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Quantifiable Results: 3 Aug, 2010

As many of the regulars here know, my sexual encounters are a mix of pro- and semi-pro escorts with a side helping of ‘arrangements’ with average girls (5s- low 6s). I also take freebies from some escorts I click with. Now this is an “expensive” way to do things, and I do end up spending about 800-1,000 dollars per month. But then again, I don’t pay child support or spend money for “self-improvement” to impress girls.

Even if I stick to using pro-escorts, my method allows me to have a different one each week and usually 2-3 shots per hour. Plus no pro-escort is less than a solid 7. If I take freebies+ frequent customer rates I can get more lays per month but less variety. Booty call type arrangements with, usually one girl, can be combined with the above.

So my minimum is 8 shots per month (4 sessions) and upto 4 escorts. My maximum is only limited by money, but I have been able to go over 40 shots per month (upto 15 sessions- paid/semi-paid/unpaid/booty calls).

Don’t forget that I can ALWAYS get a 7 or above, with good attitude and technique.

Tell me- How do your methods compare, in terms of quantifiable results of number, frequency and choice?



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The funny thing is that anyone of you can do what I can with even a semi-decent job (25-30$/hr) job. It is far easier to make that sort of money than change your looks, height, race and lifestyle.

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  1. The Plague Doctor
    August 3, 2010 at 8:48 am

    Hey, add some more polls re:
    How many days per month do you go out clubbing?
    How much money do you spend clubbing?
    How many dates per month do you go to?
    How much money do you spend per date?

  1. August 3, 2010 at 12:11 pm

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