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NSFW Links: 31 Aug, 2010

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Unanswered Questions About Frugality: 31 Aug, 2010

August 31, 2010 19 comments

People talk about the virtues of frugality, without considering the world we NOW live in.

Here is a question-

What happens to your ‘saved’ money?

Ever wondered where your saved money goes and what it does? Unless you are stuffing your ‘saved’ money in the proverbial mattress, it is reinvested in some form. Many brainwashed morons still believe that the money banks lend (aka credit) has some relation to the money deposited with them (reserve). However that has not been true for decades.

The majority of ‘credit’ created nowadays lacks any non-governmental reserve to back it up.

I have news for those who rail against the fractional reserve system. Guess what, the system as it has existed since the 1980s creates most of its credit without a cent of money to back it up. Yes, we live in what is effectively a ‘zero reserve’ financial system. Credit is now backed by central bank fiat, not private savings or investments.

So where does most of your saved money really go? Your saved money is used directly, or indirectly, for ‘speculation’ by financial types. Let me explain in brief-

Saved money is used by financial types for various types of financial speculation where various transaction fees skim off the gains, and even some of your initial capital. Unless you are lucky or an early withdrawer – there is no way they even return you ‘investment’ after adjusting for inflation. Printing more money can give late withdrawers the impression of gain, but that money is now worth much less.

You will lose money in most ‘wealth building’ schemes because they are meant to separate you from your money. Most of you are not supposed to win, but a few lucky ‘marks’ have to “win” for the purpose of perpetuating the sheeple’s belief in such scams.

In a ponzi scheme, only those who run it and those who withdraw early will end up with more money than they invested.

Saving more money than you will require for a rainy day is the easiest way to lose it and make those shysters rich. High rates of savings ensure that you won’t be able to enjoy your own money. It also create fewer new jobs and often causes a net job loss, aka real world deflation.

The ultimate irony is that speculation facilitated by your ‘saved’ money will cause selective inflation and thereby decrease the purchasing power of your ‘non-saved’ money.

Still want to fund the lavish lifestyle of shysters who look down on you? That is your choice- but remember that is a choice not an inevitability.


NSFW Links: 30 Aug, 2010

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The links are NSFW, so you have been warned.

Ginger Cuties from ModelMayhem: 29 Aug, 2010

Chesney at Femjoy

More Chesney at Femjoy


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What is the Upside of “Unpaid” Sex?

August 29, 2010 37 comments

OK, Here is a question which should be fun for my readers to answer-

What is the upside of “unpaid” sex?

What do you get in “unpaid” sex, that you cannot get with “paid” sex- as it currently exists.

Remember that “paid” sex as it currently exists in developed countries, with the exception of the USA, is a very different beast than what most people still think about it. The risk of STDs is low, it is legal or de facto legal in most countries, most service providers are part-timers, turnover rates are high, attitudes are good, quality of service is generally high, review boards allow the customer to find good SPs and avoid bad SPs and situations.

So what is the real upside of “unpaid” sex over “paid” sex? Is there any upside?

Update– In one of rooshv’s latest posts (HT Nestorius), he talks about the need for 30 solid approaches for one lay– something that is backed up by my experience with women before I started to ‘pay’ for sex. In my case the ratio was 20-50 depending on the venue, day, season and city.

While it takes about 10 solid approaches to get a bangable cougar, the quality of the experience can be quite poor.


Eternal Questions: 28 Aug, 2010

August 28, 2010 28 comments

How much crap, bullshit and flaking do you take for one new average-looking lay? How much effort, time and money do you spend to get one new average-looking lay? How much LMR, posturing and game playing do you endure for one new average-looking lay?

and what do you get after all that?

One average-looking lay.

Is she worth it? Seriously? All of this drama for one new average lay?

Compare that to the effort expended for an average income, average car, average dinner… average ANYTHING.


NSFW Links: 28 Aug, 2010

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More Kalinka at FemJoy

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Another assorted gallery of Kalinka at FemJoy, who is also known as Isabella A at MetArt.

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Kalinka at FemJoy

August 28, 2010 1 comment

An assorted gallery of Kalinka at FemJoy, she is also known as Isabella A at MetArt.

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Exposing Flaws in Libertarian Ideology: Aug 28, 2010

August 28, 2010 12 comments

It is much easier to expose the flaws in ideologies by soliciting their views on real world problems. A recent article by Yves Smith (pseudonym) on asks a very good question which exposes the hollowness of most flavors of libertarianism. As many of you know, inspite of my agreement with some concepts that underlie libertarianism, I do not support that ideology because of its inadequacy at dealing with quirks of human behavior that sabotage its implementation.

What is the Proper Libertarian Response to Concentrated Corporate Power?

A question for readers: in many lines of commerce, large firms often enjoy significant cost and/or revenue advantages relative to smaller players. Over time, these industries tend to evolve to a format where many of the most successful enterprises are very large organizations. These firms typically wield considerable power relative to players smaller than they are, such as employees, suppliers, and customers, and often seek to influence governments. Moreover, many fields of enterprise have considerable barriers to entry, which further entrenches the position of powerful incumbents.

