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Where Are The Kids?

July 20, 2010 16 comments

Popular memes suggest that the primary purpose of almost all human sexual activity is reproduction or, in some manner, linked to it . Many people believe that the reasons behind the mate-selection strategy of women concern the selection of good genes, investment in eggs etc.

But a few facts spoil this otherwise pleasant picture.

Why do so many PUAs and ‘game’ practitioners (men) choose to NOT have kids? Surely the same evolutionary processes that drive human mate selection (evo-pysch) would also make being around kids very pleasant and make them want to have their own. However, even men who enjoy the company of their nieces and nephews seem to be not enamored by the idea of having their own kids.

An even more troubling question is:

Why do so many healthy women in their late teens and 20s not want to have kids, even though they love being around kids? Why is the urge to have kids not strong enough to make them have a few of their own.

Think about it.. Nobody is stopping them. Indeed, the system is so heavily rigged in their favor that they could entrap any guy they wanted, have kids and make the sucker plus the government support them. Yet they would rather hop on a few new cocks each year, drink excessively each weekend, get high , go on vacations and generally behave like someone who is not interested in having kids.

If evo-psych can make women choose men based on their good genes, why would the urge to have and take care of kids not override their use of contraception. However such behavior is usually limited to poorer women in their late teens-early 20s or older woman (mid to late 30s). In both cases, social pressures and expectations to have kids play a far bigger role in their decisions than any biological urge to have kids. Why so?

Pretty much every major ethnic, religious and socio-cultural groups in the western, many eastern and now even some poorer countries have less than replacement, or barely over replacement, fertility. From places like Japan, Italy, Greece and Germany with their sub-1.5 kids/ women rates to places like Iran, Turkey and South India.. women just want to avoid having many kids, and in some cases- any..

In many developed countries 20-40% of women are likely to never have ANY kids of their own.

Why not?


A Word about Dopamine and Desire

July 20, 2010 8 comments


Many people who have read about ‘game’ understand the connection between danger, impulsiveness, novel sensation and the feelings they create in women. Monoamine neurotransmitters in the ‘normal’ brain (serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine) exist in a dynamic equilibrium. Depending on moods, conditions, challenges, amount of sunlight etc.. the balance can shift around. Since this dynamic balance works nicely in most people, there is no need to alter it. However conditions like serious depression, hypomania etc can change the balance requiring drugs to treat it.. yadada.

Many of you are aware of the libido dampening effects of serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) like fluoexteine- prozac, paroxetine-paxil etc. But here is a question, what if you could block dopamine reuptake instead of noradrenaline or serotonin. Well, there are exclusive (or almost exclusive) dopmaine reuptake inhibitors (SDRIs) , however these compounds are not generally approved as drugs. The drugs listed in the previous link are not pure DRIs, and instead closer to selective dopamine-noradernaline reuptake inhibitors (SDNRIs).

Dopamine agonist such as apomorphine, bromocriptine and L-Dopa could work but carry the unpleasant side effect of significant nausea and some effects on body movement with chronic use (rebound/ adaptive effects).

Commonly available prescription drugs that are reasonably selective dopamine reuptake inhibitors are few-

Amphetamine (Adderall)
Methylphenidate (Ritalin) and
Bupropion (Wellbutrin, Zyban)

While methamphetamine and cocaine could also have similar effects, their pharmacokinetic characteristic + legal issues make them unsuitable. Moreover cocaine has a strong direct vasoconstrictor effect in addition to a autonomous nervous system mediated effect- resulting in the well-known adverse effects of cocaine on erections.

Note that methamphetmaine, amphetamine and cocaine also cause neurotransmitter release in addition to blocking its reuptake. That is why an addict can mistake amphetamine for methamphetamine (or vice versa), but rarely will they mistake methylphenidate or bupropion for either.

While methylphenidate and bupropion can be mistaken for each other by a casual user, bupropion’s effects last much longer than is desirable for certain uses.

Realistically, your choice is between amphetamine (Adderall) or methylphenidate (Ritalin).

Note that all three drugs (amphetamine, methylphenidate and bupropion) have been successfully used to treat female sexual dysfunction. However they also make people feel happy, and your greedy puritan overlords and their ‘capitalism’ believing slaves (right wingers) do not like that.

An interesting question is:

What type of synergistic effect can be obtained with alcohol (3-6 beers) and say.. 1/4th of 1/2 a daily dosage of these compounds in an otherwise healthy woman – when used occasionally (not daily).

In any case, most people with ADHD, atypical depression, narcolepsy and partial brain damage can take them for years without any significant side-effects.

While alcohol relaxes the person (partly through GABA receptor activation) it also makes people drowsy and clumsy. These drugs counteract the drowsy and clumsiness induced by alcohol, and in turn alcohol reduces the edginess and nervousness caused by noradrenaline reuptake- leaving behind a more purer dopaminergic effect.

So you have a relaxed person, who is very alert, lucid (maybe even more than normal) who has an acute need and strong desire to have sex and otherwise experience human touch. This state is very different from that caused by MDMA-Ecstasy. The person will remember every minor detail of the experience, even more vividly than otherwise and is not consent impaired.

Of course, the person who is taking this combination has to be attracted to the other person, to begin with. If there is no chemistry beforehand, nothing will happen as only consent and pre-existing willingness will focus that desire on the other person.

But once the focusing starts, it is hard to stop because it feels so good and amazing.