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My Experience with PDE5 Inhibitors

July 22, 2010 15 comments

As mentioned in a few previous posts, I do routinely use PDE5 inhibitors for semi-recreational reasons. While my initial use of them at 24 was to counteract ‘problems’ caused by an antidepressant, I realized that they solved one of my most frustrating problems- premature ejaculation. You see.. till then going past 10-15 minutes took some effort. While I could (and still can) go 2-3 times in an hour, tying not to cum took some of the fun out of sex. PDE5 Inhibitors solved that problem for good.

I have used them almost continuously, but not everyday, for the last 9 years. Since my professional area is drug research, I have some unique insights (personal as well as scientific) into their long-term use.

So lets begin..

Are PDE5 Inhibitors safe for non-geriatric (under 65 years old) men?

If you have no obvious contraindication, and are in otherwise good health, they are safer than most OTC drugs (ibuprofen, aspirin etc).

Can you become dependent on them?

Not really, but if you use very large daily doses (say 200 mg sildenafil) for a long time it might take a couple of weeks for your body to readjust to a drug free environment. Sildenafil= ‘Blue Pill’.

Will chronic use in the therapeutic range decrease my ability to perform without them?

No! On the contrary it will be beneficial because frequent hard erections help keep the penis tissue and vasculature well perfused, elastic and responsive.

Will I get a heart attack or stroke from taking them?

If you pop 100mg sildenafil pills like house does vicodin .. yes. If you stick to therapeutic doses, it probably will decrease your risk of heart attacks and thrombotic strokes- and there is pretty good evidence that they do so in older men.

How do I determine the therapeutic dose for me?

The MINIMUM amount that allows you to pee after 5-10 minutes of your last ejaculation is the ideal dose. If your dick is still rigid 5 minutes post-ejaculation, you are taking too much. rigid = you can hang a hand-towel off it.

For me 25 mg sildenafil (1/4th of a 100 mg pill) is optimal. 50 mg makes me a walking boner even post-ejaculation, and 50mg + 2-3 beers makes me.. well worried about it being able to go down.

My favorite combo is 25mg sildenafil + 2-3 beers (marvelous effects without becoming a walking boner).

Which one is the best?

It really depends on what you are using it for and how severe the side-effects are. If the side effects (nauseas, headache) are severe then stick with sildenafil (plus it is the cheapest). However if you have are ok with tadalafil (Cialis).. then it is probably a better deal.

In you are using sildenafil or vardenafil (take the minimal effective dose 4 times a week) preferably on those days when you are having sex. If you are using tadalafil aim for 2 doses per week, separated by 3 days. If you are using these drugs chronically, even your drug-free days will be almost as good as your drug-taking days.

Do not use more than the minimally effective dose- it is overkill. There is no point in attaining an erection that allows you to fuck for 3 hours straight.. Instead aim for a dosage that allows you to put in 3 solid 30-40 minute sets in a 2 hour timespan.

Do moderate amounts of alcohol, 2-4 beers, increase the effect of PDE5 inhibitors?

In one word- YES. Combining that amount of alcohol with these drugs will increase their effects on your penis (vasodilation) as well as make cumming even harder. However the combination can also make your nose more stuffier + more blushed skin + increase the sensation of nausea caused by PDE5 inhibitors.

How do I get them?

Try to get a legitimate prescription from sympathetic or willing physicians. I would suggest using the symptoms of premature ejaculation as your cover story. If you are willing to say that you cannot last past 10 minutes and mention that you have heard that these drugs help with that condition- many physicians will prescribe them if you have no major contraindications.

If readers are interested, I can provide a list of references in scientific literature detailing the results of studies showing their efficacy for that condition.

Does overall fitness levels + diet improve the efficacy of these drugs?

YES! They do.. If you are even moderately fit + eat a high protein diet- these drugs seem to have a stronger effect. They seemed to become more effective after I started eating a high-protein diet since ~ 7 years ago.


A Work of Fiction: July 23, 2010

July 22, 2010 7 comments

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Let us say that the protagonist of this story was a 25 year-old guy at the time of this story (early 2000s). After a bunch of bad luck on multiple fronts, our protagonist (lets call him Y) finally finds a half-decent job and moves into better place. He ends up sharing the house with a slightly older workaholic European girl (let’s call her X).

