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Update: July 25, 2010

July 25, 2010 9 comments

As I mentioned in a previous post, I did see that escort in the late morning and had a good session.

The session was quite satisfying, and was able to get my two shots in the hour. I went for her because, well, I had an urge to give a solid fucking to a toned but curvy girl with a solid booty- either black or hispanic with a significant black ancestry. Her BJ technique was very good and enthusiastic, which was an added bonus. The main act did not disappoint either, and at the risk of stereotyping- black or hispanic girls do outperform other groups when it comes to fucking, riding and grinding . Of course, we are talking about non-obese gals who are in great shape.

So in the last 5 odd weeks, I had 3 gals (2 repeats and one new). While one of the repeats (toned italian filly) was a one session deal, my favorite semi-pro gave me a total of 5 sessions (2 free, 2 full price and one sorta half price). Between these 2 repeat gals and the new black girl, it adds to three gals. While this is less variety than Jan to mid-March, when I went through 16 different paid gals in about 10 weeks, the amount of fucking is roughly constant.

So I paid 200 + 150 + 150 + free+ 80 + free + 200= 780 for 2+ 3+ 4+ 3+ 4 + 4 + 2= 22 cums (the 3 and 4 per sessions were extra long sessions). That works out to 36 dollars per cum, which considering that each BJ and or fuck was a minimum of 20 minutes, was an OK deal. Every single girl was a minimum 7 in looks, and the sex occurred at a time and place of my convenience.

Without being too callous, how easy would it be for most guys to get that amount of sex with 7s under those terms with that amount of money without BS or flaking?

There are a couple of outdoor festivals in the city I live in. Looking at the females in the audience, the degree of ugliness amazes me. Don’t get me wrong, you can still see some young hotties in really skimpy clothing (1 in 15-20 girls). But how realistic is it for me, to be able to get them to suck/fuck me on my terms?

There is game and then there is my redhead semi-pro who drains me 3-4 times per 1.5/2 hr session and refuses to take money for almost every other session. Sure, she is no 8 (think a low 7) with a little tummy. That girl knows how to blow guys and, yes, finger them. She is competent cowgirl herself and can take a very decent pounding. Maybe I should see her again in the next couple of days.

The funny thing is that many semi-pros you develop a working relationship with are less expensive than ‘unpaid gals’. The current redhead semi-pro gave me 18 toe curling cums for 380.. Do the math yourself.


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Monotheism Leads to Misandry

July 25, 2010 15 comments

So here is my claim:

Monotheism leads to misandry, and the degree of monotheism is directly proportional to the amount of misandry.

Many CONservative and aging white men decry the waning of religion in the west, and credit Christianity with allowing western civilization to develop. However their rationalizations are so convoluted and full of delusions, that I do not have any intention of answering them in this post- maybe another one in the future.

So why would monotheism lead to misandry? The reasons are obvious, but I bet most of you never even considered what I will say next.

All monotheistic religions from christianity to environmentalism and even capitalism require a few structures and modes of organization that almost guarantee misanadry or shoddy treatment of men vis-a-vis women.

1] They require a church of some kind, some writings who nobody can question and methods to prosecute the ‘unbeliever’ in the ‘true word’.

Most of you might realize that any system which spends a lot of time justifying its existence and operations requires uncritical and easily led followers, as opposed to free thinkers. Any guesses on which gender is more predisposed to being uncritical followers and which one is more predisposed to free thinking?

2] Monotheistic religions, both traditional and secular, have to spend a lot of their efforts on waging war against the unbelievers.

Once again.. wars require disposable foot-soldiers and baby-making machines, and baby-making machines are always more important to the priests and leaders of such religions than foot-soldiers.

Even secular monotheistic faiths such as capitalism and environmentalism require compliant foot soldiers who will piss on people below them and fight the unbelievers so that they can obtain a few scraps as reward for their compliance.

3] Monotheistic religions blame misfortune on personal failings to induce guilt and compliance in their followers

From christianity, capitalism to environmentalism- monotheistic faiths always blame the victim. According your them your failures were due to personal shortcomings, ‘personality defects’ and ‘sins’. They actively deny the role of chance and probability, and try to portray events as designed rather than occurring through chance.

Consider this.. if your wife is screwing around, it is “because you were not man enough”,” did not make enough money”, “were not a good provider” etc. But most married women who screw around do so with men who make less and are often less conventionally successful than their husbands.

4] They all deliberately create an underclass, as a warning to those who would defy them.

Religions such as christianity, capitalism and environmentalism have to create an underclass of people to merely exist. Unless they can convince most people that noncompliance has bad consequences in this life, they might get an increasing numbers of unbelievers with each year.

They do so via various laws, procedures and organizations. Think about it- isn’t your FICO score a lot like an inquisitors file on your misdeeds and compliance. Isn’t being shunned as environmentally unfriendly not dissimilar to being labelled as ‘sinful’. I can give you many more examples, if you want them.

5] They all promise true believers rewards, which can only be redeemed in the distant future or after death.

Think about it- What does a good religious man get in this life? Can they guarantee the quality of your afterlife and legacy- never mind whether they exist or matter? What does a good drone who cheers for capitalism get? The promise of wealth and money when you can no longer enjoy it- if the ponzi scheme does not collapse by then. What does a good environmentally minded guy get? Peace and harmony on earth- and how exactly will you will be enjoying that?

Now go back to believing in the monotheistic faith of your choice. You know you like it, don’t you? Many of you will never realize that christianity, capitalism, conservatism and libertarianism are just as misandric as communism, socialism and feminism.

Remember that the reason they are misandric is structural, not ideological.