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Update: July 25, 2010

As I mentioned in a previous post, I did see that escort in the late morning and had a good session.

The session was quite satisfying, and was able to get my two shots in the hour. I went for her because, well, I had an urge to give a solid fucking to a toned but curvy girl with a solid booty- either black or hispanic with a significant black ancestry. Her BJ technique was very good and enthusiastic, which was an added bonus. The main act did not disappoint either, and at the risk of stereotyping- black or hispanic girls do outperform other groups when it comes to fucking, riding and grinding . Of course, we are talking about non-obese gals who are in great shape.

So in the last 5 odd weeks, I had 3 gals (2 repeats and one new). While one of the repeats (toned italian filly) was a one session deal, my favorite semi-pro gave me a total of 5 sessions (2 free, 2 full price and one sorta half price). Between these 2 repeat gals and the new black girl, it adds to three gals. While this is less variety than Jan to mid-March, when I went through 16 different paid gals in about 10 weeks, the amount of fucking is roughly constant.

So I paid 200 + 150 + 150 + free+ 80 + free + 200= 780 for 2+ 3+ 4+ 3+ 4 + 4 + 2= 22 cums (the 3 and 4 per sessions were extra long sessions). That works out to 36 dollars per cum, which considering that each BJ and or fuck was a minimum of 20 minutes, was an OK deal. Every single girl was a minimum 7 in looks, and the sex occurred at a time and place of my convenience.

Without being too callous, how easy would it be for most guys to get that amount of sex with 7s under those terms with that amount of money without BS or flaking?

There are a couple of outdoor festivals in the city I live in. Looking at the females in the audience, the degree of ugliness amazes me. Don’t get me wrong, you can still see some young hotties in really skimpy clothing (1 in 15-20 girls). But how realistic is it for me, to be able to get them to suck/fuck me on my terms?

There is game and then there is my redhead semi-pro who drains me 3-4 times per 1.5/2 hr session and refuses to take money for almost every other session. Sure, she is no 8 (think a low 7) with a little tummy. That girl knows how to blow guys and, yes, finger them. She is competent cowgirl herself and can take a very decent pounding. Maybe I should see her again in the next couple of days.

The funny thing is that many semi-pros you develop a working relationship with are less expensive than ‘unpaid gals’. The current redhead semi-pro gave me 18 toe curling cums for 380.. Do the math yourself.


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  1. Nelson Mandela
    July 25, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    Cracks me up on the per cum expression.

    I’m curious though, no licking the pussy for escorts, right? Based on what I’ve read from you, it’s not exactly the same as what is considered normal sex as there are limitations. (wrap it up, etc.)

    Many escorts have no issues with you licking their pussy, especially if you are a regular. In most low-customer turnover situations (escorts/ semi-pros) BJs are given without condoms. Only high turnover (brothel type situations or worse) require condoms for BJs.

    However ALL penetrative sex requires a condom. And yes if they put a finger up your butt while giving a BJ, the finger or hand is covered with a condom or glove.

  2. Hughman
    July 27, 2010 at 9:37 am

    Damn you and your cheap, but hot, skilled and American escorts.

    There is more than one country in N. America.

    The UK escort market blows, no pun intended. Nearly all based in London, which adds an extra £50 per hour, minimum, though quality is higher.
    Eastern European girls with fuck all command of English ask for £200-300 an hour, plus another £50 for outcall services..
    English girls typically want £250-£350 an hour, plus another £50 for ‘A-levels’.

    You got any advise for the UK guys AD?

    Most major German, Spanish and Portuguese cities have very decent and safe escorts for 100 Euros/hour. But try to learn about that scene from a local perspective, don’t get stuck in tourist traps.

    What is the cost of a return plane/rail ticket to a major spanish (barcelona) or german (frankfurt, hamburg, berlin etc) city? Now add the cost of staying (think real cheap) and eating there.. Heck it is still cheaper than dating an average entitled girl. Not a bad vacation?

    • Hughman
      July 27, 2010 at 11:28 am

      Germany isn’t any cheaper, I’ve checked (I have an aunt in Hamburg).
      Google info on FKK clubs (prostitution), not the legitimate nudie resorts.

      Plus rates vary a lot across Germany, some places are almost 3 times more expensive than others.

      But I love Barcelona. Great city.

      Checked it out. £150 return flights, £80 a day for a respectable hotel or £100 for an apartment. Good quality girls are at £100-150 an hour.
      So it’s bloody expensive.
      A vacation where you can fuck one NEW hot chick per day?

      But as you said, not a bad vacation.

      Hell, Barcelona is one of Europe’s cultured party capitals. So no shitty English or German proles. When I was last there, maybe 1 in 8 tourists where English, at most. Most where young and high quality French, Dutch and German.

      • Hughman
        July 28, 2010 at 7:30 am

        Actually, the previous quote for Barca was for poor quality. High quality attracts a 400 euro per hour price tag, or 650 for 2 hours plus A-levels.

        So it’s expensive.

        No, it is just an excuse for you to not ‘buy it’.

        If you keep on looking for posh and famous agencies, they will rip you off. Try upcoming and mid-range agencies that often have the same quality of women, but with much better attitude.

        Which are the nearest large cities (over 1 million) for you? Let’s say- within 1 hour of a car drive or train ride?

  3. Mr.M
    July 27, 2010 at 10:54 am

    Do you think your use of escorts has affected (+ or -) your ability to pair bond with women (of course, this is assuming at some point you’d like kids)? Or, at the very least, able to see them as more than just a f?

    YES! I can no longer believe in or care about women.

    Not being condescending or anything of the sort – this is an actual concern of mine. Of the friends I know who do go to escorts/MPs, it seems as though they are extremely less willing to bother with normal girls, almost to a fault (similar to the cat ladies who set their standards so high they end up with nothing).

    Why would you eat burnt meatloaf, if you can have a nice steak? Plus eating steak is cheaper over the long run than bad home-cooked meatloaf.

    • Redpill
      July 27, 2010 at 6:41 pm

      Men who play The Game are trained by an irregular reward cycle. Escorts and MPs short circuit that reward cycle.

  4. Hughman
    July 30, 2010 at 5:07 am

    ‘Which are the nearest large cities (over 1 million) for you? Let’s say- within 1 hour of a car drive or train ride?’

    I’m in central England. Birmingham has a decent selection, average is £200 an hour with full works. Most girls are Russian or English girls about to hit the wall.

    And I’m complaining about expense because I have no income, I’m just a student. I can’t afford to drop £500 on a girl. My cost per notch at the moment is about £30 average. One notch made me money. (one night stand, she bought me more drinks than I did for her, and she paid taxi)

  5. The Plague Doctor
    August 9, 2010 at 7:38 am

    Here is an old post by Roosh, to compare with. His Cost Per Notch (CPN) is $187.

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