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Modern Women are Crappy Sexbots

July 29, 2010 23 comments

Let me suggest a somewhat unusual idea:

Modern women are crappy sexbots.

Your first reaction might be- no way. But as I will show you in the rest of this post, that is precisely what they have become. The transformation of women from multi-utility objects to crappy sexbots is one of most poorly studied phenomena of our time.

Let us first define a sexbot: A hardware+software solution whose main, and usually only purpose, is to provide satisfactory sexual release- preferably on command. Note that this definition is meant to describe an ideal sexbot, not a crappy malfunctional piece of shit.

In earlier eras, women had utility beyond sex. They used to cook, clean, take care of kids, run the household and even work outside the house. In short, they were more than sexbots.

However mechanization, automation combined with price deflation of many of previously crucial services that women provided have considerably reduced their utility beyond sex and kids. Moreover, unlike previous eras kids can no longer be counted on to support you in your later years.

Do you really require a woman to cook, assuming she can? Look at the plethora of pre- and semi- prepared stuff on you supermarket shelves. Is a mexican maid not a cheaper and better substitute to a modern woman, as far as cleaning is concerned? You could outsource running your household to a properly vetted worker in India, or do so with websites/ apps on your computer or smartphone.

In previous eras, men could also count the majority of women supporting them and standing behind their endeavors. While that support was due to lack of options, than any real emotional link- it was certainly better than the random and unpredictable backstabbing so many modern men experience.

So, what is the only remaining utility of women?

Providing sex is now the ONLY remaining utility of women.

However, unpaid women are inferior providers of sex. Not only do they age of out their looks much faster than men, but their level of service leaves much to be desired. They are enthusiastic, though somewhat erratic, providers of the above mentioned service to only a small percentage of men. As far, as most men are concerned- they provide poor, irregular and infrequent sexual service often accompanied by a lot of attitude. The total cost (TCO) of their sexual services is also much higher than purchasing the same services from younger, enthusiastic, hotter and nicer paid company.

Therefore my conclusion is that modern women are crappy sexbots, whose near monopoly rests on FUD and support of some delusional and power-hungry men.

There is no need or reason to put up with crappy sexbots when cheaper, better and safer ones (escorts) are available.

While it will be necessary to increase the number of such sexbots to truly replace the need for inferior ones, it is a problem of logistics not feasibility. Some of you might wonder about the fate of inferior sexbots with no other purpose or use other than sex. Once again, it is a problem of logistics that could easily be solved by building more incinerators to handle biological waste. I might add that there is precedence and existing literature on such methods.

The morality of certain methods of bio-waste disposal might trouble some, but what if the positions were reversed. Indeed, many feminists and other “sensible” women routinely mention that they would not mind if 90% of the men died. In their eyes, most men are only sperm donors or sucker slaves whose sole purpose for existence is to keep women happy.

So why should you care?


PS- I am tempted to include an appropriate picture of incinerators processing bio-waste in this post, but have decided otherwise. It is desirable to not attract too much attention- at this stage of the idea.