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Quantifiable Results: 3 Aug, 2010

August 2, 2010 2 comments

As many of the regulars here know, my sexual encounters are a mix of pro- and semi-pro escorts with a side helping of ‘arrangements’ with average girls (5s- low 6s). I also take freebies from some escorts I click with. Now this is an “expensive” way to do things, and I do end up spending about 800-1,000 dollars per month. But then again, I don’t pay child support or spend money for “self-improvement” to impress girls.

Even if I stick to using pro-escorts, my method allows me to have a different one each week and usually 2-3 shots per hour. Plus no pro-escort is less than a solid 7. If I take freebies+ frequent customer rates I can get more lays per month but less variety. Booty call type arrangements with, usually one girl, can be combined with the above.

So my minimum is 8 shots per month (4 sessions) and upto 4 escorts. My maximum is only limited by money, but I have been able to go over 40 shots per month (upto 15 sessions- paid/semi-paid/unpaid/booty calls).

Don’t forget that I can ALWAYS get a 7 or above, with good attitude and technique.

Tell me- How do your methods compare, in terms of quantifiable results of number, frequency and choice?



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The funny thing is that anyone of you can do what I can with even a semi-decent job (25-30$/hr) job. It is far easier to make that sort of money than change your looks, height, race and lifestyle.

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Probability, Ratios and the Cost of Sex: 1

August 2, 2010 14 comments

Let us do another thought experiment-

Compare the cost of ‘unpaid’ sex for a white guy versus an equivalent non-white guy.

Let us assign the probability of success at each stage of the “dating” process for the white guy as Xw, and Xa for the non-white guy.

Under ideal conditions-

Xa(1) + Xa(2 ) .. Xa(n)
————————————— = 1
Xw(1) + Xw(2) .. Xw(n)

n= number of steps till sex happens.

If women prefer the white guy over the equivalent non-white guy, the ratio will be less than 1.

Let us reconstruct this equation to ask the next question-

—— = ?

Another way to put it is- what is the differential ratio at each step. It won’t be the same for each step..

For example, if both are making out and the clothes are already off, the ratio is much closer to 1. But the path to sex involves many steps, so the ratios in the previous steps matter. Let us assume a ratio of 0.5 for most steps. So it takes twice the effort or half the success ratio- depending on the step.

It would quickly be obvious to anybody with an elemental grasp of mathematics that even a three-step process would lead to-

0.5*0.5*0.5= 0.125 or 1/8th the chance of success.

Now since sex is not a fraction, that implies that the non-white guy will have to put in the reciprocal of that fraction (8) times the effort of an equivalent white guy- in our three-step example. Note that I have not even considered certain other factors such as the non-white guy not being invited as frequently to parties or get-togethers as the equivalent white guy.

So what does our non-white guy get for putting in all this effort? The same quality of pussy that the equivalent guy got for a fraction of the effort. So why play this game?

Now if the non-white guy paid for a model-level escort, his cost per hour would be equal to the white guy.

Therefore the real question is- at what differential effort level does the cost of paying for sex become less expensive than the ‘unpaid’ route.

The simple answer is- Any three-step process where the differential for each step is below 0.8 (1.25) makes the cost of paid sex a better deal than trying to get the unpaid type. And there is a reason I chose that number- 1.25 * 3 = 3.75 or close to 4.

Under ideal conditions, if each semi-date costs me 20$, and it takes 2 semi-dates to get into her pants (40 $). It would take me a minimum of 160$ for a non-white guy to get any real action, assuming that the white guy could convert each second semi-date into sex. We know the real success rate is much lower, even for white guys with game. A model-level escort can be had for 200- 300$/hr, and the conversion rate is essentially 100%.


Why I Detest MILF-types.

August 2, 2010 5 comments

Many blogs and popular opinions tend to suggest that MILF-types (30- and 40-somethings) are the easiest women to game and sleep with. While that may be true under certain conditions, it is equally important to understand conditions under which it is not true.

The legendary ease of sleeping with MILFs is true IF you are white or black. They are somewhat more difficult if you are south-american or middle-eastern. However if you are Indian or East-Asian.. they are not much easier than much younger women.

However, unlike much younger women they don’t look good naked, even if they are slim and toned.

Why is it so?

The answer lies in stereotypes, default assumptions and demographic trends. I have briefly mentioned this issue in a previous post, so will go into some more detail here.

Most MILFs were born and grew up in an age when the racial composition of the west was different from today. The only non-whites most of them saw in real life were either black or very deferential non-whites. The general attitude at that time was such that everyone believed that the status quo would prevail for eternity.

Sadly for them, it did not.

These women are not capable of seeing non-white men as anything more than subhuman workers.

Blacks are an exception because they have no issues fucking older flabby white women. Middle-eastern and south-american men have conditional exemption (if you visiting their country) but are generally looked down upon if they try to date them in the west. You know the rest..

So, why can they get away with it?

Once again, demography has allowed them to get away with. However, that won’t last..

MILFs, just like other women, are satiated by a weekly/ bi-weekly dicking. Hence it is possible for 2-3 MILFs to ‘date’ the same guy- aka female hypergamy. Given the number of desperate younger guys, cynical older guys, foreign travel flings etc- it is possible for a MILF to be racially selective.

Are they that racially selective?

Well.. it really depends on how much crap and humiliation you are willing to put up with. If you are a spineless man who has no issue degrading people who look like you to get some aging pussy, it may work for you.

But that is not me, and a lot of the younger non-white men. We know who the inferior race is.. and it is not us.

Moreover, even after you play ephialtes to people who look like you- she will still require you to have things (money etc) and do things for her (money based) that she would nor dare ask an equivalent white man.

But they do have some utility as shark food. I wanted to put in a far more tasteless image.. along the lines of this one but thought otherwise.