How do libertarians propose to respond to the power of large enterprises?

Feel free to comment- both on this blog and on the parent post.

Don’t Give Relationship Advice to Women

August 28, 2010 5 comments

Many men, including PUAs, have a strange habit.

They try to give, or provide, relationship advice to women.

Why on earth would a sane man do that? Let me explain-

Almost all pre-menopausal women have no interest in anything connected to objectivity. They are NOT interested in any opinion, help, assistance or advice that contradicts their beliefs. When they are asking your advice, what they really want to hear is-

You are the greatest, smartest and hottest woman around- every other woman is stupid, dumb and ugly.

Any response that deviates from that script will either be ignored, violated, held against you or make her start an argument.

Some of you might think you could ‘neg’ or win over a woman by giving her some smartass response. While that could work under some conditions, it is ultimately a doomed mission with increasing effort for decreasing amounts of aging ass.

Some of you might even genuinely want to help some of them (daughter, nieces etc) through such advice. Resist that temptation- as anything you say that contradicts her world-view at that instant will be ignored, trampled and held against you.

The simpler and more logical way out is-

Refuse to give any advice and treat requests for such advice with utter contempt.

While that may be against your social conditioning, ask yourself one question- How any woman who got your advice ever thanked you for it immediately- in any way? Thanking you long after the advice was given, does not count.

Giving a pre-menopausal women ANY advice on relationships (or pretty much anything else) is a thankless, futile and self-destructive endeavor. Don’t step into that shit, unless you enjoy swimming in it- do you?

Treat them with contempt, sit back and enjoy the show. You might actually get more ass that way.

Who gets more ass- a scientist whose discovery changed the world OR your average low-level drug dealer.


Zero Sum Behavior and Environmentalism

August 27, 2010 4 comments

Zero sum behavior is a paradigm under which its ‘true’ believers assume the following-

1] Resources are limited.

2] We have found all resources and know everything.

3] Now it is a game of screwing the ‘others’ to remain alive.

While this paradigm and the resultant self-defeating behavior is not unique to any group, race or age- its manifestations and names change. In the secular post-1960 west, it manifests itself through environmentalism.

Let me list some peculiar aspects of environmentalism.

a] The most vocal supporters are aging and affluent whites- the same people who did (and are doing) the most damage to what they seek to protect.

b] They pay lip-service to curbing their own consumption, but wage campaigns to prevent less affluent whites and colored people from living like them.

c] They keep on repeating and regurgitating concepts like population growth, resource scarcity, technological bottlenecks which either are no longer true or have been overcome.

d] They have more sympathy for a predator that kills ‘other’ humans than the humans. Of course they cloak their hate in scientific sounding language, and plead for the conservation of nature.

e] They live in some of the most artificial environments ever created by man, but make appeals to others to live in harmony with ‘nature’.

f] They make up ‘models’ of ‘available’ resource use to show how ‘it is unsustainable’. Factors such as uncertainty of knowledge, changes in resource use and technological advancements do not seem to deter their enthusiasm for fraudulent models and ‘predictions’.

g] They want to make decisions about the lives and future of ‘others’, with the goal of harming them- but pretend otherwise when challenged.

I will write more about this topic in a future post. Let me leave you with one thought..

Should the ‘others’ not see these ‘zero summers’ as a mortal enemy and make every effort to exterminate them and their progeny- something that is likely to happen in one form or another.


NSFW Links: 27 Aug, 2010

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What is the Reward of Social Acceptance?

August 26, 2010 23 comments

Humans beings care about what other think because, for most of history, it mattered.

So tell me something-

Does it still matter? Really?

Almost every single person who expresses any adverse opinion about your actions or thoughts would never help you even if you had never upset him/her in the first place. What others think about you ceased to be important with the development of the first cities, and became inconsequential after post ww2 technological and social changes.

The opinion of others matter only in small isolated groups where you have depend on each other for survival and safety. Once the group size exceeds 10k people- it matters less, 100k- it matters very little, 1 million- it is inconsequential.

Isn’t that the rationale behind ‘game’ in urban areas anyway? So what about using escorts? What is the difference?


NSFW Links: 25 Aug 2010

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These links are NSFW, so don’t blame me.

Long Haired Cuties from ModelMayhem: 25 Aug 2010

Softcore Cuties: 25 Aug, 2010


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A Thought: 24 Aug, 2010

August 24, 2010 1 comment

I cannot help but notice that both of my NSFW pictures for vajazzled pussies are the amongst the top results of an unfiltered picture search for “vajazzle” and similar terms on both google and bing. When Ferdinand Bardamu came up with the idea of using vajazzle-themed links to push his post up google, little did I know that my two NSFW pictures would end up as the top NSFW pictures on that topic on both major search engines.

Here are links to those infamous NSFW pictures.





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