Paying More To Get Less

This week, I had two more reduced price sessions with my current fave escort (the curvy semi-pro). Readers should understand that this type of arrangement is not the norm, but can be found if you are looking for it.

My total damage for both sessions was 200$ (total), and I had over 3 hours of playtime (6 shots) and some talking/cuddling afterwards. Later this afternoon, I was sitting at a Starbucks watching the world go by and then..

I noticed something, specifically an above average girl, I wanted to bang, walking hand in hand with a dweeby dude. For a minute, I felt jealous and sad. My mind started wondering about all the ‘what ifs’. It certainly did not help that many seemingly happy young couples were also walking outside, hand-in-hand.

For a moment, I almost forgot that…

not more than six hours ago, a prettier girl had greeted me at her place in her new lingerie set, led me in her apartment and we had amazing sex for an hour and a half. I got everything that I wanted.. amazing long BJs- with finger up there, sex in many positions.. even gave her a couple of good spankings. After all that fun and 3 shots from me (about 1.5 hours).. we showered and cuddled for almost an hour after that. Then I left.. 100 $ lighter (had to make her take it).

What was I jealous about? How many of those couples were going to have that much fun, tonight? How many guys would dare to ask for the type of BJ I got from her? How many were going to break in a new lingerie ensemble and ‘christen it’? and more importantly

How many would always have a pleasant and fun sexual partner on demand?

The single biggest problem in most STRs and LTRs is- the intensity and playfulness starts to dissipate after 6-15 weeks of sex. After that, it becomes one giant power struggle where both parties are trying to gain the upper hand through underhanded tactics. This is the point where sex is rationed, refused, arguments and shit-test start and things start going downhill.

Many men consider this as evidence of evolution in the “relationship”. But is it really?

How can paying more and more to get less and less be considered evolution?

Sure, you may not be paying her per sex act, but can you say with a straight face that “relationships” do not cost you money, time and happiness? While everything has its cost, why pay more to get less of the old?

I am never going to pay more than the equivalent of 200-300$/hr to sleep with a hot woman of my choice, on my schedule AND on her best behavior. Even 30 years from now.. if I am alive and humans still exist as humans- I am going to pay the same per hour, and the women will still be in their 20s.

The best part is that once the sex and cuddling is over, I can go back to being myself- rather than spend my mental energy on keeping the woman interested in me. You live for yourself, not to make others happy.

Unlike many of those seemingly happy couples, I can come back.. perv on pics of legal teenagers and get ideas to help me pick out the new escort I want to fuck next weekend. I am actually considering helping a few “poor” girls again… and will keep you posted about any developments in that area.


  1. Anon
    August 2, 2010 at 5:00 am

    Comments – it’s possible that you just haven’t seen many good relationships up close. If they look like a boring unsexy power struggle after 6-15 weeks, then either the two people in the relationship just aren’t right for each other or they’re just not very good at conflict/relationships and are therefore Doing It Wrong.
    Then again, for a lot of them the novelty of the sex and total perfection of their partner is not nearly as important as the intellectual and emotional connection with their partner, so maybe their relationships only look bad to you because they get their happiness from different things than you. (And this comes from someone who’s in a nearly year-and-a-half relationship where the sex has only gotten hotter with time, even if it’s gotten less novel.)

    • Ted
      August 2, 2010 at 8:23 am

      I do not deny that sex with someone you genuinely care about is qualitatively different, and is rewarding in its own unique way. The problem is that not everyone will every experience that. It is no less preposterous an idea than those exercise informercials that show you can have the body of an athlete with just 30 minutes of exercise a day. Not everyone can have a mutually rewarding marriage. I know some couples who are in good marriages, I know others that are stuck in bad ones. If you are pretty sure the odds are against you – such as not enough money, awkward outward appearance – then maybe marriage is not for you.

      For example, as recently as the 1980’s – it was assumed that a husband and wife would live in a rental unit, and then save up for a house. This is what my parents did in the seventies. Now, men are expected to already own a home before they get married. This is what my brother did in the 1990s.

  2. Vincent Ignatius
    August 2, 2010 at 6:09 am

    The best part is that once the sex and cuddling is over, I can go back to being myself- rather than spend my mental energy on keeping the woman interested in me. You live for yourself, not to make others happy.

    This of course is the biggest problem with having a girlfriend. You have to maintain the stupid bitch.

    • Nestorius
      August 2, 2010 at 1:06 pm

      That is why no man should own a girlfriend. The whole thing is a time-wasting desouling experience.

      • EvilOne
        September 6, 2012 at 3:41 am

        Ever had one?

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