the issuing bank.

So here is the real question-

What is the cost of issuing credit to the issuing institution?

and if there is no cost, as is the case with larger banks (thanks to central banks), why not issue more?

All debt-based currency systems, fiat or non-fiat, collapse without periodic resets. So why not accept the necessity of periodic resets as opposed to wholesale system disintegration?

We have no issue with restarting computer whose RAM and cache space has gradually filled up from use, if the useless bloated processes hinder normal operations. So how is any economy any different?

Isn’t it a Simulacra, anyway?


Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field

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A fun CGI recreation, with subtitles.

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