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Feminists and CONservatives are CUNTservatives

August 8, 2010 15 comments

Though they supposedly populate two ends of the ideological spectra, feminists and conservatives have remarkably similar views on men.

Both want men as disposable and obedient slaves.

While each offers a different justification, their goal betrays their true nature.

Feminists and CONservatives are both parasites.

Both are incapable of doing anything useful, and instead exist as parasites on those who make the world work. While many readers can easily see the reasoning behind labeling feminists as parasites, some may not see CONservatives as parasites.

So how are CONservatives parasitic?

Ask yourself a simple question- what is the unifying paradigm behind all CONservative ideals?

Treachery, theft, murder and slavery is good, as long as we do it.

CONservatives appeal to god, decency, pride and pity when they are committing crimes, but cry foul when somebody questions them about their modus operandi. However if you question them about the nature of the system- they start talking about how life is not fair, nobody deserves anything, inequality is good and anybody who questions them is a loser or whiner.

Did you notice that the broader ideological playbook of feminists and CONservatives is virtually identical? Both appeal to your higher instincts for exploiting, enslaving and robbing you. When you protest at being used and discarded, they suddenly seem to fall back on their lowest justifications- a hallmark of classical sociopathic behavior.

Feminists and CONservatives want men to work their ass off, die earlier and protect women- all for the privilege of perpetuating the species/race. Here is a question-

What is in it for the guy?

Let me rephrase that question- Why should a guy care? What basic guarantee does a guy have? Is there a guarantee of decent, regular sex? Is there a guarantee of kids who will care for you in your old age?

Instead of basic guarantees, they both push for a system where men do everything but get nothing. Why would any guy marry when the legal system is so tilted against him? Why would he care about supporting kids he rarely sees, when that same amount of money could buy him a few young and skilled hookers each month? Why would a man let his personal life be turned upside down for the whims of some unstable cunt? Why work to pay the mortgage on a huge house that he cannot enjoy. Why make money for an ungrateful cunt?

One of the favorite arguments for treating men like shit is-

“It is for the kids”.

My answer is- Who cares? Given that kids are useless as the social security net they once were, having them or caring about them is not worth it. The birth, suffering and death of kids is meaningless even if they are yours, precisely because they are useless.

Ultimately only utility and reciprocation can keep the world working.

Unless the guy has a very high chance of getting something he wants, why should he care? So do guys have ANY real guarantee or recourse under the feminist or CONservative paradigm.


Both feminism and CONservatism is about serving CUNTS.. They are both CUNTservatives.