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Ever Wondered? July 25, 2010

July 24, 2010 8 comments

Most people go through life acting in a standard and socially acceptable manner. But doing so is not only unprofitable, but a net loss.

As I have said in many previous posts, you should do what is in your best interests and show no mercy or compassion to those who intentionally try to hurt or obstruct your path. Lets face it- as long as your path does not include enslavement and genocide of people who have not previously hurt you, you are fully justified in taking any and every action to further your desires.

As I sit here typing this, it is hard to not wonder if sleeping with me would have hurt any of the girls I bumped into/ interacted with today. Of course, I have already booked my session for late-morning tomorrow- so fucking a hot woman this week is assured. But it does raise an important question..

What thought processes allowed the girls, I interacted with today, to decide against sleeping with me?

If you think about it- most were below average, average or just above average. Infact, the one girl who was flirting back at me was a slim and toned cutie.

Where does the desire to not sleep with a guy who is better than you come from?

Sure, you can trot out all the ‘alpha’, ‘beta’ crap, talk about evo-pysch or female hypergamy. But at the end of the day we are still left with a peculiar dilemma.

How did human civilization ever develop?

You might think that this question has very little to do with access to sex, but think about it.. civilization arose from male cooperation. But male cooperation can never arise in any situation where the inter-group competition for sex is such that it creates clear winners or losers.

Even a hunter-gatherer tribe in any environment other than a proverbial eden would have to contend with the same problem. How do you stop male inter-group rivalry from destabilizing the group. This is not a trivial problem.

Wolves, lions and chimpanzees do not kill each other with tools, unlike even the most primitive of humans.

Do you seriously believe that the sexual dynamics seen in western societies would have allowed the development of even the simplest civilization? The world we live in, paradoxically, allows conditions that would have stopped it from being created in the first place.

Of course, it won’t end nicely- will it? In any case, should take a nice rest to ensure that I am in a optimal mood to fuck the crap out of my appointment tomorrow. In case you were wondering, she is a young, curvy but toned black girl. I have a serious urge to do a firmly built but non-fat girl with a nice booty. She is somewhat new to the business and her reviews look promising.


Miguela at MetArt: July 24, 2010

July 24, 2010 1 comment

Looks good on a rattan chair, doesn’t she?

Update- I can see that she is becoming quite popular- based on your views.

and here is another..

Oxana aka Miguela from Errotica Archives

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Why I Don’t Date Women of My Race

July 24, 2010 24 comments

One of the most frequent rhetorical questions I get in real life, and online, is:

Why don’t you stick to dating women of your race?

My answer always is:

Why should I? Do you restrict yourself to fucking women of your own race?

PS- Dating is for suckers, I prefer to fuck and chuck.

The implication that a non-white guy should not fuck “our” precious white princesses, exposes an interesting double standard. Why is the white boyfriend of almost every asian girl- obese, nerdy or old?

Having said that, I do actively avoid women of my race- whatever that is.

The reasons are listed below. Note that these reasons are far less of an issue in that country. Indeed, many girls I grew up with had much nicer attitudes than the crap I see here.

Parental Interference

This is an interesting one. In the country I grew up in, parental interference in the urban upper middle-class was not a biggie. Sure there were anal-retentive and traditional parents, but lots of shit happened behind their backs and many just looked the other way. As long as your kid did not knock up a girl, or did not get knocked up- nobody talked a lot about it. Furthermore, the ready availability, acceptability and access to abortion made that eventuality a minor issue. Plus the ease of getting condoms and birth-control pills without prescription allowed parents to pretend their kids were innocent.

It allowed them to ignore the possibility that their precious princess was riding a guy at his home when she was supposed to be meeting her GFs for shopping. Or that their shy daughter was gobbling her BFs cock and playing with his balls when they were supposed to be working on a school project. 🙂

However once they are in western countries, people from certain countries develop a fondness for their mythical culture and make up crap to justify their fucked up behavior. These delusions often pass on to their kids, who start believing that people in that culture are asexual. They mistake a lack of public display of affection for lack of action in private. It certainly does not help that they end up meeting a lot of shy nerds from that country who come to study in the west- and based their opinions about the rest on them.

Parental attitudes, pressures, previous psychological damage and other assorted BS is the single biggest reason I avoid them. I prefer to fuck and sleep with women- not their parents, relatives and family friends.

White Woman Attitudes

Many girls who grow up in the west imitate the attitudes of white women towards guys. Even those who come here will often become like them after a few years.

This factor creates two subtypes of problems:

1] They start disliking who they are as human beings. They become so hung up on being seen as white, that they forget that men want a nice looking and pleasant girl, not a bitch spouting the latest feminist crap. Their ratings for men are also colored by that attitude and while they do not reach the pathetic depths of east-asian women, they want a guy who looks like them to have much more stuff before putting out than an equivalent white guy.

The worse part is even if they end up with you, they never fail to remind you that you are either “trying to be white” or “being too traditional”. So why should a guy take that shit? What has he done to deserve such miserable cunts?

2] They also imitate the bitchiness and attitudes that come with western white women, so far as to exceed them. In addition they nag about money to an extent only east-asian women are supposedly capable of. And all this BS for a piece of ass that will age and fall apart just like any other?

Poor Value for Money

All of these ‘well-educated’ cunts want guys with lots of money, but if you are not white- they suddenly act conservative. They try to ration crappy, unenthusiastic sex and try to shame/guilt-trip you into accepting it.

Paradoxically, girls who live in that country are grateful for attention from any non-dorky guy. While they may pretend to be naive and circumspect, once the action starts they are as perverted as any other. While the older generation of carbohydrate addicted, fat and surly women often just lay there.. many of the newer generation are very active participants- I know that for a fact.

For all their purported shyness, women in that country are quite aggressive once you have slept with them. I will write about that in a future post 😉 Of course, once they are married.. it is downhill from there. Having said that, I am personally aware of couples married for a long time, where the wife took an active part in initiating things (won’t say who for obvious reasons.. LOL).

Why go for such a bad deal? Would you?


Irena from Femjoy: July 24, 2010

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‘Irena’ from Femjoy aka ‘Laetitia A’ from MetArt.

Enjoy the bike ride.

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