X seems friendly and is apparently single, but is a workaholic. She has a decent toned body, but a full bush and very unfeminine taste in clothes. She is not a lesbian, just really geeky. She also has a peculiar habit of walking around the house in just bikini style panties or panties + short T-shirt.

In the beginning Y has his hands full with other babes including a very doting younger girl and a bevy of poor girls he is helping. X is fully aware of the action that goes inside Y’s adjacent bedroom and bathroom. While there is some mutual attraction between X and Y, it is not enough to break the roommate sex taboo- especially since things are going so well in that area.

It is plainly obvious to Y, that X is not getting any.. and he has teased her about it a couple of times. While they are not exactly buddies, both have gone out drinking a couple of times and there is certainly some chemistry. X has confessed to Y that she is tempted but does not want to spoil an otherwise great friendship.

Eventually Y’s doting GF gets tired of his cheating habits and drifts away. One of his major and very attractive poor girl consort also drifts away, leaving him with a few casual poor girls to relax him. However the relaxations are not frequent enough to satisfy our protagonist.

Y starts thinking of a way to seduce X in such a way that it would appear that it was she who crossed over the agreed threshold, not him. He considers a variation of a method he might have used successfully on many gals before her.

One friday evening, X comes home late and tired. Y suggest that they order a large pizza and have some beer. X agrees, and the pizza is delivered and consumed along with the beer. X and Y are talking about many things including sex, and gradually X becomes less tired and seems to really enjoy the conversation. She later confesses that she felt very horny because of the sex talk and booze.

As X recounts some of her tame exploits, Y suggests that X has been a naughty girl who should get a bare bottom spanking. X is initially shocked and confesses that she has never been spanked, even as a child. Y confesses that it was the same for him and his interest in spanking started at around puberty. After a little resistance and teasing, X relents, strips down to her T-shirt and lies across Ys lap. A moderately brisk spanking with lots of teasing follows.

Y points out to X that her pussy is rather moist for someone who finds adult spanking weird. To drive home the point Y gently fingers and rubs Xs pussy making her moan and squirm in his lap. By this point it is obvious to X that Y is very erect and she is very moist. After a few minutes of this X turns to Y and asks about what to do next.

Y suggest that they have a shower together as both are tired. In any case- both X and Y have seen each other almost naked, and naked, a few times before. The action moves to the shower while more kissing, fingering and rubbing occurs leading to the next obstacle. X has a very full bush and Y hates even a trace of bush. Taking matters into his own hands, Y puts a fresh cartridge on her safety razor and tells her what he is about to do to her.

Initially X refuses, as she always had a bush, but Y makes it very clear that he likes it bald. They reach a compromise and she agrees on a very close trim. It seems that she hates the itching and maintenance that often occur when it is shaved bald. Initially Y is not willing to compromise but has no choice to go along after X drops to her knees and blows him in the shower with a lotioned finger in his behind (she did talk to his previous GFs, you know). Afterwards Y makes sure than X is very closely trimmed, and they finish the shower and move to her bedroom.

X tells Y that she wants a long and intimate massage with lots of touching. She gets her wish but the touching and rubbing makes very horny to the point that she literally sticks her rear end out and after a few minutes of squirming and sticking it out, turns around and says something along the lines of “Please, fuck me right now. I cannot take this teasing any longer”. Y obliges her and they fuck 2-3 times that night.. X is a very vigorous and energetic fucker.

When Y wants to go back to his room, X grabs him and makes it clear that it clear that she also wants somebody to sleep with after sex. Y is a bit uncertain in the beginning, as he had his share of very clingly and annoying co-sleepers but is too tired to argue. However, he is wrong and she turns out to be one of the best co-sleepers he ever had- to the point that he actually enjoys sleeping with her after sex.

Their relationship continues for about a year more, when he gets a better job and has to move.

But a lot of fucking and sucking happens in that year. X is also not too bothered by Ys continued help for poor girls providing he keeps it discreet. She also continues getting those very strong urges she experienced during their first time with Y.

Let us not speculate on what caused those strong urges, and fantastic orgasms, she had with Y. Whatever it was, it certainly required a decent amount of pre-existing attraction between them, listening to Y bang other girls in the next room and her inability/unwillingness to seek relationships in the broader world.

If those preconditions did not exist, whatever made her horny would have just made her use a vibrator more often. You can only amplify what exists in the first place.

Do you like this work of fiction?